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An In-depth Look Into Nick Vertucci and his elegant Real Estate Academy

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) is a leading real estate education institution. It was started in the year 2013 by Vertucci as a way of training other people to be successful in real estate. After succeeding in real estate and becoming a millionaire, Vertucci vowed to use his knowledge and skills to impact on the lives of aspiring real estate entrepreneurs. He developed an educational program that would bring solutions to all challenges associated with a career in real estate. Vertucci’s program teaches people how to succeed in real estate using the same approach that he used to succeed.


The academy has been a big success, and so far hundreds of graduates have completed the system. Most of the people who have gone through the NVREA education system have already made significant progressive steps in the real estate industry. The success of the Academy so far has made it the most sought-after real estate investment program in the country. The NVREA team of Industry leaders helps students learn crucial tricks on securing deals, working on them, and profitably selling the finished project. Some important skills that students learn include asset protection, funding of investments, rehabbing properties, selling properties, flipping properties, and the securing of contracts. The NVREA team is dedicated to helping all students achieve unparalleled success.


About Nick Vertucci


Nick Vertucci is a leading real estate investor in the country. He grew up in an average family and ventured into business soon after school. His success story is inspiring for at some point in his life he was almost making no income from his computer spare parts business. Things were initially thick, and he faced a lot of competition, almost giving up the business at some point. However, through determination and hard work, he managed to flip a debt into a multi-million real estate business. Today he stands out as a successful businessman who has handled numerous real estate projects.


The turning point in Nick Vertucci’s life was after he attended a real estate training seminar. The speaker inspired and motivated him not to give up. He also provided insight on the booming real estate industry. After almost a decade of researching and learning the basics of this industry, Vertucci dived into it in full force. After several challenging projects, Nick Vertucci got a grip on the industry and made tremendous progress. Since then, things have never the same again. Vertucci’s philosophy is simple – he believes that your past does not dictate your future.

David Giertz: Leading the Financial Frontier

Financial advisor David Luther Giertz is helping bring to light the importance of financial advisors providing their clients with information about social security. Due to the many rules and regulations involved with social security many financial advisors may shy away from the responsibility of discussing retirement with clients because it may seem intimidating and confusing to take on the task. However, Giertz encourages advisors to inform their clients to the best of their abilities because in doing so both parties stand to gain. By educating clients about the importance of social security and planning for retirement advisors become more qualified and competitive, and clients are able to plan for their future more effectively. As people reach the age of retirement there is an increasing urgency to be prepared and strongly qualified advisors can be of great service.

Since 2013 David Giertz has been the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. and has had about 31 years of experience in the field. Prior to working for Nationwide, Mr. Giertz was employed by companies, such as Citicorp Investment Services, Financial Horizons Securities Corporation, and The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. Giertz has an extensive background in the world of business and finance, having received his Bachelor’s of Science from Millikin University Giertz went on to receive his MBA from the University of Miami.

David Giertz is currently operating with Nationwide Investment Services Corp. in Dublin, Ohio. And even more impressive, Mr. Giertz is registered to provide his services in about 18 states throughout the U.S. Having been certified as a broker by the Financial Industry Regualtory Authority clients can know that he is a reputable businessman providing them with quality service. After having had so much success in his field it is safe to say David Giertz will continue to produce and bring value to many of his clients.

Basic Sanitation and Quality of Life in Brazil to Improve with Government Concessions

Working in close coordination with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development(BNDES), the Brazilian government may soon introduce concessions aimed at improving the sanitation levels for the people of Brazil. Trata Brazil is one of the organizations with an interest in making this project a reality.


The Director and President of Trata Brasil, Edson Carlos had much to say about the adjustments that needed to be enacted before the project could begin. Most of the adjustments that need to be made in this plan have to do with the administration, structure and resources involved. Felipe Montoro Jens is another expert on infrastructures who was there to comment as well. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, there is simply too much being wasted in the current system that needs to be addressed before changes or improvements can be made


According to the statistics held by Edson Carlos, only 90% of the country has full sanitation services and about 70% of this is being provided by the state providers. Edison hopes that the well-funded and technologically advanced private sector will be able to show the stateside how to employ cutting-edge techniques as they work in unison toward a shared vision.


Edison explained that the BNDES is formulating an actionble plan for the state they are serving, these will be based on information gathered from their sector. With this the plans will be able to adapt the purpose they are serving.


Felipe Montoro Jens was also enthusiastic about the ideas, saying “perhaps the path to reduced waste and better efficiency is through higher technology and improved process”. Felipe Montoro Jens has worked as the head of various important organizations and gained an high level of skill in the area of infrastructure.


At the moment, Felipe Montoro Jens is the head of the Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. but he has also served as the Director of Santo Antônio Energia S.A. and various companies as well.

The Government’s Plan On Improving Sanitation: Felipe Montoro Jens is Leading the Charge To improve on sanitation in Brazil,

To improve on sanitation in Brazil, the government has announced that it will be making concessions, this will be through a partnership with BNDES. Mr. Edison Carlos who is the current president of Trata Brasil did grant an interview in which he speaks more about the important points of this initiative. He does believe that the provided services will have to undergo through some improvements which will better the resource areas, management, and the structural areas.


Almost 90% of basic sanitation services in Brazil is handled by the public sector, of which 70% of these users end up being served. To avoid this, the private initiatives should not be designed to exclude the publics; however, they can be focused on assisting them since the collaboration with the government will work better. Mr. Edison does believe that the government bodies have more power when it comes to providing the required experience which can easily be leveraged by partnerships with other companies.


The main role of BNDES will be formulating action plans which will be designated for the states being served. To see this through, the company will be aimed at conducting surveys; these will assist in understanding the current conditions of these states thus identifying the required resources all over.


The Interviewee, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens


Apart from being interested in the infrastructure, Mr. Felipe is a finance professional. Through this, he can aid his clients in ensuring that he has secured their interests. More so, he is a head of several companies in which he has been at the forefront to ascertain their growth.


Some of these companies include AC Energia S.A., where he does serve as the executive officer, Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 2 and Sur Tramo 3 S.A., where he also serves as the executive officer, Concessionaria Travase Olmos, amongst others.