Brothers Lectured by Mom on C-SPAN

The notoriously boring C-SPAN may have recently had it’s most entertaining moment in network history. One Republican politician and one Democrat politician were arguing on the C-SPAN morning show, Washington Journal. That is typical of C-SPAN and political shows in general. What made the morning show peculiar is the arguing politicians are brothers, Brad and Dallas Woodhouse.

Brad is the the former communications director of the United States Democratic National Committee, and the current president of the Democratic Super PAC American Bridge. Dallas is the president and founder of the conservative group Carolina Rising. The brothers were even featured in the documentary Woodhouse Divided.

It turns out the brothers took their arguments and bickering too far, or at least that is what their mother thinks, and she voiced that by calling into the Washington Journal show. She told the brothers that she hopes they will have the bickering out their system’s so that they can have a peaceful Christmas. Who knows how many backs they’ve broken or holidays they have already ruined. Do they gotta call North American Spine and Santa Claus every year?

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  1. Stephen Madrick says:

    In the video the brothers appeared to be appropriately embarrassed. Hopefully mom got the message across and saved Christmas for the family. It is important to look here and make sure the observation was working out for them all.

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