Darius Maxwell Fisher an Entrepreneur to Watch

Darius Maxwell Fisher has been referred to by many as a real life “Olivia Pope” and a professional “Fixer”. On his LinkedIn profile Darius refers to himself as “Entrepreneur, investor, and marketing and communications professional”. Being an Entrepreneur and an Elite Professional he’s invested in diverse business opportunities, companies, various technologies and created the first of its’ kind, Status Labs.
Status Labs is an innovative professional service specializing in Online Reputation Management among other services. This is a service to customers that are interested in managing their online presence. When a client comes to Status Labs it is usually due to necessary damage control with negative publicity online. Status Labs other service offerings include: online reputation management, public relations, crisis response, social media marketing, content marketing and search engine optimization. According to Status Labs, there are many ways general users can optimize and secure their online presence and public information. Status Labs has the vision that “Google is the new first impression” and for high level Executives and Political Figures this is a high priority. This new take on internet professionalism and related PR services has many people wondering if this is a real business.
While Status Labs is the bread and butter for Fisher he is also interested in other business endeavors. According to his LinkedIn profile, “I’m an investor in CrowdOptic, The Zebra, Les Trois Petits Cochons, & Sozo”. These companies among others are very diverse in nature, but it would seem that online presence and technology are not his only passion. Les Trois Petits Cochons,French for Three Little Pigs, is a unique food business in NY. A healthy face to face seems just as important to Fisher as a healthy online profile.
Darius Fisher is definitely someone to keep an eye on, but with the ability to alter his online presence so strongly for others it might be difficult to really understand who Fisher truly is unless you know him personally which is one of the few ways to access him. Clearly he is good at what he does as his online image is nothing but professional.

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