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The Career of LaunchPad Holdings CEO Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the current founder and CEO of a software company called LaunchPad Holdings. He founded the company in the year 2015 and has built it into one of the more innovative companies in the software industry. Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton with a degree in economics and finance. After finishing up his college degree program, he would then begin his career by working in a number of business development positions. Wakeman worked for a number of well known companies such as GE Capital. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at Crunchbase.

During his career, Wakeman has been an expert at helping companies grow. During his career as both a mentor and an entrepreneur, Glen would help build companies in to enterprises with over 17,000 employees and earning over $15 billion in assets. This helped various companies reach their full potential in terms of development, growth and overall success. Along with helping companies grow, he has also provided guidance to a number of start up companies, organized mergers and acquisitions, and entered companies into new markets. The keys to his success have been things such as execution of plans, governance, human capital, leadership and also managing risks.


With his experience as both an investor and business executive, Glen has been in position to share much of his knowledge with the masses. He regularly puts together blog posts about a number of topics such as international fiscal issues, emerging markets, managing companies and also overall business strategy. Along with providing blog posts about management and international finance, Glen Wakeman also provides mentorship and aid to a number of C level executives. He also provides counseling to companies such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. With his help, Glen has been able to assist these executives in running highly successful companies as well as enhancing their professional development. Visit to know more about Glen Wakeman.

Boraie Development and the Upcoming Free Movies

According to New Jersey Stage, free series has returned, and the sponsor is Boraie Development. The movie series will include six movies. For the first time in history, State Theatre will host historic free movie watching. The images will be of the high quality. When saying high quality, it means HD quality. According to the, this is the one and the only opportunity for all you people to watch their best movies for free.

If you have been looking for a movie, but you lack money, do not worry much. Free State images will be projected from the best projecting system. If you do not have a ticket, it time you go for one. You can get the tickets for free from the theatre office located at 15 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick NJ. Theatre tickets are now available. The showings will be 10:30 am or7:00 pm. In addition to that, you can watch the live presentation from different groups.

Boraie is believed that it was started in 1986. It is estimated as one of the biggest company with many employees, and it earns the highest revenue. Being a private corporation, it is best in that category. It is the fast class accommodation facility that many people admire to stay. This is a working dream of Omar Boraie. Boraie Development LLC is named from this famous man called Omar Boraie. Boraie is the man who had a goal of running a project in New Brunswick. He wanted the project to be done the same way he witnessed it done in Europe. This project will have 238 rooms in this block. These rooms will act like homes for people to stay.

All the above services are given by this excellent company called Boraie Development LLC. This is the best company in providing all types of sales services, and real estate matters. In addition to that, Omar has another dream of building Albany Street Tower. If this project is finished, people will enjoy their life living here and even work. All the earning which was going out to other companies will now come to New Brunswick.

With a hardworking and dedicated team, Boraie gives best customers services that you can never forget. This accommodation will hold all types of people like doctors. This accommodation will call for many people from out to come and stay here. The many people in return will improve the economy of New Brunswick and make it grow bigger and bigger.




Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes Bradesco To Greater Heights Of Success

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has cultivated decades of experience in learning, understanding, and excelling within the business culture of Brazilian bank Bradesco.

He is currently their CEO and has served in this capacity since 2009 when he succeeded Márcio Cypriano. Trabuco, as he is called most often, has developed a vast array of financial skills which he learned at various posts of executive leadership within the company. He has cultivated financial acumen with their Marketing, Pensions, and Insurance divisions in his long running career.

Trabuco’s path of growth and development within Bradesco led him to their Insurance division, which he led from 2003-2009. Here, he achieved spectacular results for them as he substantially increased revenues which contributed a significant portion of the company’s overall profits. During his tenure as the head of Insurance, Bradesco consolidated their market leadership position in Brazil and in Latin America. Twice he was honored for outstanding performance when he was named as the Insurance Personality of the Year. His time spent leading the Insurance division was marked with success and earned Trabuco serious consideration for the top spot of CEO.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco began his career with Bradesco as a clerk in his hometown of Marília. This was where they were founded and Trabuco served here for two years beginning in 1969. This enabled him to gain valuable front line experience with customers and to see banking in its most basic form. After this time, he transferred to the company headquarters in São Paulo, where he embarked upon a path of continual development and growth in financial skills.

The University of São Paulo was where Trabuco received his higher education and he obtained a degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. It was not the usual path of someone aspiring to go far in the profession of banking and finance. However, it has worked out really well for Trabuco and Bradesco as his financial skills are extensive and sophisticated.

The time that Luiz Carlos Trabuco spent as the leader of Bradesco’s marketing efforts was notable for one important reform that he implemented. For the first time in the history of Bradesco, they allowed for publicity campaigns and a relationship with the financial press. Prior to this modernization from Trabuco, they hadn’t had any contact with reporters. This has helped increase the branding of Bradesco and improved their name recognition among the public.

A corporate university is another innovation put forth by Luiz Carlos Trabuco. This occurred when he assumed the duties of CEO and its purpose is to develop the next generation of leadership for Bradesco’s continuity and renewal program. Worthy individuals who showed potential for the achievement of advanced banking skills were promoted and given a greater voice within Bradesco. Trabuco and other high executives helped determine those candidates who were required to have a plan of action and a strategy in going forward.

Market leadership is a key concern for Bradesco and just before Trabuco took the reins of leadership they had lost their position in the top spot. For a time, other growth patterns were emphasized. Improving customer service in the local communities that they were based in and focusing on organic growth were two methods that Trabuco used to reorient Bradesco. This brought them through the Great Financial Crisis and its aftermath until a better opportunity presented itself.

In 2015, Trabuco and Bradesco rocked the world of Brazilian finance when they acquired the national branch of HSBC. With this success in hand, Bradesco re-entered the fray for market leadership and Trabuco was honored as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance by DINHEIRO. Trabuco continues to faithfully lead Bradesco.

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George Soros Crusades for Equality

The United States has a lot of problems with equality right now. While some people thought that the idea of an equal nation was something that was solved many years ago, those who are in minority groups know that this is not the case. They struggle with the issues that are associated with different things in their lives and that has made it harder for them to make things better for their own lives and with the families that they are struggling to raise. While George Soros is actually a billionaire, he is doing a lot to help these people because he associates with their situations. He knows that things will always have the ability to get better and that people can try to do different things so that they will have more enjoyable lives. It is something that has made it easy for people to understand the right way that things are going to be able to fix themselves and George Soros is behind all of it. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

When the Washington Times published information about what George Soros was doing in Ferguson, they were talking about the opportunities that he had and the options that they were able to see make a difference for different people. George Soros knows the way that people are able to get help and he has donated a lot of money to protestors who are trying to do things the right way. He wants them to be successful and is confident that he can help them with all of the issues that they are going to have while protesting.

The Politico site also published information about George Soros. They saw that he was helping Clinton and knew that he would have something to give to her campaign. They knew that he would have to start showing himself again as a donor if he wanted to do this and they were looking forward to him making things better for everyone. Since George Soros did all of this, he was trying to show people what they could get out of certain situations and what they would be able to gain from the experiences that they had. Learn more about his profile at

When George Soros first made sure that he was helping people out, he had a lot of money to spend. He has made even more money since then and now has even more money to spend on the things that he is working toward. He hopes that his money will be able to help people more than he was able to do in the past so that they can get all of the options that they need. George Soros is planning on making the nation a better place for all of the citizens.

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Equities First Holdings: The Pied Piper Of The Stock Market

Equities First Holdings (EFH) financial business is lending money, a world leader in the marketing of alternative lending strategies. EFH has been in operation for fifteen years. It has made more than 700 loans, has lent more than one billion dollars (USD), which makes EFH the leading provider of stock-based loans.EFH has offices in Australia, Hongkong, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, China and the United States, whose offices are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.EFH has expanded the number of offices worldwide, relocating its Melbourne office to be more accessible to its clients.Equities First Holdings has two other Australian offices in Sydney and Perth.

EFH has developed, at first blush, a counter-intuitive industry of lending money taking stock as collateral. Stock-based loans, of course, are not conventional. Most of EFH’s clients enjoy a non-recourse loan. These unrestricted stock-based loans provide capital for any purpose, professonal or personal reasons.It should be stressed the EFH imposes no strict rules for borrowing limits or loan payback. There are people, who would benefit from EFH’s stock-based loans.Individuals who need capital fast, find EFH stock-based loans attractive, providing high-end solutions. Where conventional lenders run away from economic crises, EFH, like first responders, moves towards financial crises, providing capital.

EFH, whose clients have money problems, have big dreams, seemingly only risking the value of their stock, with no margin calls.EFH is the classic believer in the stock marker, playing the percentages, selling its sock-based loans, betting that the market will increase in value, which it has dramatically done.It appears that a client in need, who owns some stock, with some value, will receive an EFH stock-based loan. The irony is that EFH is trusted, not taken for granted, who treat their clients as a member of the family, who have rich uncles.

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Tony Petrello’s Career Highlights

Anthony Petrello, also known as Tony, served as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries, the largest land-based contractor in drilling, for two decades. In October 28, 2011, Tony became the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Anthony also served as the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd from 2003 through June 2012. In 2012, Anthony was appointed as the Board’s Chairman. Anthony Petrello is also the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. which is one of his goals to help the community using the skills and knowledge gained throughout the years.

Anthony Petrello is a learned individual with two degrees. His first degree is a J.D from Harvard Law School. He also attained Master’s degrees in Mathematics from the University of Yale. Due his leadership experience and acquired management skills, Anthony has managed to be appointed to work in board memberships of other big companies. Not only is he a board member of Texas Children’s Hospital but also Stewart & Stevenson and Hilcorp Energy Company. Additionally, another major achievements Tony made was being the highest paid CEO in America. Nabors Industries Limited has developed several innovative strategies under Anthony Petrello’s leadership.

Despite Anthony’s career, he also knows how to play his role as a father. He loves his family and does the best he can to ensure that he creates time for them. Anthony and Cynthia (his wife) have a daughter, Carena, who was born with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). PL is a disease that affects infants. The disease is caused by lack of sufficient oxygen flow to the brain. Carena is eight years old but she has surprisingly managed to learn how to chew solid food. Carena is still struggling to learn how to walk and talk.

To support Carena and many other children like her, Tony and Cynthia decided to work with the Texas Children’s Hospital. They do this to make sure that these children learn how to perform basic tasks among others so that in future, they will reach their potential. Tony and Cynthia believe that Carena is the reason for their strength and that at the end of the struggle, she will conquer all odds. Tony demonstrates how we can turn a challenge into an inspiration to become stronger than before.


Jason Halpern: Art Imitation Life

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

When it comes to developing some of the most extraordinary works of art, JMH Development sits firmly at the top of many peoples lists. This is one of the leading real estate development firms in the nation and it’s long list of satisfied clients are a true testament of it’s success. The New York based firm has done work across the country more specifically on the eastern seaboard. Affluent areas such a Miami, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, New York have all been blessed by this company. Company founder and managing director Jason Halpern is a class act. The forty-something individual has the perfect taste for real estate development and he uses his expertise for each and every project. Halpern just has a knack for turning ideas into a reality and his weapon of choice is JMH Development.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

The Aloft South Beach. What more can you say about this winner as it is one of Miami South Beach’s best hotel. Formerly the “Hotel Ankara,” JMH Development transferred this classic dwelling into a modern day masterpiece. Jason Halpern used his profound knowledge to retain the hotel’s beautiful art deco architecture. This is just one of his many talents also. Staying true to the natural design of the exterior, (JMH) brought the hotel back to life, but in a more modern way. It’s interior is modernized to the fullest with numerous 21st century updates such as an outdoor pool, 24 hour fitness center, convention room, roof deck lounge, and many more prominent features.

Jason Halpern: with Production

JMH development is setting new trends, changing the status quo, and it’s raising the bar even higher than before. This is new-age real estate development at it’s finest and Jason Halpern is the overseer of it all.

Adam Milstein Bags the Award for Best Giver in the World



For years now, Adam Milstein has garnered prominence for being an avid philanthropist. Just recently, Milstein managed to hit the headlines in the same category of the world’s best givers. He bagged the award for Most Influential Doers of Good across the world. Reporters branded him the leading philanthropist at a social event for entrepreneurs in London. The result was compiled by Richtopia and the social media ranking system. Based on his skills on social media influence towards philanthropy, Milstein ranked 187 on the nominee’s list. He has been the co-founder of Israeli American Council, IAC for years as well as a leader in many Jewish foundations and organizations.


Some of these foundations include StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships and the Coalition of Israel on Campus. Giving his appreciation speech at the event, Adam said that his work as a philanthropist is one of the best things to have happened to him since the commencement of his career. He was elated to be honored with the award among the many leaders who were present in the event. Milstein appreciated his wife Gila and all organizations he had previously worked with towards the same course of giving back to the society.


Family Foundation


Under Adam’s leadership, the family foundation promotes the mission of charity through two pillars. One of the cornerstones is supporting the Jewish community and the people of their homeland. The other pillar is embracing the principles through active philanthropy. The two pillars equate to the same project geared towards funding charity with the aim of positively impacting on the lives of people. The foundation continues to strengthen Jews through the coalition of the state of Israelites. The Milstein Foundation operates by strengthening Jews by igniting their pride, origin and empowering the next generation.


About Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein is a prominent Israeli real estate investor. He is famous for his acts of charity in the society of Jews. Adam is also a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. His roles in the company include overseeing financial disposition as well as accounting. The company capitalizes in acquiring, reforming and re-positioning office as well as multi-family properties.