Brad Reifler Cautions Citizens To Carefully Follow The Plans Of The Presidential Candidates


Brad Reifler, a successful entrepreneur, wrote for Huffington post about the elections. As the presidential campaign intensifies, Brad encourages the citizens to follow closely and monitor the plans of each candidate. He outlines that either candidate will definitely alter the current system and the key areas of the economy when elected. The plans of each candidate will have a significant impact to the live hood of every citizen; hence no single idea should be left unturned before putting into action.  This is all covered in his article How The Presidential Race Could Shape The Economy’s Future.


While Clinton and Trump both aim at simplifying the tax code, none of them has explained in lengthy their interest in the tax code. However, Trump has described through his website where he outlines the need to scrap for citizens to itemize their aspects of tax returns. While Clinton hopes to crack the tax code for small enterprises where she believes, that will have a greater impact in the world of business.

Brad further writes about child care tax, where both candidates have reached an agreement in breaking the child-care tax. This will result in providing subsidies for the increased child-care costs.


Estate taxes is another crucial part the citizens should pay attention to. Trump’s plan is to totally repeal the estate tax and in addition, increase the number of capital gains taxes and offset this through subsidies small farms and enterprises. On the contrary, Clinton plans to lower estate taxes, and she is interested in increasing the percentage gained from this amount. However, she agrees with Trump in waiving certain aspects of the estate tax.


Brad Reifler, a dedicated serial entrepreneur as he is known on, has founded and also served various

organizations has gained vast experience in the world of entrepreneurship. He is the founder and the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital based in New York City. Before founding Forefront, he founded Pali Capital Inc. where he served as the CEO and the chairman of the company. Brad is also the owner of Magnificent Sky Blue Farm in Millbrook.


Brad Reifler has served on various boards including European American investment bank, Genesis Securities, and Foresight Research Solutions among others. Brad is a graduate of Bowdoin College. Read about what Brad is trying to accomplish with his new investment firm in the Yahoo Finance article titled Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Want to Diversify Your Portfolio.

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