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Reality TV Going Down

Since Big Brother, Survivor and many other reality shows hit it big over ten years ago cable programming has become increasingly filled with “reality” TV shows, and to some extent Skout says they have done away with scripted programming. This has been the trend for years and many cable consumers feel stuck between reruns and a reality show for entertainment options until recently as Netflix and Amazon Prime came up with the brilliant idea to began producing their own shows. Figuring that the public has had enough of mindless drivel and game show after game show, writers and producers are bringing to bat great casting, quality scripts and exciting, riverting plots. The ratings have shifted and it shows the American public is hooked on high-calibur shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Many viewers are grateful for the uprising of addicting, scripted series and are hopeful this will curb reality TV shows and bring back must see TV.