Back To Basics of Online Reputation Management

While everyone knows the importance of business reputation, in modern days, online reputation is what matter most. In fact, the concept of online reputation management is not something new. It started back in 1999 when Epinions provided a platform to post opinions regarding any product or service for anyone in the world to see. Currently, there are thousands of sites doing what Epinions did. Further, many sites have been created specifically for a particular brand, making online reputation more significant than ever.

Online reputation management can be described as managing online brands concerning reviews, ratings, and mentions in online space. Once you see how this influences your business, you should develop strategies that impact your business and optimize them. The rise of user-generated content implies that you will find opinions, ratings, or reviews, which makes it hard to find a brand without a reputation.

According to research, more than 90% of business representative will rate online presence and reviews as one of the most important factors that affect the future of the business. It is no surprise that internet is hugely influencing people buying decisions. For most people, the internet is the most convenient way to explore the world from the comfort of your home, and weighing up opinions of other buyers regarding particular products and brands.

Successful online reputation management can benefit a business venture in some ways. It improves marketing strategies and materials. For business, satisfied clients review become a valuable marketing resource. Reviews are social proof, which profoundly influence buyer’s decision and behavior. Online reputation does not only allow you to track positive reviews, but it accords an opportunity to disseminate and share positive reviews as a widely as possible. Experts recommend that positive feedback should be shared across different social networks, and displayed on brand’s website.

Online reputation management can be a crucial source of more informed operations planning. Feedbacks from products and servicers users allow you to get inside their mind, and discover critical issues from clients’ point of view. Moreover, it a source of useful competitive intelligence, monitoring online feedback from your establishment and your competitors allow you to find where you have competitive advantages that you would promote in yours marketing content.



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