Dr. Greg Finch Is An Experienced Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgery is a specific type of treatment procedure. These are performed on the body’s musculoskeletal system of the body. This treatment is required in case of injuries or any other similar conditions.


These orthopedic surgeries are performed on the joints typically. This would include the ankle, knee, along with hip, wrist, besides the elbow, shoulder and even on the spine.


These are interventions that are typically performed in two ways. The traditional one is the open surgery. Today a modern approach is being used that is known as arthroscopy. In this, an arthroscope is made use of.


Arthroscopy has become a common procedure today in orthopedic surgery. This can be used for treating all kinds of problems related to the joint. It can also be used for soft tissue repair. This would mean treating the torn ligaments, and tendons besides others.


There is a common orthopedic surgical treatment that is known as joint replacement. In such cases, the damaged joint gets replaced by making use of the prosthesis.


A highly skilled orthopedic surgeon is Doctor Greg Finch. He is highly experienced and well-qualified. He is presently serving at the Perth Royal Hospital. He specializes in surgery that is related to the cervical spine. He is passionate about the minimally invasive type of spine surgery.


He has done FRACS I from Auckland University. Doctor Greg Finch has worked for many years in Germany, UK and even in the USA.


His experience lies in successfully performing those spinal surgeries which are highly complex. These may be required for its revision or even for reconstruction. Doctor Greg Finch has experience in Spinal Decompression, along with Spinal tumor surgery. He is well experienced in Disc Herniation, Spinal Stenosis along with Interventional Spine. He is known for providing quality medical care as likes to focus on improving the patient outcomes.


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