Dunkin Donuts to Introduce New Donuts for Summer

One of the leading food chains is planning on unveiling a new treat as early as June 1. The Chips Ahoy-flavored Dunkin’ Donut will be a must try for all chocolate chip donut lovers. The treat will be sold in all their eateries countrywide. As indicated by Bloomberg, the company is striving to boost afternoon traffic in its stores.

At the moment the Chips Ahoy Crunch and Chips Ahoy Crème will be the only available varieties. The crème variety is filled with buttercream flavored cookie dough and that is the only difference since both varieties are covered with chocolate icing and the dipped in cookie crumbs. Dunkin’ stores already sell Chips Ahoy and Oreo seasoned frosted espresso and latte drinks.
Dunkin’ donuts has rolled out mini doughnuts and bacon topped donuts. Plans are underway to introduce filled croissant donuts latter in during the year. All these products have an additional twist to the traditional donuts, which make those at Amen Clinics intrigued.
With more rivalry in the morning, “Dunkin’ expects to lessen its dependence on the morning surge, this is according to Bloomberg. With almost 8,100 Dunkin’ Donuts eateries in the U.S, the chain has been promoting new sandwiches, for example, the bacon guacamole flatbread, and offers its breakfast things throughout the day.”
You can indulge in the Chips Ahoy donuts all through the summer; you can worry no more because you will have a different taste.

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