Bernardo Chua Expands His Wellness Company To Many Regions Abroad

Award-winning global network marketing company Organo Gold strongly believes that spreading the knowledge of their proprietary Ganoderma based products will promote prosperity, wellness, and balance among the lives of prospective customers. Strategically led by Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua, the corporation’s mission is to present premier signature beverages, nutrition, and personal care options to healthy minded individuals around the world. With operations in over forty-four countries on six continents, Organo Gold strives to tailor their offerings to the needs of the average consumer. Most prominently, their sustained footprint in the global marketplace is sustained through highly qualified representatives.

Organo Gold has consistently received recognition for their amazing wellness products. In fact, the company was recently voted as the 55th largest direct selling brand with annual revenues totaling to roughly $215 million. Currently, this extremely lucrative corporation offers a wide array of consumer goods that are classified into four categories: brewing cups, beverages, nutrition, and personal care. Notably, some of their most popular products include G3 Beauty Soap, Spore Powder, OG Smile Set, Green Tea, Black Ice, African Red, Black Coffee, Café Mocha, Raspberry Cacao, Hot Chocolate, Royal Brewed, Rodeo Chai, Colombian Roast, and Caramel Vanilla. These exceptional selections accurately reflect the company’s lifestyle enhancement philosophy.

Organo Gold’s unique wellness mission is also reflected in their drive to reduce medical illnesses by utilizing the herb Ganoderma in their proprietary manufacturing practices. Through advanced technology and natural processes, the company expertly converts a tough, mushroom cap into a fine powder. Remarkably, this evolving procedure occurs at one of the largest certified organic Ganoderma plantations known as Gano Herb Industrial Park. After the process is completed, the powder is blended into gourmet coffee, cocoa, teas, and nutritional supplements. By regular consuming these ingestible products, the customer decreases their risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer, hepatitis, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The company’s direct selling approach has played a role in expanding their wellness philosophy though highly trained independent consultants. Remarkably, their extensive database of approximately 400,000 active distributors has successfully promoted their Ganoderma based products in most regions around the world. While headquartered in British Columbia, Organo Gold is prevalent in a variety of countries such as Ireland, North America, Costa Rica, Norway, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Spain, New Zealand, Kenya, Romania, United Kingdom, Canada, Jamaica, Nigeria, Vietnam, Colombia, France, German, and Hungary. Undeniably, Chua and his team of expert consultants have succeeded in spreading Ganoderma worldwide.

About Bernardo Chua
Bernardo T.Chua is a native Filipino who maintains a portfolio of former multi-level marking experiences. Before launching Organo Gold, he served as a President of Gano Excel U.S.A. during which he was first introduced to Ganoderma.

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