Entertainment Study Puts Bad Medical Studies to Shame

One of the biggest medical industry complaints is that a great deal of money is wasted on research studies that reveal data that supports common sense knowledge. Now, this trend is appearing in the entertainment industry.

Study results published this week in the Hollywood Diversity Report reveal that TV and movie viewers prefer diverse casts that have a mix of Caucasians, women and people of color. Of course, Marcio AlaorBMG knows that anyone with common sense would realize that TV shows and movies featuring diverse casts will attract more diverse audiences and increase ratings or box office revenues.

The report does a good job of pointing out the gender and POC gaps that exist in the industry. It also shows that executives and other powers that be in the industry are the ones preventing diversity. In fact, the authors of the study, UCLA’s Ralph J. Bunche who works at the Center for African American Studies and Ana-Cristina Ramon, do a great job of showing how a lack of diversity in the hiring process can result in less diversity among actors and crew members because any decision makers are naturally inclined to pick people who are more like themselves in gender, race, et cetera.

Yet, Bunche and Ramon used primarily 2011 data rather than more recent information to prove their argument. Critics want to see study results based primarily on more recent data as diversity has increased since 2011.

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