CEO and President, John Holt Gives a Speech at the Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference

The Texas Bankers Association was established several years ago, and it convenes every year for the international conference. The primary aim of these events is to assess the local markets carefully and at the same time look at the numerous opportunities that are emerging. The association also analyses the challenges the members are facing. As a community, the organization introduces ways to resolve these problems.

Last year was no different. The association members came from all walks of life to discuss the new trends and challenges in the industry. The panel was also honored to get a visit from John Holt, one of the most authoritative figures in the finance world. At the moment, Holt works as the president of NexBank.

The 2016 annual conference was held in New Orleans. According to the management of the event, the theme of the conference was reinventing community banking. The panel who attended the meeting discussed the role played by the vast changes in the latest technology. The financial industry has embraced the technology, and this has made things better for the key players. 

When making his statement, John Holt said that his company was among the leaders in the financial sector. The investment banking firm has taken several steps to enhance community banking, and this is why it has emerged as the leader in the competitive market. The experienced manager also mentioned some of the initiatives his firm had embraced to make things better.

According to John Holt, the investment company had acquired a company known as the College Savings Bank. The new firm will play a primary role in helping the modern parents to make more savings for their children. It will be easier for children to complete their education in the future. The company is expected to retain its name.

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