Dangerous Looting Begins in Venezuela as People Become Desperate to Survive

Venezuela’s economy has reached the breaking point of no return. The people there are starving, and though they all beg him, their leader, President Maduro, has done nothing to help. After months of eating out of trash cans and having little water or electricity, protests and looting have begun. Hundred of people have begun washing in to the streets of Cumana to steal the food and supplies that they have needed for months but could not afford. Several people have already died. Local security forces have been struggling to protect the stores, which is no surprise since many of them are weak from hunger too. Starvation hasn’t just effected the civilians of the country. Soldiers, and even police officers, have not been excluded from food rationing. When analyst Jose Manuel Gonzalez asked him about the future of the Venezuela, Maduro refused to acknowledge the part that he has played in the downfall of the country. Instead, he cited conspiracies against him and passed blame on to the United States. His nonchalance regarding how his people are struggling has only lead to further outrage and concerns for the possibility of a coup. Details posted on Wikipedia.

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