Don Ressler’s contributions to the growth of Fabletics

Many individuals who buy athletic wear have always been interested in acquiring products that both fashionable and high quality. Don Ressler, a renowned entrepreneur in the fashion industry, founded Fabletics in 2010 after noticing that companies that were in the athleisure wear business were unable to fulfill the dynamic needs of the consumers. The firm is currently committed to offering American women products that are trendy, functional, affordable, and quality. The primary approach that the businessman and his partner, Adam Goldenberg, have been using involves satisfying the specific needs of the clients. They also noticed that women need to have products that make them feel comfortable, active, and sexy.


Ressler and Goldenberg approached Kate Hudson to assist them in establishing Fabletics. Hudson is a famous actress, and therefore, she was chosen to act as the face of the company. She is an attractive and confident woman, and this makes her very appealing to the clients. The actress serves as the ambassador and spokesperson for the brand. The two entrepreneurs chose Kate as their partner in the business due to her experience in media and ease to interact with the consumers. She has contributed significantly to enhancing the reputation of the firm.


The Fabletics’ co-founders had a problem developing products that were fashionable and functional when they were establishing the company. Many manufacturers of athleisure wear have not grown in the markets due to their inability to overcome this challenge. Ressler and Goldenberg managed to build the enterprise due to experience in the fashion and digital marketing industries. Fabletics currently has an outstanding online presence and reputation that has enabled it to prosper in the competitive sector. The delightfulness of Kate Hudson has helped Fabletics to attract thousands of new subscribers to its online platform every day.


The fashion enterprise’s e-commerce platform is unique since it involves subscriptions and also offers remarkable discounts. Its clients can either apply for regular or VIP membership. VIPs pay $50 per month, and they are offered goodies such as reward points, free shipping, and different gifts. New subscribers are required to provide their personal information to the company’s stylists through a quiz that they answer when signing up. This information makes it easy for Fabletics to offer clients products that are customized to satisfy them. The excellent customer service approaches of the fashion company have helped it grow despite the stiff competition in the sector. Fabletics currently generates millions of dollars annually.

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