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Todd Lubar and Using Business to Help Others Achieve Their Goals

Arthur Becker is invested in real estate and is a developer. He is also the former chief executive officer for Navisite (which he sold for $230 million to Time Warner) and also Zinio. A graduate of Bennington College’s class of ’72, Mr. Becker also attended Dartmouth College. He started his career at Bear Stearns and Co as a stockbroker and later became its director. He also invested in a macadamia farm located in Hawaii and developed Bnox which dealt in sports binoculars. He left Zinio to go into real estate.


Interview with Todd Lubar


Arthur Becker recently held an interview with Todd Lubar for Inspirery. The interview covered where he began his professional career and the experiences and lessons he has learned on his way to becoming a successful professional. Mr. Lubar attributed his success to hard work and keeping clients happy in order to get a lot of referral business.


Self -belief, helping others and family


He also attributed his success to wanting and being willing to help people achieve their goals, instead of thinking about how much money one can make from them. Self-belief is also important for one to achieve success. Mr. Todd Lubar considers having to decide between leaving his family to travel for work commitments as the toughest decisions he makes. His most satisfying moments in business is the feeling he gets from helping clients build their businesses from scratch and see them thriving. That is what keeps him motivated to keep doing what he does. Check out Inspirery to see more.


Todd Lubar


Currently, president of TDL Ventures and Legendary ventures Vice-president, Mr. Lubar has B.A from Syracuse University. He has worked at the Crestar Mortgage (1995-1999) and Legacy financial group from 1999 to 2005. Todd Lubar was Senior VP at Charter Funding until 2007. He has owned companies in various industries like demolition, recycling, real estate and nightclubs. Mr. Lubar has been ranked among the top twenty five mortgage originators for many years in the US. His current venture deals with helping people achieve their business potential by removing for them any obstacle they may be facing on their path to achieving their business goals.




Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and chief executive officer of OSI group. The OSI group is a well known private company that deals with meat processors in more than 15 countries in the world. Sheldon, born in 1936, showed interest in the meat industry 43 years ago when he ventured into it. Since then he has had a successful career as a business person in the meat industry. He has converted OSI group into a very famously know worldwide food products’ supplier. His journey to being the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI group began when he acquired half of the voting control of OSI group in the early 1980s. This was as a result of one partner of OSI decided to sell out and hence giving Lavin half of the controlling interest.

After this, the remaining partner retired and left Sheldon in full control. From there Lavin was in full control and this gave him a chance to take OSI to the next world and make it a worldwide known company. At the age of 81, Sheldon Lavin is still striving to make OSI group grow more. The company has now extended to a number of countries including China, Japan, South Africa, Australia and Philippians with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, United States. The company also has U.S. plants located in Geneva, Chicago, California,

To add on to his success, Sheldon has received several awards such as the Global Visionary Award. This award was given to him as a recognition of his huge efforts in putting OSI group on an international level and thereby creating a lot of jobs for people worldwide. OSI group, under the leadership of Sheldon, has received many awards over the years. These include the 2016 Globe of honor award which was awarded by the British safety council. In November 2015, OSI group was honored to receive an environmental award.

Sheldon Lavin has also been part of a number of services such as Board member of Rush University Medical center, President, and Director of Sheba Foundation, Trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities, Board member of the Goodman theatre, just to mention but a few. He shows his passion and philanthropy nature by being active in contributing to charities. Some of these charities include The National Multiple Sclerotic Society, United Negro College Fund, Jewish United Fund, Boys, and Girls Club of Chicago and the Inner Foundation of Chicago.

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