Bruce Jenner Getting Sued

Bruce Jenner has recently become the most popular transgender person that has ever lived. Bruce announced his monumental revelation to the world on April 24th, 2015. Bruce was interviewed by Diane Sawyer, and his story made people cry worldwide. However, after the interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner was involved in an extremely devastating car accident with a female driver.

Bruce Jenner’s SUV slammed into the woman’s car, and the woman was announced dead at the scene of the accident. Many people have not heard this story, but Bruce Jenner is actually getting sued because of the situation. Sadly, Bruce Jenner was quoted as saying some extremely hurtful things about the woman’s stepchildren according to lawyer Mikal Watts.

TMZ recently reported that step-children of the deceased woman are suing Bruce Jenner. However, Bruce recently said that the step-children do not deserve squat, and he will gladly go to court with them. Kardashian fans are completely shocked with Bruce Jenner’s statement, and many people feel that he should pay millions of dollars to the woman’s children.

Bruce Jenner is a multi-millionaire, and now the family has to live without their mother because of Bruce’s action. There are also rumors that Bruce Jenner was texting during the accident. However, the rumors haven’t been confirmed just yet, and a judge will decide if Bruce Jenner needs to pay up.

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