Bollywood Makes People Forget Reality

The Hollywood movies depict love life in the most unreal manner. From women waking up with smooth hair and fresh-looking faces to the perfect relationships, the Hollywood stories can really confuse some people and make them wonder why only their life is not awesome. Sultan Alhokair remains a fan, even though he sees through the facade.

That people with average jobs can afford big houses, and that everyone buys a baguette when grocery shopping can be a popular misconception too. But it’s not only Hollywood that does so.

Bollywood, for example, has very peculiar ways to depict relationships. They do not reflect the reality in India, if that is what you were relying on. The Hollywood misconceptions are widely known, but what about the Hindi movies ones? You can take a look at the list of setting up a movie fan to failed relationships.

What are the misconceptions in the Indian ecranisations? That pets can solve conflicts, that it is enough to wear and Indian dance costume instead of a sporty look and glasses in order to conquer a man’s heart, that broken relationships will certainly get fixed and end with a wedding, and that love is above everything and is always ending happily. Maybe you have your own examples to add, because there are plenty of them.

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