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How White Shark Media Has Improved Over The Years

White Shark Media is a business that helps other small businesses advertise on the internet. They are a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner which means they were hand-picked by Google due to their skill in this program. The provide business owners a free pay per click performance evaluation which shows you where you’re strong and where you’re weak. They also tell the small business owners what they should be doing differently and they provide what it will cost for White Shark Media to improve their results.

There are a number of review of White Shark Media’s performance online. One came from a person that owns a painting company in Canada. He indicated he had great results working with this company and would continue doing business with them in the future. Aaron V. is a person in Iowa who has an E-commerce store. He said that ever since availing himself of White Shark Media’s services his business has steadily and consistently grown each month.

While most reviewers love White Shark Media, like any company they have had some complaints. This is especially true when the company was new and had some growing pains to get through. They have used these complaints in order to make White Shark Media a better and more responsive company.

One complaint they would hear is that some business owners didn’t feel like they had enough communication. In order to correct this they started using GoToMeeting in order to schedule monthly status calls where they would communicate with their customer exactly what was going on. They also completely changed their phone system where each SEM Strategist now has a direct extension. This allows the small business owner the ability to directly call the person handling their account instead of calling in and waiting for a call back.