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Dr. Clay Siegall: A Leader In Innovative Cancer Treatment Methods

Dr. Clay Siegall is passionate about cancer research. He has been for over two decades. After working for some of the world’s best known cancer research companies, he co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. The company quickly became a world leader in the development of targeted cutting-edge cancer treatment. ADCETRIS, the antibody-drug conjugate it developed, is used worldwide to help cancer patients. The company also has a number of other viable cancer treatments that it has licensed to several major biotech companies. These drugs have made the company hundreds of millions of dollars.

Since graduating with a PhD in genetics from George Washington University, Clay Siegall has developed a reputation for creating very effective cancer treatments. It is a goal he set for himself ever since he was a teen. Now at Seattle Genetics has a team of researchers that have made a number of very important breakthroughs in cancer care. Their ability to create drugs that kill cancerous cell without harming surrounding tissue has made them world-famous and led to their products being in great demand. It has also made Seattle Genetics founder, president and CEO Clay Siegal world famous.

Dr. Siegall is motivated by his desire to end the suffering cancer patients are forced to endure when they receive treatment. Many of the treatment methods commonly used leave patients weakened and writhing in pain. But the staff at Seattle Genetics is committed to developing treatments that are more effective and less painful. Their work is transforming cancer treatment and creating hope for people suffering with the debilitating disease. Under the guidance of Dr. Siegall they have made great strides in developing treatment methodologies that provide relief for patients with cancer.

A major role Dr. Siegal plays at Seattle Genetics is in fundraising. So far he has been able to use public and private sources to generate over $1.2 billion for the company. This has enabled the staff at Seattle Genetics to purchase the technology they need to remain in the forefront of the development of new treatments for cancer and bring relief for countless people worldwide suffering with cancer.