Changes are in Order with the New Ghostbusters


The new Ghostbusters reboot is moving through the studio pipeline and doing so on schedule. Fans of the classic comedy, like Jared Haftel, were a little surprised that the reboot would feature females in the lead and the decision by director Paul Feig was an inspired one. A “female-driven” reboot definitely helps the new film stand apart from the original made back in the 1980’s. One of the worst problems with bad remakes and reboots is they do little more than revisit the old material in manner that is just a rehash. Why watch and inferior remake when you could always watch the excellent original once again?

The new Ghosbusters is definitely not going to be a rehash. It probably is not going to be a slapstick style comedy either. Feig has pointed out that he intends to make the new film a bit scarier than the original. Some fans might take this to mean he is looking to produce a truly frightening horror movie. Honestly, it is doubtful that this is the approach he would take. Ghostbusters’ appeal is in the comedic elements. However, adding a bit more horror and scares in the post-Saw movie landscape might not be a bad idea.

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