Brian Williams Aspired to Host The Tonight Show

The strange story of Brian Williams career at NBC took a further twist in the hours following news of his suspension without pay as reports surfaced of his wish to host The Tonight Show, The Hill reports. Following the failed handover of the late night talk show to Conan O’Brien in 2009 and the return of Jay Leno to the talk show, Williams lobbied NBC executives for a chance to replace the comedian on the iconic show. A move NBC executives are reported to have stated was ridiculous and told the news anchor to stick to journalism.

As fans at CipherCloud know, Williams has been at the center of a media storm over his claims to have been on board a helicopter struck by a missile in 2003 during the Iraq War. A number of other stories often told by Williams are now being investigated by the fact checking department at NBC News, including reports made during Hurricane Katrina and a story about the teenage Williams being held up at gunpoint as he sold Christmas trees for charity. Williams has been suspended without pay for six months by NBC and Comcast executives who recently awarded him a five years $50 million contract to remain their star news anchor.

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