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How Eli Gershkovitch changed the liquor industry

A lot has been said on graduates whose desire is to have long and satisfying careers. To Eli Gershkovitch, this was different as his desire was to start a brewery company. In 1987, a European tour inspired him. This was when Eli Gershkovitch got his first taste of the Belgian beer. Since then, he got the desire to come up with one of his own way of making the liquor industry great.

By the time Eli Gershkovitch was about to initiate the craft brewery business, he was in Vancouver working from his law office. This is where he completed research on craft brewery and landed a perfect location for the brewpub at Gastown. The exact location that he founded was one of a historic place in the city, a factor that contributed a lot to the popularity of his company. Unlike other people who struggled in getting licenses it was an easy thing for him as he had experience from the liquor licenses he applied for his clients and friends.

As yet another advantage, Eli Gershkovitch found it easy to run the company as he had a better way to derive energy to produce the liquor. One of the contributing factors to the remarkable success of his business was the exact location of his company. There was an existing house with a steam heat system. He decided to use the source of energy for his steam-powered brewing significantly reducing the cost. Learn more about Eli at

Brewing companies were not known to make a significant profit considering the time it took long before one got some returns. This was different for Eli Gershkovitch. He can be recognized as one of the lucky men as it never took long before he got his first rewards. By this time in 1995 Steamworks was producing 15 to 17 beers per year which was a significant and notable success.


In its first year, the company introduced only six beers such as pilsner and pale ale being introduced later on. According to many retailers that he delivered liquor to, Eli Gershkovitch’s core belief was that you only grow to meet your demand or demand shrinks to meet you. Follow Eli Gershkovitch on Twitter.


Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and chief executive officer of OSI group. The OSI group is a well known private company that deals with meat processors in more than 15 countries in the world. Sheldon, born in 1936, showed interest in the meat industry 43 years ago when he ventured into it. Since then he has had a successful career as a business person in the meat industry. He has converted OSI group into a very famously know worldwide food products’ supplier. His journey to being the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI group began when he acquired half of the voting control of OSI group in the early 1980s. This was as a result of one partner of OSI decided to sell out and hence giving Lavin half of the controlling interest.

After this, the remaining partner retired and left Sheldon in full control. From there Lavin was in full control and this gave him a chance to take OSI to the next world and make it a worldwide known company. At the age of 81, Sheldon Lavin is still striving to make OSI group grow more. The company has now extended to a number of countries including China, Japan, South Africa, Australia and Philippians with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, United States. The company also has U.S. plants located in Geneva, Chicago, California,

To add on to his success, Sheldon has received several awards such as the Global Visionary Award. This award was given to him as a recognition of his huge efforts in putting OSI group on an international level and thereby creating a lot of jobs for people worldwide. OSI group, under the leadership of Sheldon, has received many awards over the years. These include the 2016 Globe of honor award which was awarded by the British safety council. In November 2015, OSI group was honored to receive an environmental award.

Sheldon Lavin has also been part of a number of services such as Board member of Rush University Medical center, President, and Director of Sheba Foundation, Trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities, Board member of the Goodman theatre, just to mention but a few. He shows his passion and philanthropy nature by being active in contributing to charities. Some of these charities include The National Multiple Sclerotic Society, United Negro College Fund, Jewish United Fund, Boys, and Girls Club of Chicago and the Inner Foundation of Chicago.

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Nick Vertucci’s Success In The Real Estate Industry


Nick Vertucci is the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy. As part of his philosophy, Nick believes that the past does not dictate the future. Vertucci grew up in a loving family. As much as he was provided for, his family was not excessively well off. At the age of ten, life changed after his father died. To this end, Vertucci’s mother had to work for long hours to provide for Nick and his siblings. Regularly, she would come home late. She would find Nick Vertucci had fallen asleep. At 18, Nick’s life was at its all-time low given that he was living out of his van.

A few years later, Nick’s life changed when he formed his own business that sold computer parts. He relished being his own boss and the freedom that accompanied it. It was at this period that he got married and started a family. His life and business were running smoothly until the dot com crash of 2000. His finances dissolved. Prior to the crash, Vertucci had the wrong mentality. He had not invested for his future to prepare him for such a scenario.

For 18 months, Vertucci had little income. He was digging himself deeper into debt. Consequently, he lost almost everything except his house. It was during that difficult period that his friend invited him to attend a real estate training seminar. Nick was his guest for three days. Initially, Vertucci was apprehensive. However; his friend assured him that the things that he had learnt at the seminar were worth his time. Vertucci’s resolution to attend the seminar turned out to be the best decisions that he has ever made.

Nick listened and soaked in what the speaker said. He did not understand everything, but he gained a lot. From his first day at the event, Nick knew that he had found the solution to his financial problems. He felt inspired and continued to train, study and absorb all information concerning the real estate business. It took him ten years to collect the information that he required to be successful. He never quit. Eventually, he formed a system, which enabled him to make money in real estate industry. The system is straight forward and simple.

When Nick Vertucci became successful, he vowed to enable others understand and use his system so that they can achieve financial freedom. According to Nick, most people have the desire and the drive, but lack the know-how. Through his company, Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc, which owns Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, Vertucci provides people with solutions to the challenges that they encounter while investing in the real estate business.

JHSF Has Established Itself as a Real Estate Giant under the Watch of Director Jose AuriemoNeto

Since its inception, JHSF has been focused on transforming Brazil into an economic hub through developing high-end properties and attracting investors. Fabio Auriemo founded this real estate heavyweight back in 1972. Since then, the firm has erected many notable architectural wonders in Brazil.

JHSF expands its portfolio

JHSF has managed to extend its areas of investment beyond real estate. The firm invested in the retail business in 2009. Since then, the company has continued to open numerous retail outlets. It has also ventured into the hotel business, opening several luxury hotels.

Embracing modern methods of data management

JHSF is also among the first real estate firms to transition to the cloud by implementing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, the newest software management tool from Microsoft. The implementation process consisted of four phases that ended after 15 months. The main agenda of implementing this software management tool was to offer clients outstanding support.

JHSF comprises of four distinct business divisions: airport, mall, development, and hotel. The firm is responsible for completing some of the outstanding mega projects in cities like Sao Paulo in Brazil and Punta delLeste in Uruguay.

Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose Auriemo is a respected Brazilian executive responsible for managing the strategic growth and expansion of JHSF Participacoes SA, a top real estate firm. This real estate giant has heavily invested in the construction and upgrading of properties in Brazil. Auriemo’s duties entail managing the firm’s investment in hotels, public developments, office buildings, and hotels. He also works towards helping JHSF realize its goals of expanding its retail and shopping portfolio that currently consists of the Salvador-based Bela Vista, Manaus-headquartered Ponta Negra Shopping Center, and Sao Paulo’s CidadeJardim Shopping Center.

Jose AuriemoNeto guided the firm into venturing into the retail sector by signing agreements with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes and launching retails outlets at CidadeJardim Shopping Complex. The company opened the first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino retail outlets after signing a strategic partnership with Valentino. Jose Auriemo completed his higher-level education at the revered Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado University. He uses his exceptional academic abilities and long-term experience to help JHSF in achieving its goals.


James Dondero: Helping Families and Foundations

One of America’s most notable businessmen and a philanthropic workers has recently waged a finacial challenge to the public. In attempts to boost charitable donation amounts, James Dondero vowed to match funds up to a million dollars.

The wager was officially announced in October of 2017 by James’s company, known as Highland Capital Management LP. The selected charity is a well respected organization throughout Texas . Labeled as The Family Place, the organization is geared specifically towards families and victims of family violence. It is currently the largest family violence service provider in Texas. The organization provides counselling, intervention and even preventive family violence procedures.

The Family Place set a fundraising goal of 16.5 million dollars collectively. Falling just 2.8 million dollars short, the wager set by Capital Management LP will ensure the organization reach there desired goal.

The co-founder and current President of Highland Capital Management LP helped create the company in 1993. With over 30 years of experience, James has helped propel the company into one of the leading finacial firms in America. Originally based in Texas, the company has now grown and expanded. They currently operate out of a variety of offices including New York, Dallas, Sao Paolo. Singapore and Seoul.

Working closely with an array or charitable organizations, the latest wager set by James has already began to bring in donations. Shortly following the announcement, donations quickly reached an additional $200,000.00 collectively. These new donations will help The Family Place construct a new facility which includes an office, emergency shelters, bedrooms, dental clinic and even medical clinic.