Enhancing the Brazilian Government Through the E-Governe Online Service

Technology is currently taking over the world at a very fast speed. Almost all governments across the globe are using technology to run their operations effectively. The Brazilian Government has not been left out of this bandwagon as some branches of government in the South American country have decided to adopt the e-governe system.The e-governe system is a technological system that has been taken up by most Brazilian government bodies to assist them in running various tasks effectively.


E-governe in Teresina:


Some of the cities that have started implementing the technological system include Teresina. Silvio Mendes who is the town’s mayor is eagerly waiting for the town to be fully reliant on this system. The town hopes to start implementing the technological system in the human resource management department as a start. Teresina will use the Instituto Curitiba de Informatica-ICI to integrate the e-governe system in the city’s administration. The technological system will also assist Teresina’s city hall in running its day to day activities. Speculations are rife that when e-governe is fully implemented, it will be instrumental in important government tasks which include:


  • Hastening the response of populations’ demands.


  • Scrutinizing and evaluating any suggestions.


  • Supervising and observing all the municipality services.


Before e-governe is fully implemented, municipality workers of Teresina will be expected to undergo intensive training which will assist them in comprehending and understanding the technological system before it is fully implemented. Miguel Olivera who is the president of a data processing company revealed that talks are already underway with some of the head of departments within the Teresina municipality. They include the Municipal’s education department, the municipal’s health foundation, and the municipal’s finance department.


E-governe in Osasco:


The Brazilian town of Osasco is another town that has adopted e-governe. The town is situated in the greater Sao Paulo and it hosts a variety of powerful companies. The technological system has been adopted in the Educacao which controls the management system of schools in the Municipals’ education department. The city is also using ICI to implement e-governe in various departments. Therefore, the technology system will cover all the schools including the continuing education hub of the town. In addition to this, ICI will carry out the installation of the town’s electrical network and also distribute computer equipment in the area.


Other ways that e-governe is being used in Osasco include:


  • Access to the internet.
  • Minimizing the workload in companies.
  • Securing information of companies.
  • Makes access and delivery of shared reports easier.
  • Ensures uniformity of various company departments.
  • Issuing management reports in real time.


E-governe in Saude


In the Brazilian town of Saude, e-governe is being used in the health department. The technology system has been integrated across all the health care systems. It has managed to effectively organize the municipal’s health sectors by organizing professional schedules, developing the quality of service, schedule of appointments and eradicating service queues in the town.


In addition, to this e-governe is also in charge of administering vaccines, dispensing and stocking medicine and organizing professional medical check-ups in Saude.Generally, e-governe controls and administers all the health activities of Saude’s department of health. https://jccavalcanti.wordpress.com/2007/04/01/fique-nu-e-governe-o-mundo/



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