Bill Murray Jumps Out Of Cake For Dave Letterman

Well the time has finally come, and Dave Letterman has officially hung up his hat to say goodbye to his long time running show in which he hosted. Just to keep things interesting, the shows producer Ray Lane ( found a new way to get the attention of viewers and to bid a proper farewell to the loved and respected comedian and host.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the final episode of The Late Show concluded with the hilarious actor Bill Murray jumping out of a cake. After all, could anyone really expect anything less? This has been a extremely iconic part of television for so many years and there is no more fitting person than Murray to get the job done. The reason for that is Bill Murray was also Letterman’s very first guest back in 1982, so it was awesome to come full circle.

The article also included a video clip of it happening, and many people were thoroughly amused with this. Even though it is sad to see Letterman go off and begin a new chapter of his life, people can rest assured that Stephen Colbert will not let them down when he takes over this September.

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