Christian Broda Defender of the U.S. Dollar

What is an economist? The average person walking down the street may not be able to answer the question of what an economist does with much confidence. Some may ask do they handle money? Some may be able to say that economists study money but not be able to explain any further than that. Economist are people who have received a Ph.D. in Economics, also they have taught the science of economics, and finally that these individuals have published papers in a least one economic field. Many people meet all of these standards and work in many different fields. Economists often work in the world of finance trying to understand where money is being spent and why. The two main levels of study are first the micro level where a subset of an economy is considered; like the basics of supply and demand. The macroeconomic level involves a greater scope like trade between nations. In this way, many different factors can be observed.

On the international level, there is an economist that has straddled the line between being an academic and a financier. Christian Broda has written papers for the American Economic Review as well as for the Journal of International Economics. Broda can argue economic policies with the top of the field yet still help the average person who is starting a hedge fund company. He took time to outline to CNN iReport five things that those wanting to start hedge funds should do. He is currently working as a Managing Director with the company Duquesne Capital Management.

Many ordinary people have been hearing for years that the American dollar was on the decline. This has been repeated over the years but Christian Broda is a defender of the dollar. After the economic trouble in 2009 many economist were arguing that the dollar was going to continue the trend it had begun of declining. Broda denied the allegations. He posited that the dollar would actually do better than it had before and that the inflation rate would not rise above five percent. Now again the dollar is under attack. There are some economists that say the dollar will fall to a one-world currency. Broda does not believe that will happen. He thinks investors should stay in dollar denoted investments. He says the dollar should actually become stronger.

With investors, and economists, on the side of the dollar it is hard to understand how it could not be strengthened. The world has followed the trend Christian Broda predicted it would follow before. The dollar needs champions like Broda. Men that will help guide investors into success not only for the dollar but also for the country.

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