DreamWorks Reshuffles After Disappointing Year

The movie industry has always been something of a high stakes game for Ben Shaoul. When release dates are planned years in advance and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on production and marketing, studios expect every major investment to pay off at the box office. To say that 2014 was something of a disappointment for DreamWorks Animation would be something of an understatement. The company is reshuffling the deck to get better cards in the coming years.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeffery Katzenberg has replaced Bill Damaschke with two faces, Bonnie Arnold and Mireille Soria. Since 2014 included a few forgettable box office performances, including “Penguins of Madagascar” and “Mr. Peabody & Sherman,” Damaschke was the unfortunate person who took the blame for the lack of financial production. Both of the new co-presidents have significant experience in the animation industry and will be looking to put DreamWorks Animation back on top.

So far no news has leaked regarding projects already in the works, but it seems likely the new studio heads will offer some sort of input. The real test though is going to be on brand new projects and properties that the company undertakes, because if a new investment does not pay off, the pair could find themselves with a phone call from Katzenberg as well. Of course, getting a seat at the table means playing with the big boys, and Disney is in the chair across the way.

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