Bruno Fagali Secures Your Business’s Integrity

Bruno Fagali is a Manager of Corporate Integrity, with a great deal of legal experience. Mr. Fagali manages the leading advertising firm in Brazil. Bruno Fagali is a member of the Law and Ethics Business Institute. He specializes in litigation for Compliance, Electoral, Anticorruption and Public Law matters.

Bruno Fagali has a Master’s degree in State Law, which he earned from USP. Bruno Fagali specializes in Administrative Law, certified by both FGV and PUC. Part of Bruno Fagali’s specialty is focused on Public Administrative control, specifically to prevent improper actions on the administrative level.

The advertising agency known as Nova/SB, creates and services communications across Brazil. They stand out from the other businesses by focusing their services to be in line with the community’s desires on an individual level. They are the first agency in Brazil to focus on CIP, or the communication of People’s Interest, as their primary focus. They apply this expertise to all of their advertising campaigns. They are considered to be one of the more respected and valued advertising agencies in Brazil. They maintain a complete line of services including production and media, all from their firm located in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

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Their newly established Corporate Integrity initiative communicates directly to the ministry of Transparency, as well as to the Control and Supervision divisions. They’re the first firm of their type, to create such a code of conduct that is in line with the laws of anti-corruption. They’re in fact, the only Brazilian company that has been invited to take part in marketing contests, achieving both national and foreign recognition. Bruno Fagali is in charge of maintaining the company’s good standing and is assured of his job security for a 24 month period.


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