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Robert Ivy: Supremely Talented Architect, Writer And Editor

American Institutes of Architects CEO and executive vice president Robert Ivy, has won numerous awards for his contributions to architecture and journalism. They include the 2009 Crain Award, the highest recognition an individual involved in American Business Media can receive. Ivy also received the 1998 McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. He was also named ‘Master Architect’ by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. Robert Ivy is one of only 7 people to be so honored in the 100 year history of the organization.

Before pursuing a career in architecture and journalism, Robert Ivy graduated cum laude from The University of the South with a BA in English. He also attended Tulane University where he earned a masters degree in architecture. He then became a principal with Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy from 1981 to 1996. During that time he also worked with many national magazines as a critic. Robert Ivy became Architectural Record’s editor-in-chief in 1996. In the years he spent there, Architectural Record became the most widely read architectural publication in the world.

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With editorial leadership from Robert Ivy, Architectural Record won the premier award for magazine journalism, the National Magazine Award for General Excellence from the American Society of Magazine Editors. This garnered attention because it is unusual for a professional journal to earn such an achievement. Under Ivy’s leadership Architectural Record also earned more than 25 Jesse H. Neal Awards and 7 Ozzies: Folio Design Awards. In 2008, the publication also won the Website of the Year: Enthusiast Award from MPA Digital.

After leaving Architectural Record, Ivy became McGraw-Hill Construction Media’s editorial director and vice president. That put him in charge of a host of publications. They included SNAP, GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, ENR, Architectural Record: China, Sweets, Constructor and HQ Magazine. Robert Ivy was so well respected he was on the panel which decided architect Frank Gehry should be the one that designed the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

A Design Futures Council Senior Fellow, Robert Ivy is the author of a biography of American architect and Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice Fay Jones. Published in 2001 and currently in its third edition, ‘Fay Jones: Architect’, which showcases the architect’s work received effusive praise from the Art Library Society of North America. They described it as representing ‘the highest standards of scholarship, design, and production.’ It’s just another example of Robert Ivy’s prodigious talent.

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Jim Tananbaum: The Visionary at Foresite Capital Investments

Mindstrong Health specializes in the use of smartphones in providing diagnosis and help to patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. Recently, it acquired $14 million Series A funding from various investors. These investors include ARCH Venture partners, Foresite Capital, Optum Ventures, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund. Mindstrong’s AI powered digital platform facilitates the recording of patients’ scrolling and typing habits to evaluate brain functions. As a result, its clinical team can obtain information related to cognition and mood biomarkers to determine a patient’s memory, attention threshold, processing capacity, and command execution.


Collected data helps the startup gain insights into how humans think, behave, and interact like never before. This, in turn, will assist the medical community to improve service delivery to patients with cognitive disorders. Acquired funding is expected to help the company develop the technology used in tracking of mental health disorders in clinical settings. As such, this technology will enhance psychiatric disorders assessment methods and mental illness interventions.


Who is Jim Tananbaum?


Jim Tananbaum is the co-founder and CEO of Foresite Capital Investment and is listed in Forbes Midas List of 100 influential investors. With over 25 years’ experience in healthcare investing, Tananbaum is in charge of Foresite Capital’s entrepreneurial and healthcare investments. Before co-founding Foresite Capital, Jim co-founded four companies inclusive of two biopharm businesses and two health investment practices. At Harvard, he founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals with over $ 1 billion in revenue. Another company founded by Tananbaum is Theravance Inc. valued at $2.75 billion. As an investor, Tananbaum was a partner at Prospect Venture Partners as well as at Sierra Ventures. Additionally, he initiated and led various investment practices inclusive of Amerigroup, Amira Pharmaceuticals, Healtheon, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals.


According to Medium, Jim graduated from Harvard Business School and Medical School with an MBS and Doctor of Medicine (MD) respectively. He holds a BS and BSEE in Math and Computer Science from Yale University and a Master of Science in Information Theory from MIT. Over the years, he served on various committees and advisory boards to Harvard’s-MIT HST program and is president of Yale’s Advisory Council. Jim Tananbaum is passionate about working with entrepreneurs, academicians, and medical professionals to create insights in deep learning and science. His vision entails combining his professional experiences in developing novel and unique investment platforms.


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Secrets of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Success

One of the biggest names in Brazil’s business world is that of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. At 44 years of age, he has risen beyond bounds to take a position among the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Dodo was born in an entrepreneur family, and his real name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. He is part of the third generation of the great Sirotsky family. His grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho founded the RBS group. It’s from this lineage that Duda inherited the “entrepreneur blood.”

In an article on Dino, Duda Melzer carries under his belt adequate background education in business related matters. Duda graduated from Pontifical Catholic University with a degree in business administration and a master’s in business administration from the same University. He proceeded to join Harvard business school where he acquired skills in two executive courses.

After obtaining the academic qualifications, Duda joined the corporate world and worked various jobs in different firms. He used to work for Delphi Corporation as a financial analyst and later at BoxTop Media, a non-traditional media company, as the director general. With the acquired knowledge and experience, Duda was fully equipped to join the family business.

Duda’s work within the family business empire started in 2004 as the director general of RBS Groups National Market. Duda Melzer worked his way up the ranks and rose to his current position as the chairman and president of the RBS Group. He is also the chairman of e.Brick Digital, an RBS company operating in US and Brazil dealing with investments in the digital sector.

Other than his academic qualifications and experience, Duda attributes his success to inspiration from John Davis, a professor at Harvard University and a family business specialist. John Davis created “Davis’s rule of excellence” which Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer follows to the letter. He concedes that he also receives inspiration from Ram Charan and Jim Collins whom he considers as influential thinkers. Other than following their programs, Duda directly consults with the three professionals. Eduardo Sirotsky is one of the people on the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise leaders list.

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