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Securus Technologies Changing How Officers Combat Violence

Violence in the prison has been a serious issue with me and my fellow officers. Each day that I show up to work, I am constantly trying to keep the inmates from lashing out at officers. My team has been subjected to serious violent outbursts this year, so my superiors have decided to make use of technology to help us to level the playing field. Earlier this year we reached out to Securus Technologies to see if their call monitoring system would be able to help curb the issues we have been dealing with.


To get a better understanding as to why we decided to team with Securus Technologies, all you need to do is look at the recent history of the company. In only a few years, their call monitoring system used to listen to the inmates using jail phones has already been installed and utilized in over two thousand jails across the country. The company objective is making the world safe, and CEO Rick Smith says that his Dallas-based company is available to help us for the long-term.


Once the LBS software is running, it does the work of a team of officers and will scan inmate calls and identify unique chatter that could impact the safety in the prison. Now that my full team is back on the grounds, we can not only spot trouble easier, we can use the alerts from the LBS software to help us to get on top of those potential issues fast. If inmates are talking drugs, weapons, contraband, fighting, or gang issues, we get a jump now on the potential trouble and we can stop violence in its tracks.


Thanks to Securus Technologies, our officers are able to maintain order easier than we have been able to in many years working at this facility.


Why Every Correctional Facility Should Utilize Securus Technologies As a Form of Communication

If you happen to know someone who is currently in confinement at a correctional facility and you would like to reach out to them through a visitation session in which you do not even have to leave your home, then please do not hesitate to ask a customer service representative of Securus Technologies whether it is currently being offered for utilization at the correctional facility the inmate is confined in. If its lines of communications have been installed in the particular correctional facility the inmate is in, then it is highly likely you will be able to set up a video conference session at a time that is convenient for you. Please do not hesitate to contact a customer service representative about the particular system if you do not understand how it works or what exactly it offers.

Securus Technologies is a great form of communication that’s offering both inmates and their visitors benefits to take advantage of. Although the communication platform is absolutely secure and safe, it’s important to note that law enforcement officials and courts can utilize any segments of conversations that take place within its lines if they need to, thus, encouraging both parties to ensure they are avoiding speaking about or engaging in illegal matters. Crime is a serious matter for inmates, in spite of them being confined for possibly committing one (or more) in the first place. Many inmates have found out for themselves that committing crimes in a correctional facility is quite easy, as correctional officers who have gone astray into corrupt paths have been of assistance to them. This is why Securus Technologies should be implemented into more correctional facilities today. One should not think that just because inmates are confined in a correctional facility that they are not capable of committing crimes, some of which could be quite threatening to the outside community.

The Expanding Use of Video Visitation from Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies recently announced the growing utilization and benefits of Video Visitation. Video Visitation is a Securus Technologies technology designed for correctional agencies.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation is considered an advance on traditional visitation methodologies utilized by correctional agencies in North America. With Video Visitation, an incarcerated individual can have meaningful, consistent visitation with loved ones, when friends and family are at a remote location.


Video Visitation is not merely just a Skype-like derivation. The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system comes complete with other vital attributes necessary in a correctional setting. This includes security and registration features.


At the present time, Securus Technologies Video Visitation is being utilized by about 180 correctional agencies in the United States. The CEO of the company anticipates that this number will increase in the near future, and significantly so.


Approximately 160,000 individual visits occur monthly using Video Visitation. Securus Technologies advises that individual visits have been doubling on an annual basis. The grand total of visits expected in the current year is 2 million. The projection for next year is 4 million.


Consumers are highly satisfied with Securus Technologies Video Visitation. The app has been downloaded over 232,000 to day.


Consumers make note that the convenience of Video Visitation is a tremendous plus. They no longer have to expend time and money to travel to a correctional institution to visit a loved one. Indeed, for many people the expense associated with traditional in-person visitation made it impossible for many people to maintain consistent contact with an incarcerated loved one.


Correctional departments are also weighing in on the cost savings realized through the use of Video Visitation. Traditional in-person visitation costs approximately $100 per occasion. On the other hand, a Video Visitation visit costs $2.72. The savings in a tight correctional budget is very helpful to an agency in this day and age.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation Good For Everybody

Securus Technologies is a company that brings families together. Almost 3 million children in this country live with a parent in prison. That means millions of families across this country have a difficult time communicating with a loved one in prison.


Prisoners are at a disadvantage when it comes to communicating with people on the outside. Each prison facility in this country has an exclusive telecommunications provider. These telecommunications companies are awarded contracts from the prison after a lengthy bidding process. The prisoners inside of a prison facility have no choice but to use the company chosen by the facility.


Sometimes this causes problems. Companies like Global Tel-Link abuse their position of power. The higher few staff, have a terrible track record for customer service, and provide a subpar quality telephone call.


Other times it works out. Securus Technologies is an example of a quality prison telecommunications company. Not only is their history of customer service commendable, they keep an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are accredited by the same agency. But it is there innovative technologies that really makes them stand out from the pack.


The company is currently in a 30 state advertising blitz for their video visitation technology. Video visitation allows inmates to communicate with their family on the outside of a prison through a video chat. This innovative technology brings families together like no other innovation in the history of criminal justice.


If you think we should be tough on prisoners, then you can focus on the benefits of this technology for law enforcement. More families are choosing video visitation over physical visitation. This relieves congestion in already crowded prisons. Law enforcement does not need to schedule visitation with the implementation of this technology, either. Video visitation makes a law enforcement officer’s job easier and the prisons safer.


Securus Field Service Specialists Earn Installer Certification from BICSI

Eleven field service specialists employed by Securus Technologies recently passed the prestigious Installer 1 certification from the Building Industry Consulting Service International.


A professional association supporting the industry of information and communication technologies, BICSI offers various technician and installer certifications to professionals in ICT. That covers cabling and hardware for voice, audio, video and data. Areas covered by the credential include installation, project management and electronic safety and security. Certified installers can pull wire and cable, test fiber optic and copper and conduct site surveys. BICSI represents over 23,000 professionals in over 100 countries, supporting them with training, credentials and conferences. Their certifications cover copper and fiber optic cables, including standards and current codes. Many companies insist that at least one BICSI-certified installer work on every installation site.


Securus Technologies provides telecommunications and other technologies for public institution, law enforcement, corrections, monitoring, investigation and public safety. Because Securus works with cabling and telecommunications hardware, its needs fit the skills BICSI supports. Senior Vice-President, Operations, Danny de Hoyos said the BICSI certifications added an additional expertise to their customers. Their certified field installers average 15 years of experience. Working on projects around the country, Securus installers give the highest level of performance to the corrections facilities Securus serves.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas and serves over 3,450 law enforcement, public safety agencies, including over 1,200,000 inmates. They focus on connecting what matters. The company recently received an A+ rating and accreditation and rating from the Better Business Bureau in Texas. To improve customer service, they created an in-house call center staffed with 220 representatives to answer questions from customers. That’s the largest in the industry. They answer calls in 11 seconds average, and resolve 99% of the problems on the first call. That’s a total of 2.5 million calls per month.


Securus Technologies Challenging Main Competitor To Tech Compeitition


Criminal justice technology developer, supplier and distributor Securus Technologies has issued a challenge to its main rival in the market, Global Tel Link. Securus wants to compete in what it calls a “technology bakeoff” with chief competitor GTL. The terms of the technology bakeoff are relatively simple. There will be an independent judge would determine who has the best technology, equipment and the largest variety of products in different categories. The categories would include which company has the largest assortment of and best functioning product sets. Another category would be which firm has the most advanced inmate phone calls platform in the criminal justice and law enforcement sector. 

The primary reason behind having the “technology bakeoff” is that Global Tel Link has used the courts and even threatened to sue Securus Technologies in order for the right to say that their programs and technology is similar to ours says Richard Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies. The technology competition will determine once and for all if GTL’s products are really similar to Securus or if they are inferior to what we offer continues Richard Smith. 

CEO Richard Smith admits that if he was in Global Tel Link’s shoes, he would decline his company’s invitation to a challenge headed by an independent judge. This is what GTL has done so far, they have refused any competitions and comparisons included this latest one. 

I think that Securus Technologies is superior in almost every category to competitor GTL. Just take a look at some of these facts and figures. Securus has reinvested over half a billion dollars in development. It has its own US. call center, while its competitor has a outsourced call center based in Mexico. GTL has invested only a tiny fraction of the amount of money that Securus has. I think think the winner of the “technology bakeoff” would undoubtedly be Securus. This firm has a much larger variety of products and uses more advanced platforms that customers prefer in a ratio of 3-1. As the saying goes, people speak with their money, and the greater profits of Securus tells us that the company is better. 

Based in Dallas, Texas Securus technologies is a worldwide leader in the supply, research and development of technologies and tools for law enforcement and civil agencies. The company serves over a million inmates in North America with video visitation technology. Its latest developments have let families of inmates communicate directly with loved ones in prison through smartphones and even through a computer.

This has made inmate communication readily more accessible and eliminated the need for families to travel huge distances to see a loved one in prison. Download the Google Play app here >>
Thousands of law enforcement agencies, rely on Securus technologies whether they are monitoring devices, forensics tools or location tracking technology for first respondents.

Securus Technologies THREADS 3.1 Improves Inmate Communication


Securus Technologies, a leading provider of communication systems for the correctional industry recently announced the release of verions 3.1 of its popular THREADS software used to monitor and identify suspicious inmate communications. The software, now based on HTML 5 offers corrections and law enforcement officials an efficient way to monitor inmate communications between other inmates, friends, family, and others identifying potential patterns, associations, correlations, communication events and fraternization to solve crimes or help prevent them.

The patented technology takes little in the way of training and can be used to automatically search for communication patterns of special concern. Some redundant operations like records entry have been eliminated, and search options expanded and made more efficient. The system is currently used to monitor many of the inmate phone calls between the company’s correctional facilities customers housing some 1.2 million inmates. 

The company also offers its correctional customers streamlined billing and back office operations for telephonic and video communications between inmates and their families. The VideoVisit is a new technology aimed at making it easier for families to have meaningful interaction with their incarcerated loved ones without having to travel to and be subjected to long jail or prison wait times or pat-down inspections. 

According to the company, video visitation is cost competitive with in-person visits after taking into account such items as mileage, lodging, parking, and child care. Video visits also reduce the risk of contraband being introduced into the facility and reduced the danger and cost of moving inmates. Another benefit is that children can be a part of the video visit which is often an issue with tradition jail or prison based visits. The technology is expensive and Securus has already invested over $30 million to provide the best systems to its customers. You can register for the video visitation software here:

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of services to the corrections, public safety, and law enforcement community. While holding the patents on some 125 technologies, the privately owned company has been investing heavily over the past three years to expand its 800 item product line. New investments have been in companies that monitor an offender’s movement via GPS and help manage inmate population and logistics.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus was founded in 1986. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the current Securus was formed in 2004 and recently purchased by the Boston private equity firm Abry Partners. The company does not report sales or revenue data, but according to the company’s website it has over 750 employees and is expanding their leadership, and 2,200 customers in the law enforcement and corrections agencies in 45 states.