Biggest Loser Under Fire Again

The hit show The Biggest Loser is back in the news again. A few weeks ago a former contestant told the press about some behind the scenes, not so great aspects of the show. Such as the coaches fat shaming the contestants, the poor nutrition, and the beyond rigorous work out routines they are expected to complete. Well now the New York Post has an article featuring more contestants revealing more secrets about the show.

Season 2’s Suzanne Mendonca lost 90 pounds on the show however she suffered greatly to reach that goal.  Mendonca also pointed out that the reason you never see a Biggest Loser reunion show is because most of the contestants gained their weight back. As a fan of the show, Fersen Lambranho is disappointed with this news. Check him out on

Season 11 contestant, Rulon Gardner, also had his share to say about the show. In the middle of the season Rulon mysteriously left the show, with the producers not saying much about his absence. Gardner says he left the show because he met his goals but the issue seems deeper than that. He said that while at the Biggest Loser ranch he suffered neck and back injuries but was told had to get up out of bed to work out or face being eliminated.

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  1. Braylee Marlon says:

    Mendonca said that she was reduced to eating baby food, wearing garbage bags to increase her sweating, and sitting in a sauna for six hours a day to increase her weight loss. It also incurs a lot of attention for which might not be that easy for all of them and I know it works very well for all of them too.

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