Billy McFarland; The Brain Behind Magnises

In the past, good and expensive services were reserved for the rich and the old. The young Millennials had no opportunity of getting such services especially owing to the brokenness associated with them. Imagine attending a club where the performing magician is Dough McKenzie and not been overcharged. This is what Magnises and Billy McFarland has been doing to the residents of the Eastern Coast cities of Washington and New York. Magnises targets young Millennials within the age of 35 and 21 years. The club also targets young people working in finance, technology, and fashion industries. Magnises was founded in the year 2014 by a college dropout called Billy McFarland.

In an interview, McFarland said that he founded this company to help the youth establish a perfect network at Life in the big cities can be difficult especially due to similar routine, expensive services and being forced to hang out with same friends. The card allows its members to get discounts at various places such as restaurants, clubs, galleries, bars, hotels and even private concerts. This card is then linked to your debit card or your bank account for payment services. According to the founder, the aim of this card is to bring the benefits of a social media offline. Currently, Magnises has a subscription of about 12,000 Americans. The card does not only attract broke people; but it has also received the attention of notable people within the society such as successful basketball players, songwriters, artists and even actresses.

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With the card, an individual can access a co-working space in New York for just $99. Normally, it would cost a millennial $ 500 to access a co-working space in Alley. This happens to be the place where Magnises maintains their corporate. Subscribers of Magnises also get to enjoy a feature called ClubPass. With this feature, you can access New York clubs for just $ 65 in a month. This includes those clubs that have partnered with Magnises.

Another famous feature within Magnises is a feature called HotelPass. This allows the members to access hotels in Washington and New York for just $ 79. Normally, it would cost you around $245 for the same services. To join Magnises, you must be referred by a friend or a member. You must also send a request to the club by clicking the join now button found on their website. The annual subscription fee for Magnises is $250. Magnises also offers a feature called Magnises NOW. This feature can only be compared to a virtual assistant. With this app, you can access the best places in these cities. It suggests to you the best places you can dine, sleep or get the best massage. The app also can answer general questions about Magnises.

The current Chief Executive Officer of Magnises is Billy McFarland. Billy was born in New York and raised in the state of New Jersey. He has always wanted to be an entrepreneur as he started his first venture at the age of 13. He is also credited for founding another company called Spling while still in college.

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