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Roberto Santiago Shows People the Opportunities They Have

Roberto Santiago has always wanted people to know that they would be taken care of while they were shopping at Manaira. He made the mall in a way that was easy for people to understand and it was his way of giving the community just what they needed. He had always wanted people to realize there were different opportunities and there were things they would be able to take away from the mall that they could not get at any other mall in Brazil. Manaira was unique and it was also a place where people could feel the luxury touches that Roberto Santiago included with the building design. He had always tried to make sure there were things that he was doing and there were things he could use to help other people with the issues they were facing. Roberto Santiago liked others to realize he had worked hard to bring attention to the issues going on in the city around him.


One thing he did with the mall was made sure it was filled with entertainment options. He even put in an expo center in the mall so people could see what they could benefit from while they were looking at all the options available to them. He knew there would be things that would make it easier for him to try and get more out of the business. That allowed him the chance to give people the options they needed and the opportunities they could use to help out in different situations.


The hotel was also a great way for Roberto Santiago to make sure he was showing people what they could do while they were shopping at Manaira. The hotel was attached to the mall and it made it easier for people to do their best if they were looking at different things. Manaira continued to make sure people were getting more out of the shopping, dining and even entertainment experience. Roberto Santiago wanted people to realize the mall was the best and it was part of what made things so good for different people who were shopping there.


As long as Roberto Santiago was continuing to improve Manaira, he knew there would be things he could do to benefit everyone. He was sure there would be new options and people could see the difference in the things that were going on. He also knew others would have a chance to experience more based on the opportunities they had. It was how Roberto Santiago was making sure things would work and part of what allowed him to be the most professional person possible. Roberto Santiago likes to give people the things they need no matter what they are looking for.


Will AI Replace Conversion Rate Optimization Consultants?

What is clear today is that AI is not likely to endanger many jobs for now, but it will have a significant effect on others. AI is not about being able to write a convincing marketing email. However, machine learning does have the benefit of quality feedback for marketers.

For instance, algorithms have proven themselves quite useful for optimal product pricing. Besides that, they are quite good for being able to target audiences that are likely to click on ads or forecast sales.

AI and Conversion Rate Optimization are the Perfect Fit

One area that machine learning has excelled is conversion rate optimization. Most marketers usually have a tough decision to make after doing A/B testing. However, with machine learning, a website is able to tweak itself in a manner, which is optimal.

Today, there are companies out there that offer AI-based CRO. One of the leaders in this area is Sentient Technologies, which launched a product in September 2016. According to Sentient, their AI solutions are able to mimic biological evolution, which enables them to learn, adapt, and react in a way that is beneficial for you.

The case studies it has published on its site are compelling. One of the companies that have used its products is Cosabella, an underwear brand. The AI was able to do A/B testing that would have required a marketer to conduct 160 tests. When Cosabella used the AI, it was able to increase conversion by 35%.

What is the Future of the Conversion Expert?

No doubt this type of AI technology will eliminate a lot of the stress that goes into conversion optimization. As marketing tech giants consolidate and the growing sophistication of e-commerce site will mean more marketer turn to AI solutions. For one, it will be more economical than hiring a data scientist to do the work.

Although technology can be able to conduct more tests than a human can, the final solution of what to use will come down to a person with analytics experience. Machine learning can only help when used in conjunction with a marketing expert.

However, it will help to eliminate the donkey work and give them more time to design changes that will be tested by the AI. Thus, it would seem that marketers will play a lesser role in optimization, but it will still be a crucial role. AI is just a more powerful tool that will give them a competitive edge. Learn more about Sentient at

Don Ressler’s contributions to the growth of Fabletics

Many individuals who buy athletic wear have always been interested in acquiring products that both fashionable and high quality. Don Ressler, a renowned entrepreneur in the fashion industry, founded Fabletics in 2010 after noticing that companies that were in the athleisure wear business were unable to fulfill the dynamic needs of the consumers. The firm is currently committed to offering American women products that are trendy, functional, affordable, and quality. The primary approach that the businessman and his partner, Adam Goldenberg, have been using involves satisfying the specific needs of the clients. They also noticed that women need to have products that make them feel comfortable, active, and sexy.


Ressler and Goldenberg approached Kate Hudson to assist them in establishing Fabletics. Hudson is a famous actress, and therefore, she was chosen to act as the face of the company. She is an attractive and confident woman, and this makes her very appealing to the clients. The actress serves as the ambassador and spokesperson for the brand. The two entrepreneurs chose Kate as their partner in the business due to her experience in media and ease to interact with the consumers. She has contributed significantly to enhancing the reputation of the firm.


The Fabletics’ co-founders had a problem developing products that were fashionable and functional when they were establishing the company. Many manufacturers of athleisure wear have not grown in the markets due to their inability to overcome this challenge. Ressler and Goldenberg managed to build the enterprise due to experience in the fashion and digital marketing industries. Fabletics currently has an outstanding online presence and reputation that has enabled it to prosper in the competitive sector. The delightfulness of Kate Hudson has helped Fabletics to attract thousands of new subscribers to its online platform every day.


The fashion enterprise’s e-commerce platform is unique since it involves subscriptions and also offers remarkable discounts. Its clients can either apply for regular or VIP membership. VIPs pay $50 per month, and they are offered goodies such as reward points, free shipping, and different gifts. New subscribers are required to provide their personal information to the company’s stylists through a quiz that they answer when signing up. This information makes it easy for Fabletics to offer clients products that are customized to satisfy them. The excellent customer service approaches of the fashion company have helped it grow despite the stiff competition in the sector. Fabletics currently generates millions of dollars annually.

How Mathew Autterson Has Contributed To The State Of Colorado Over The Years

Matthew Autterson is both the president and chief executive officer of CNS Biosciences, Inc., a company that was established in 2013. His company was founded by Dr. Scott Falci and it is a biotechnology company which specializes in neuropathic pain drugs. Its clinical research is in both early-stage and clinical stage drug development. Their goal is to help those with neuromotor disabilities both interact with and control their environment leading to better quality lives.

For several years Matthew Autterson was the managing partner of GL3B Partners Limited, LLP which invests in marketable securities, privately held companies, and real estate. He was with this company for over 16 years and was highly successful in developing partnership assets during his time here. For 19 and a half years prior to this he was with Resources Trust Company and became the company’s president in 1986. Like the other companies he has worked with this company is located in the state of Colorado. During his time with this company it underwent a series of acquisitions and for a time it was called SunAmerica. Eventually, SunAmerica was acquired by the giant financial firm AIG in 1998 in a $18 billion deal.

Matthew Autterson is a graduate of Michigan State University and earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and general business in 1979. He also attended the University of Denver and graduated from their tax program. After graduating he started his professional career at First Trust Corporation and left after three years in order to join the company that eventually was named Resources Trust Company.

In addition to his role at CNS Biosciences, Matthew Auterson sits on the Board of Directors for Falci Adaptive Biosystems. He has also been on a number of nonprofits boards including the Denver Zoo, the Webb-Waring Foundation, the Denver Zoological Foundation, and Denver Hospice. In the past he was members of both the World Presidents Organization and the Young Presidents Organization.

One of the nonprofit that Matthew Autterson has been most involved with over the years is the Denver Zoo. For 10 years he was both on their board and served as the vice chairman of finance for this organization, lending his extensive experience in this field. He was also involved with The Denver Hospice for 15 years during which time he was heavily involved in their mission to help those who find themselves needing hospice care.


Equities First Holdings: The Pied Piper Of The Stock Market

Equities First Holdings (EFH) financial business is lending money, a world leader in the marketing of alternative lending strategies. EFH has been in operation for fifteen years. It has made more than 700 loans, has lent more than one billion dollars (USD), which makes EFH the leading provider of stock-based loans.EFH has offices in Australia, Hongkong, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, China and the United States, whose offices are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.EFH has expanded the number of offices worldwide, relocating its Melbourne office to be more accessible to its clients.Equities First Holdings has two other Australian offices in Sydney and Perth.

EFH has developed, at first blush, a counter-intuitive industry of lending money taking stock as collateral. Stock-based loans, of course, are not conventional. Most of EFH’s clients enjoy a non-recourse loan. These unrestricted stock-based loans provide capital for any purpose, professonal or personal reasons.It should be stressed the EFH imposes no strict rules for borrowing limits or loan payback. There are people, who would benefit from EFH’s stock-based loans.Individuals who need capital fast, find EFH stock-based loans attractive, providing high-end solutions. Where conventional lenders run away from economic crises, EFH, like first responders, moves towards financial crises, providing capital.

EFH, whose clients have money problems, have big dreams, seemingly only risking the value of their stock, with no margin calls.EFH is the classic believer in the stock marker, playing the percentages, selling its sock-based loans, betting that the market will increase in value, which it has dramatically done.It appears that a client in need, who owns some stock, with some value, will receive an EFH stock-based loan. The irony is that EFH is trusted, not taken for granted, who treat their clients as a member of the family, who have rich uncles.

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Tony Petrello’s Career Highlights

Anthony Petrello, also known as Tony, served as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries, the largest land-based contractor in drilling, for two decades. In October 28, 2011, Tony became the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Anthony also served as the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd from 2003 through June 2012. In 2012, Anthony was appointed as the Board’s Chairman. Anthony Petrello is also the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. which is one of his goals to help the community using the skills and knowledge gained throughout the years.

Anthony Petrello is a learned individual with two degrees. His first degree is a J.D from Harvard Law School. He also attained Master’s degrees in Mathematics from the University of Yale. Due his leadership experience and acquired management skills, Anthony has managed to be appointed to work in board memberships of other big companies. Not only is he a board member of Texas Children’s Hospital but also Stewart & Stevenson and Hilcorp Energy Company. Additionally, another major achievements Tony made was being the highest paid CEO in America. Nabors Industries Limited has developed several innovative strategies under Anthony Petrello’s leadership.

Despite Anthony’s career, he also knows how to play his role as a father. He loves his family and does the best he can to ensure that he creates time for them. Anthony and Cynthia (his wife) have a daughter, Carena, who was born with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). PL is a disease that affects infants. The disease is caused by lack of sufficient oxygen flow to the brain. Carena is eight years old but she has surprisingly managed to learn how to chew solid food. Carena is still struggling to learn how to walk and talk.

To support Carena and many other children like her, Tony and Cynthia decided to work with the Texas Children’s Hospital. They do this to make sure that these children learn how to perform basic tasks among others so that in future, they will reach their potential. Tony and Cynthia believe that Carena is the reason for their strength and that at the end of the struggle, she will conquer all odds. Tony demonstrates how we can turn a challenge into an inspiration to become stronger than before.


John Goullet Steers DIVERSANT to Become the Best Cutting-Edge IT Staffing Solutions Provider

John Goullet is IT staffing expert and an entrepreneur. John began his career as an IT consultant before transiting to IT staffing. He started his IT Company, Info Technologies in 1994. John Goullet is an Ursinus College alumnus where he received his bachelor’s degree and masters in computer science. He applied his excellent understanding of market trends making the company one of the Best IT staffing solution provider. Under his leadership the firm was named number eight on Inc. Magazine list of 500 fastest growing enterprises in U.S. His leadership excellence proved useful as within the first five years, the company was worth $30 million. In 2010, DIVERSANT, LLC was formed after Info Technologies merged with Diversant Inc.

Goullet at DIVERSANT, LLC.

Currently, John Goullet serves as the principle of DIVERSANT, LLC., which is a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). It is also the top African-American owned IT staffing firm. Under his leadership, the company has undergone one of the most rapid growth rates in the IT industry. DIVERSANT offers a broad range of IT staffing and assortment products including IT staffing augmentation, direct-hire, and innovative diversity solutions. The products and services provided by the company are based unique understanding of policies with the aim of fulfilling the needs of their affiliates, clients, and community.

In his current position, John Goullet helps businesses in acquiring the appropriate IT talent. This is done through thorough vetting procedures to identify the best talents to meet the needs of their IT clients. DIVERSANT also helps in matching talents with appropriate enterprises, where their expertise can be effectively utilized. Today the high-profile entrepreneur strives to establish new innovative ways of meeting the challenges of the ever-changing IT industry.

Interview with Ideamensch

John starts his day at the gym at 6 am, and heads to office by 8 am. Reading and observing the market trends has been helpful in bringing ideas to life. He states that there is a shortage of IT professionals and this makes IT professionals have high demand. John believes that the future of DIVERSANT is bright because of the increasing demand for technologists and increasing contribution of IT to the GDP. He advises entrepreneurs to look at the best competitors and emulate them to become successful. He also hints at the significant opportunities in the service industry that technology companies should consider.


Who Is Jason Halpern?

When you look at the name Jason Halpern, it’s fairly common and is probably the name of many individuals who reside in the U.S. If you dig a bit deeper and narrow down the search you will most likely see that there is one guy with this name that stands out from all else. In this case in particular, Jason Halpern of JMH Development is the man of the hour and has the limelight all to himself.

The Jason Halpern of this article is a Founder and Managing Partner for one of the nations top real estate development firms. He’s a “third generation” generation developer from a company that has more than five decades of managing and constructing a high amount of properties across the country, especially in The State of New York. This stellar track record of success has made (JMH) become the premier real estate developer in New York alone.

Jason Halpern stands out from his peers because he has a unique way of visioning his projects. A lot of due diligence and plenty of respect is what he goes by instead of just focusing on the end result. This respect of character has given him a “key to the city” kind of pass as he’s developed in many of the most prominent cities historic districts. Historic Districts are no easy task since they’re rather particular and hold a lot more value in the public’s eye. Jason Halpern has led JMH Development through the acquisition and building process of numerous landmark buildings. Respect is something that is earned and not just given to as Mr. Halpern closely abides by this sacred unspoken rule.

Mr. Jason Halpern is somewhat a “jack of all trades” (in-a-sense). As success as he may be, this guy still finds time to give back. He’s a natural philanthropist at heart and has donated much of his personal time to charitable sources. The Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center is a big recipient of Mr. Halpern’s charitable actions as it specializes in open heart surgery, the reattachment of limbs, and many more complex medical procedures. He’s also initiated workplace charity through (JMH) and it’s partnership with “Global Water Non-Profit Charity” and it’s $20,000 in capital for every signed contract. This effort has brought clean water to over 650 Nepalese and Ethiopian locals. Whether it’s in business r personal life, Jason Halpern is making a different in the lives of many people and places.

Kenneth Goodgame Has Created A New Shopping Space At True Value

Kenneth Goodgame is the senor VP at True Value who is also the CMO. He serves as the chief merchandising officer because that it how he helps the company become more profitable. He knows that his company has to have a different image if they want to be set apart from other companies, and he knows that he can help the company have a look that defies the odds of other companies in the industry.

These companies are making things very complicated by making their companies a lot larger than others. There are many things that people want when they come to True Value, and Kenneth Goodgame knows that he can put the same number of products in a smaller space. People can comfortably walk around the space as they shop, and they will not feel overwhelmed. The shopper can meet with the friendly staff, and they can talk to them about what they think they should buy.

Someone who comes to True Value has to be sure that they have walked around to see the rustic style of everything. The store looks like it came from another age, and it will make it easy for people to be sure that they can find what they need. They want to save money when they come to the store, and they want to have a very soft and fun experience. The experience itself is very nostalgic, and that is why people need to come to see their friends at True Value.

Kenneth Goodgame has done a very good job helping people who are in need of assistance with their shopping. He has merchandised every True Value store very well, and he has shown people that there is another way to shop. His expertise in the field has made a big difference at True Value.

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The Influence of Adam Milteim

The Jerusalem Post recently named philanthropist, activist, leader, co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Council Adam Milsteim to its Top 50 Most Influential Jews. The list not only names those it considers to have done the greatest good in the past and affecting the benefits in the present, but also looks to who has the most potential to affect positive change in the future. Adam Milstein has been placed #39 on this list. His exemplary leadership of the Israeli-American Council is not is only outstanding work in a prominent Jewish organization.

He has also worked tirelessly for StandWithUs, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbra Fellowships, Birthright Israel, Stand By Me, and AIPAC National Council. In addition, along with his wife, Gila Milstein, he runs the Milstein Family Foundation. This organization seeks to aid needy Jewish families and to further empower Israel. One of the ways it works the most to achieve its ends is to seek to help drive and inspire the next generation of Jewish Americans. You can find more information about this worthy organization at Milstein has a lot of great company on the list. He joins such heavyweights on the list as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; U.S. Senator Charles Schumer; Supreme Court Justices Ruth Ginsburg and Elena Kagan; philanthropists Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Ron Lauder, Lynn Schusterman, and Matthew Bronfman; Jewish leaders Natan Sharansky and Malcolm Hoenlein; and entertainers Gal Gadot and Sarah Silverman.

In his acceptance speech, Milstein said that he was very humbled to be placed on a list alongside such people of such high caliber. His rise to prominence has been gradual. He first attended the University of Southern California, graduating in 1983. After graduation, he entered the commercial real estate industry. He made his fortune by partnering with the extremely rich David Hager to create a real estate giant worth around $1 billion today. With Hager’s help, he began this massive operation of revolutionizing the entire U.S. real estate industry. This gave Milstein the funds he needed to pursue his philanthropic passions. It was at this point that his star for Jewish American causes began to rise.

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