Avaaz – A Civic Organization

Avaaz is a civic organization that is based in the United States of America. The organization promotes global activism on the issues relating to conflict, poverty, corruption, animal rights, climate change, and human rights. Perhaps, it is the powerful and largest online activist network in the world. Also, the name Avaaz means voice in several Asian, European, and Middle Eastern languages.
The organization was launched in 2007 with the democratic mission of empowering millions of people across the world. The community also campaigns using 17 languages, a core team consisting of 6 continents, and hundreds of volunteers. The actions taken by Avaaz include funding of media campaigns, the signing of petitions, and organizing of offline protests. The organization also goes to the extent of calling, emailing, and lobbying governments. This is to ensure that the values and views of people are used for effective decision making.
The organization was co-founded by Ricken Patel who is the current Executive Director and President. Other co-founders include Australian entrepreneur David Madden, Jeremy Heimans, Tom Pravda, and Tom Perriello who is the former Congressman of Virginia. Avaaz does not rely on donations from corporations or foundations but from the generosity of the individual members. Some of them even managed to raise more than $20 million.
Furthermore, the global campaigns of Avaaz are managed by teams consisting of campaigners from more than 30 countries, including Brazil, Lebanon, India, and the UK. The campaigners talk to members through email and employ campaigning methods including the use of online videos and online public petitions. Alternatively, Avaaz uses commissions’ legal advice and advertisements for clarification on how to move the best campaigns forward. These are achieved through methods such as media-friendly stunts, phone-ins, rallies, and sit-ins. Members also give suggestions regarding the best campaign methods, which are supplemented by the guidance of the specialists in civic study.

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