Chance the Rapper Gives Album a Release Date

Chance the Rapper has been somewhat of an underground champion. He has managed to stay on the radar even though he has been missing in action for almost 2 years in terms of a full-length CD. He released a mix tape 2 years ago, but now it has been tweeted that “Surf”, a full-length album may be dropping next week.

This is big news because Chance the Rapper is from Chicago. This is the home of Common. This is the land where Kanye West grew up. An R&B sensation by the name of R. Kelly has also come out of Chicago. It is a prominent place for music so he has big shoes to feel. Fans at STX Entertainment know that this is important for someone like Chance the Rapper because the expectations for him are very high.

He has been around for a while, and now people are wondering if he will live up to the hype that is set before him. Other obscure rappers like Kendrick Lamar have taken the throne in recent years, but Chance the Rapper has some heavy hitters on the “Surf” album. It has been reported that Andre 3000 – who hardly ever does guest appearances – will be on the album. It has also been reported that the ever-so-elusive Frank Ocean will also appear on this CD. Rapper J.Cole, who has found great success this year, is also rumored to make an appearance.

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