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Nick Vertucci’s Incredible System that is Transforming Lives

Nick Vertucci is well-known for starting the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) in 2013. The group’s main aim is to educate students on the real estate skills and how to invest in such a field. Nick Vertucci had a rough childhood especially after his father passed away while he was still young, a ten-year-old child. The mom took the role of both parents, and she was forced to work extra hard and long hours to carter for the children. Life was not easy for Nick because at the age of 18 he started living in his van and these were the lowest points of his life. The life Nick had, did not despair him, and after some years he began selling parts of computers as his new business.


The idea of owning a business warmed Nick’s heart, and he became financially free. Nick Vertucci’s life changed, and he even decided to get a wife. The two became blessed with three daughters. In 2000 the luck began to change negatively with the change in the generation and technology. The business died, Nick lost almost all his assets except the home. For a few months, it was a struggle for Nick with more debts arising. A friend’s invite changed his life; Nick attended a seminar where they were taught about real estate. The workshop ran for three days, and the training was intensive. Nick appreciated the ideas he got from the seminar and started to work on them.


Nick began his training, he did further studies, and with time he was conversant with the whole real estate idea. A span of ten years studying a concept gave him the full information Nick required. With the adequate knowledge, Nick started to invest in real estate but with caution at first. The system worked, he made enough money and became a millionaire. After making it in life, Nick Vertucci thought it would be helpful if he could start a program to educate others on the basics of real estate. The program was also meant to help them invest successfully in the real estate sector. NVREA was established, and financial education was a part of the training. Nick Vertucci developed a system to help others deal with economic challenges as well as life situations. The program has so far given many people the hope of life the same way someone gave him hope when he had none.

Nick Vertucci’s Success In The Real Estate Industry


Nick Vertucci is the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy. As part of his philosophy, Nick believes that the past does not dictate the future. Vertucci grew up in a loving family. As much as he was provided for, his family was not excessively well off. At the age of ten, life changed after his father died. To this end, Vertucci’s mother had to work for long hours to provide for Nick and his siblings. Regularly, she would come home late. She would find Nick Vertucci had fallen asleep. At 18, Nick’s life was at its all-time low given that he was living out of his van.

A few years later, Nick’s life changed when he formed his own business that sold computer parts. He relished being his own boss and the freedom that accompanied it. It was at this period that he got married and started a family. His life and business were running smoothly until the dot com crash of 2000. His finances dissolved. Prior to the crash, Vertucci had the wrong mentality. He had not invested for his future to prepare him for such a scenario.

For 18 months, Vertucci had little income. He was digging himself deeper into debt. Consequently, he lost almost everything except his house. It was during that difficult period that his friend invited him to attend a real estate training seminar. Nick was his guest for three days. Initially, Vertucci was apprehensive. However; his friend assured him that the things that he had learnt at the seminar were worth his time. Vertucci’s resolution to attend the seminar turned out to be the best decisions that he has ever made.

Nick listened and soaked in what the speaker said. He did not understand everything, but he gained a lot. From his first day at the event, Nick knew that he had found the solution to his financial problems. He felt inspired and continued to train, study and absorb all information concerning the real estate business. It took him ten years to collect the information that he required to be successful. He never quit. Eventually, he formed a system, which enabled him to make money in real estate industry. The system is straight forward and simple.

When Nick Vertucci became successful, he vowed to enable others understand and use his system so that they can achieve financial freedom. According to Nick, most people have the desire and the drive, but lack the know-how. Through his company, Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc, which owns Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, Vertucci provides people with solutions to the challenges that they encounter while investing in the real estate business.

An In-depth Look Into Nick Vertucci and his elegant Real Estate Academy

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) is a leading real estate education institution. It was started in the year 2013 by Vertucci as a way of training other people to be successful in real estate. After succeeding in real estate and becoming a millionaire, Vertucci vowed to use his knowledge and skills to impact on the lives of aspiring real estate entrepreneurs. He developed an educational program that would bring solutions to all challenges associated with a career in real estate. Vertucci’s program teaches people how to succeed in real estate using the same approach that he used to succeed.


The academy has been a big success, and so far hundreds of graduates have completed the system. Most of the people who have gone through the NVREA education system have already made significant progressive steps in the real estate industry. The success of the Academy so far has made it the most sought-after real estate investment program in the country. The NVREA team of Industry leaders helps students learn crucial tricks on securing deals, working on them, and profitably selling the finished project. Some important skills that students learn include asset protection, funding of investments, rehabbing properties, selling properties, flipping properties, and the securing of contracts. The NVREA team is dedicated to helping all students achieve unparalleled success.


About Nick Vertucci


Nick Vertucci is a leading real estate investor in the country. He grew up in an average family and ventured into business soon after school. His success story is inspiring for at some point in his life he was almost making no income from his computer spare parts business. Things were initially thick, and he faced a lot of competition, almost giving up the business at some point. However, through determination and hard work, he managed to flip a debt into a multi-million real estate business. Today he stands out as a successful businessman who has handled numerous real estate projects.


The turning point in Nick Vertucci’s life was after he attended a real estate training seminar. The speaker inspired and motivated him not to give up. He also provided insight on the booming real estate industry. After almost a decade of researching and learning the basics of this industry, Vertucci dived into it in full force. After several challenging projects, Nick Vertucci got a grip on the industry and made tremendous progress. Since then, things have never the same again. Vertucci’s philosophy is simple – he believes that your past does not dictate your future.

JHSF Has Established Itself as a Real Estate Giant under the Watch of Director Jose AuriemoNeto

Since its inception, JHSF has been focused on transforming Brazil into an economic hub through developing high-end properties and attracting investors. Fabio Auriemo founded this real estate heavyweight back in 1972. Since then, the firm has erected many notable architectural wonders in Brazil.

JHSF expands its portfolio

JHSF has managed to extend its areas of investment beyond real estate. The firm invested in the retail business in 2009. Since then, the company has continued to open numerous retail outlets. It has also ventured into the hotel business, opening several luxury hotels.

Embracing modern methods of data management

JHSF is also among the first real estate firms to transition to the cloud by implementing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, the newest software management tool from Microsoft. The implementation process consisted of four phases that ended after 15 months. The main agenda of implementing this software management tool was to offer clients outstanding support.

JHSF comprises of four distinct business divisions: airport, mall, development, and hotel. The firm is responsible for completing some of the outstanding mega projects in cities like Sao Paulo in Brazil and Punta delLeste in Uruguay.

Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose Auriemo is a respected Brazilian executive responsible for managing the strategic growth and expansion of JHSF Participacoes SA, a top real estate firm. This real estate giant has heavily invested in the construction and upgrading of properties in Brazil. Auriemo’s duties entail managing the firm’s investment in hotels, public developments, office buildings, and hotels. He also works towards helping JHSF realize its goals of expanding its retail and shopping portfolio that currently consists of the Salvador-based Bela Vista, Manaus-headquartered Ponta Negra Shopping Center, and Sao Paulo’s CidadeJardim Shopping Center.

Jose AuriemoNeto guided the firm into venturing into the retail sector by signing agreements with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes and launching retails outlets at CidadeJardim Shopping Complex. The company opened the first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino retail outlets after signing a strategic partnership with Valentino. Jose Auriemo completed his higher-level education at the revered Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado University. He uses his exceptional academic abilities and long-term experience to help JHSF in achieving its goals.


The Next Largest Real Estate Projects to be Undertaken in New York

According to an article originally reported on The Real Deal, during the month of September, the biggest permit applications were dominated by outstanding projects from major developers in building NYC apartments for sale. Leading the park was Vanderbilt by SL Green. The Somerset Partners and the Chetrit Group made a mark with their proposed pair of residential buildings that exceed a million square feet when combined. The projects will be carried out in Brooklyn, Bronx, and the Staten Island. Many of the rental buildings have their ground floors designed with retail space apart from the Catholic School building to be constructed in Manhattan and the senior living facility to be built in Staten Island.

SL Green eventually filed for its plan for its gigantic One Vanderbilt office tower. The tower will be located in Midtown near the Grand Central Station. It will be a 1.3 million square foot building with 67 stories. The first and third floors of the building will have retail spaces and the rest shall be offices. The Chetrit Group alongside Somerset Partners plan to construct adjacent two 25-story rental buildings in Mott Haven. The larger of the two located at 101 Lincoln Avenue will have approximately 784,176 square feet with 33,000 devoted to retail. Around 3,200 square feet will be devoted to community amenity with apartments taking the rest. Somerset and Chetrit also plan for a second building at the Mott Haven site. The building will be located at 2401 Third Avenue, Bronx and will occupy a space of 345,000 square feet.

In Brooklyn, Green Forest City Partners plan to add another structure in their 22-acre Prospect Heights Pacific Park Development. It will be a 26 story building that contains 323 rental units and a 616-seat public school. Halcyon Management is planning for a 19-story rental building at 27 West Street on the Green point waterfront. It will contain 234 units. Z&K filed an application for 11-story residential building on 1721 East 8th Street, Brooklyn. In addition, Anshel Friedman and Aaron Karpen filed plans for a 12-story rental building to be located at Park Slope. Other planned constructions will be done in the Bronx where L+M Development partners will build a 12-story rental building that is affordable at the 4439 Third Avenue.

Town Residential is a leading luxury real estate services company that is based in New York. Andrew Heiberger established it in 2010. The firm plays an important role in the New York real estate where it focuses on luxury residential marketing, leasing, and sales. The firm has a well-experienced team of workers. In addition, Town Residential has connections with the leading developers and contractors. These strengths enable it to provide unmatched services to its clients.


Boraie Development is leading the way to revitalizing a long languishing stretch of land in New Jersey’s Atlantic City, according to a recent story in the Press of Atlantic City. The proposed development would bring much needed market rate rental apartments to an area that’s long been in need of housing suitable for today’s millennials, and would be a boost to this very neglected spot.

The Boraie Development project is being called The Beach at South Inlet, and it is a 250 unit apartment complex built in a modern, geometric shape that surrounds an appealing courtyard and pool. It’s all being created with the millennial market in mind, and the sleek style shown in the plans by Boraie Development LLC have had members of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority Board of Directors feeling hopeful and enthused about the future of the area, which is referred to as Blocks 132 and 133.

How did an 8-acre parcel of land stay vacant for so long in this city? The South Inlet area was once a neighborhood of single family residences, but the area was largely bulldozed back in the mid-1960s to make way for what was supposed to be a new and vital housing development. The development, along with many other proposed revitalization projects never came to be, and neighbors in the adjoining areas speak of looking at the bleak, weed-strewn area and wondering if a new project will ever take off there. With the new plans being talked about from Boraie Development, it looks as if new housing and a new sense of excitement about Atlantic City real estate may finally come to pass and become a reality.

Key members of the CRDA board have spoken about the development idea with great enthusiasm. The hope is also that The Beach at South Inlet might also be a crucial catalyst to other residential building happening in the adjoining areas. That’s a vision that would obviously be win-win for this too long forgotten piece of Atlantic City.

A vote is due September 30 which will decide on the allocation of funds. It’s hoped that the vote will go in favor of the project, with more revitalization of New Jersey to come.