Dredd 2 Still A Possibilty

When Dredd was released in theaters in 2012, it flopped even though it proved to be an enjoyable entry to the franchise. Back in 1995, a film based on the comic book character of Judge Dredd was released. The film starred Sylvester Stallone. While the film was mildly entertaining, it broke a lot of rules of the comic book. It ceased being Judge Dredd and became a regular Sylvester Stallone film.

In 2012’s Dredd, Karl Urban took on the role. There were quite a few key differences in production design. In the 1995 original, Judge Dredd took place in a Blade Runner-esque environment. Dredd 2012’s environment was a little more sparse and most of the action took place inside one building. This is due to the relatively low budget.

Shankar has released a video clip that talks about securing backing as an independent filmmaker. His whole point was in stating that there is a possibility of making a Dredd 2 for theaters.

After I spoke with some of the staff at Amen Clinics, I think that the majority of people believe Dredd is one of those movies that actually deserve a sequel. The failure of the film came as a result of poor marketing. However, that doesn’t stop the studios from shying away from the franchise, at least for now.

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