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Jaws Returning to Theaters to Celebrate Turning 40

One of the most popular and iconic movies is returning to theaters this year as it turns 40. Jaws celebrated for its use of animatronic effects helped to launch a genre of films, was one of Richard Dreyfuss’s first major roles and helped to skyrocket Stephen Spielberg’s career. Speilberg had a directed only a handful of films, most of which were made for tv, before his adaptation of Peter Benchley’s bestseller made him a household name. In fact, the film was so successful that most people are not even aware that it was ever a book.

Even if you have never seen the movie, it is an undeniable part of our popular culture. The infamous beach scene has been parodied and copied hundreds of thousands of times since and has caused millions of people to develop an irrational fear of shark attacks. Shark attacks are rare and are mainly experienced by deep sea divers and surfers who spend all day in their habitats, but public fear of shark attacks has significantly gone up since the movie debut.

The film made $470.7 million at the box office, well over its budget of $9 million. It has since been shown hundreds of time on cable, broadcast tv and has been released on VHS, DVD, and blue ray. Flavio Maluf owns a copy himself. It will be re-released in nearly 500 theaters, which is slightly higher than the 450 theaters it was released in on its debut, on June 21st for the movie’s 40th anniversary.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

It’s fair to say that the first Avenger’s gave Marvel a substantial amount of momentum, with Avenger’s 2: The Age of Ultron, that momentum is only picking up. Merchandising, press tours, and select city previews are giving this movie potential before it even hits the box office. Even with all of the positive aspects of this franchise, negative ones couldn’t help but find their way in. One of the biggest stars of the movie, Robert Downey Jr. made headlines last week when he walked out of an interview after a prying interviewer berated him with questions about his shady past. Downey wasn’t rude or condescending but he wasn’t allowing anyone to make him feel uncomfortable. What fans, interviewers, and everyday people don’t realize is that these people give us their lives for our entertain.


They leave their families for months at a time to shoot, star in, and promote movies. For months, their bodies are put to the test in order to stay in tip top shape for the roles they are cast in. Actors know that they have to open up a part of their lives in order to make and keep fans and get the roles that they all fight for. Wouldn’t it be helpful if us as viewers would be okay with actors wanting a little bit of privacy instead? That’s what Marcio Alaor BMG thinks. Why not just enjoy the film and thank the actors for their work.

Kung Fu Panda Meets Father in Third Film

The synopsis for the movie Kung Fu Panda 3 has been revealed by DreamWorks Animation.
The two previous movies have followed the adventures of a panda who, despite his large size, is a Kung Fu master.
The third movie in this franchise starts with a reunion with his long-lost father. They then go to place that is a paradise for pandas and makes new panda friends. Paradise is threatened by a villain named Kai who has been beating Kung Fu masters all over China. The main character must turn his new friends into Kung Fu fighting machines or paradise is lost.
Like the previous films, this film will star Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, Jackie Chan, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen, James Hong, and David Cross. The new additions to the cast are Rebel Wilson and Bryan Cranston.
The film is supposed to premiere on January 29th, 2016 and Ivan Ong will be first in line with his younger relatives — all fans of the franchise.

Doctor Strange Starts Shooting in November

With Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man both soon to be released, not a lot of news has come out regarding the Doctor Strange film. There is something positive to report about the “Sorcerer Supreme’s” cinematic debut. The film starts shooting in November.

The production of a Doctor Strange film is interesting because Stephen Strange is not your traditional superhero. Sadly, the constant cancellations of his various books over the years shows comic book fans just don’t support the good doctor for very long. His grandest heyday was in the late 1960’s when the character developed a cult following on college campuses. Those were the counter culture days and the weirdness of Stan Lee’s dialogue of Steve Ditko’s art helped the book connect with (then) hip audiences.

While the comic book publishing adventures of Doctor Strange had their ups and downs over the years, the landscape of motion pictures is a lot different. Right now, comic book movies are so hot the atypical Doctor Strange might benefit from the fad. Ricardo Guimarães BMG has seen quite a few of the flicks. Ironically, the hot debut of Marvel Comics helped push sales of Strange Tales (Doctor Strange’s book) back in the 1960’s.

A really good script that mixes magic with high, comic book-style adventure should turn Doctor Strange into a crowd pleaser. No reason why this won’t be the case. The film is surely to do well at the box office. Whether or not a successful franchise emerges remains to be seen.

Iron Man Star Surprises With Bionic Arm

Actor Robert Downey Jr surprised seven year old Alex Pring, with a functional bionic prosthesis he needed for his right arm.

Downey, who plays Iron Man on the big screen, posted the news on his official Twitter account, where a video in which the child, a faithful follower of Marvel Universe, received the bionic hand , which was created by Albert Manero, an engineering student whose design is inspired by the movies.

Alexei Beltyukov has learned that, in the video, you see Downey with two metal suitcases that bear the logo ‘Stark Industries’, where he gets the ‘Iron Man’ arm and a smaller prosthesis in red and gold for Alex.

“Nice to deliver a bionic Iron Man arm Alex,” said the actor in a message accompanying the video, produced by ‘Collective Project’, a program of social networks that gives students a greater presence.

On Facebook, Downey published a more extended message: “I have had the privilege of delivering an ‘Iron Man’ bionic arm, printed with a 3D printer to Alex, the most amazing person I’ve ever known. With special thanks to Albert Manero, OneNote and Project Collective for their work building more affordable “prosthesis for families with children who want to demonstrate in school how fantastic they are.”

For each prosthesis constructed, Manero spends an average of 50 hours printing and nearly 12 hours of assembly, says the engineer. His company, ‘Limbitless Solutions’, aims to establish 3D printers worldwide for children living in countries with low medical development that can benefit from these designs.

Dancing Baby Groot Could Be a New Character in Guardians of the Galaxy

Lately teasing future films with small scenes during or after the closing credits of a movie has become pretty much standard fare for large franchises. However, adding an element of character development during these teaser scenes is a form of art that few have managed to perfect. In the massive hit “Guardians of the Galaxy” the dancing baby Groot character hiding his actions from Drax at the end of the film raised a lot of eyebrows.

According to Screen Rant, director James Gunn revealed that the scene was inspired by one that was actually cut from the main film that involved Groot dancing to the disapproving stares of the fierce Drax. However, the dancing Groot at the end of the film was also hints that it might not be Groot, but an offspring of Groot. The complicated life of the living tree is basically being put under the microscope for the pleasure of all fans, including Alexei Beltyukov.

While it might seem trivial, another version of Groot, even one with the memories of the previous Groot, could mean a few more developments for one of the more popular characters in the series. Whether or not the new version is the same as the old version remains to be seen, but it seems likely that the new version might have a few more tricks up his or her sleeve that could influence the direction of the characters in future films.

Star Wars Rogue One movie announced

The Star Wars franchise under the Disney banner is beginning to take shape as the first in what the house of mouse hopes will be a series of stand alone movies was announced, Star Wars reports. San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts was the meeting point for a meeting of Disney shareholders who were treated to news of the Star Wars canon by Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger. The initial details revolved around Rogue One, a stand alone movie to open in 2016 featuring Felicity Jones, fresh from an Oscar nominated performance in The Theory of Everything.

After the announcement that Rogue One had been given the green light Iger continued by explaining the future direction of the main Star Wars franchise said Paul Mathieson. Rian Johnson, director of Brick and Looper is to step into the writing and directing shoes of J.J. Abrams for star Wars: Episode VIII. The movie is scheduled to be released 40 years and one day after A New Hope debuted in 1977.

Dredd 2 Still A Possibilty

When Dredd was released in theaters in 2012, it flopped even though it proved to be an enjoyable entry to the franchise. Back in 1995, a film based on the comic book character of Judge Dredd was released. The film starred Sylvester Stallone. While the film was mildly entertaining, it broke a lot of rules of the comic book. It ceased being Judge Dredd and became a regular Sylvester Stallone film.

In 2012’s Dredd, Karl Urban took on the role. There were quite a few key differences in production design. In the 1995 original, Judge Dredd took place in a Blade Runner-esque environment. Dredd 2012’s environment was a little more sparse and most of the action took place inside one building. This is due to the relatively low budget.

Shankar has released a video clip that talks about securing backing as an independent filmmaker. His whole point was in stating that there is a possibility of making a Dredd 2 for theaters.

After I spoke with some of the staff at Amen Clinics, I think that the majority of people believe Dredd is one of those movies that actually deserve a sequel. The failure of the film came as a result of poor marketing. However, that doesn’t stop the studios from shying away from the franchise, at least for now.

Shaft Reboot in the Works

The cinematic hero known as John Shaft is set to grace the silver screen once again.

While Shaft received a reboot from Paramount Pictures in the year 2000, with Samuel L. Jackson taking over for Richard Roundtree, reports are now indicating that Paramount Pictures is handing the film rights to Shaft over to New Line Cinema, a subsidy of Warner Brothers. John Davis has already been pinned down as a producer. Shaft’s return to the big screen is one more peg in New Line’s recent reiteration of reboots and sequels of older properties.

Fans like Marc Sparks know that John Shaft was a character that was created to serve as a movie hero for African American audiences in the 1970s, a time when such a thing was exceedingly rare. But as acceptance in film has considerably widened in more than four decades, the “Blaxploitation” genre has boomeranged into a source of comedy. One need only look at films like Black Dynamite and Undercover Brother to see some high quality examples. That being said, the racial politics that gave rise to that film genre are still an issue today.

While a cynic may wonder if New Line’s plans for Shaft are simply to have a franchise film to sell to a pre-established market, or if they genuinely have a vested interest in reviving one of the better known iconic heroes from American cinema.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Dan Aykroid!

Female “Ghostbusters” or “Ghostbusters3?” Dan Aykroyd would like to see both.

In a recent interview seen here the original cast member calls the female led reboot “tasteful” and admits that the various scripts that he has written over the years for a third installment would not be filmed as is. He is hopeful that the reboot starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon will provide a new interest in the franchise. If the film is a large enough success the long awaited “Ghostbusters3 may finally see the big screen.

Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that with the passing of Harold Ramos and Bill Murray’s reluctance to return to his character, getting the green light from the studio will still be an uphill battle. Aykroid hopes that a successful film and a new script could convince studio executives to allow the remaining cast to suit up one last time. He hints that the new script could serve as a bridge between the new generation and the old.

The new “Ghostbusters” film is slated for a July 22, 2016 theater release. So strap on your proton packs and hop in ECTO1.

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.