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Admirable Success of Michael Terpins as a Rally Driver

Michel Terpins is a passionate, dedicated, and experienced rally driver, who continues to excite many of his fans. He recently participated in the Sertoes Rally, where he and his rally partner, Maykel Justo managed to win two of three stages. This pushed them into the top of the accumulated category, 4th in the overall competition, and among the top 5 in terms of speed throughout the competition. They remained relentless in the competition despite the challenges that they faced.

Their vehicle developed some mechanical issues in their third stage of the race, in between Aruana and Santa Terezinha de Goias. Consequently, this slowed them down as they could not receive mechanical assistance by the end of the day. Since the rear suspension and the gearbox were compromises, Michel Terpins could not accelerate as this would have totally wrecked the vehicle and their chances of winning. It is only through his experience and skills that he was able to judge the gravity of his situation and the best remedy for it.

Michel Terpins started off his rally career in the year 2002, when he participated in the motorcycle category of the Rally dos Sertoes grid. He has continued to evolve over the years, having sailed with Rodrigo Terpins, his brother, in the cars. He has, however, progressed in his piloting to the point where he has stood out in vital stages of Cross Rally Championship in Brazil. His dedication has definitely paid off and the future is bright for this rally enthusiast.

Michel and his brother are so passionate about the sport that they initiated the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. They have managed to race for four seasons, using their T-Rex which were developed by MEM Motorsport. It is not easy to excel in such sports if you are not disciplined, especially considering the immense preparation that goes into winning a race. However, the motivation among the brothers kept them going as their love for speed saw them compete in various Rallies. The Rallies that they participated in were the Sertoes Rally and the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship.

EOS Lip Balms and Fantastic Fruity Flavors

A brand called eos (Evolution of Smooth) is responsible for the rise in popularity of natural lip balms everywhere. If you visit drugstores all over the United States and beyond, you can barely walk into the beauty and personal care sections without noticing eos lip balms. Customers appreciate these natural beauty products for a variety of reasons. These lip balms, first and foremost, are natural and devoid of harsh ingredients that can be off-putting and uncomfortable. These balms make the lips feel soft and smooth all day and night long. They even appear in a vast range of delicious and delightful flavors. Customers are often fed up with lip balm brands that only offer one or two flavor choices. That’s the reason eos has been taking the lip balm world by storm in recent years.

There are numerous exciting lip balm category options available to eos enthusiasts. Shoppers can choose between “visibly soft,” “organic,” “organic stick,” “medicated,” “active” and “shimmer” lip balms, go to These lip balms are rather self-explanatory. Shimmer balms can make the pout shine and sparkle in an attractive way. Medicated balms, on the other hand, can be perfect for people who have lips that are prone to unpleasant and unattractiveness dryness and rough flakes.

Flavor options run the gamut as well. If you’re in the mood for a natural lip balm that’s reminiscent of a juicy and refreshing sweet dessert, you may want to go for strawberry sorbet. Additional info here. If you’re craving a dessert flavor that’s even sweeter than that, you may want to opt for vanilla bean. Other beloved lip balm flavor choices include honeysuckle honeydew, sweet mint, summer fruit, vanilla orchid, hibiscus peach, pink grapefruit and lemon twist. These tastes can be excellent for people with all kinds of preferences. The brand’s balms have extremely wide reaches these days, shop here at


OSI Group Continues to Scale Globally

OSI Group is a food and meat processing company that has an impressive history that spans for over ten decades. The firm started as Otto & Sons, a meat market and small butcher shop in Chicago, USA. Today, OSI Group has scaled globally with over 65 locations and partners across the world. Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Focused on sustainability, green practices, and food safety, Sheldon Lavin intends to use strategic market-focused methods to grow the company further. OSI Group’s recent exponential growth includes several acquisitions.

OSI Group started to scale globally in 1995 after being selected as McDonald’s first hamburger supplier. As of 1973, Otto & Sons had opened a facility dedicated to serving McDonald’s. Shortly after coming aboard in the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin became a partner of the Otto & Sons. As the company continued to experience rapid growth, Mr. Lavin helped it to get to the global scene. In 1975, Otto & Sons rebranded to OSI Group. In the fall of the 1980s, OSI Group expanded into Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, Spain, and Australia. Besides, Mr. Lavin led OSI Group through its initiative of opening additional plants in the United States. As the 1990s passed, OSI Group expanded into China, Poland, Philippines, and Mexico while continuing to beef up its production in the United States.

Upon the arrival of the new millennium, OSI Group shifted its focus on poultry, opening plants in several continents. OSI Group delved into acquisitions in the 2000s after venturing into the fresh produce market through an acquisition in China. Its acquisition in Australia consolidated its presence in the beef industry. In 2006, OSI Group became interested in an American poultry company in an attempt to meet growing demand. In 2006, OSI Group solidified its presence in Japan by opening a beef production company. It has recently expanded into Canada and India while opening several meat processing plants in the United States. Through its global network, OSI Group is well positioned to meet growing demand as it continues to scale globally.

In the 1970s, OSI Group would still consolidate its presence throughout Europe and North America. It began its expansion to Taiwan and South Africa in the 1980s followed by expansion to Japan, Australia, and China. That helped to consolidate its presence in the European and Brazilian market.

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Make The Switch To Financial Today

There are thousands of bank patrons who are tired of standing in long lines to cash their check on Friday. Are you a bank customer looking for more ways to maximize your paycheck? NexBank offers services that are unmatched by local competitors and offers extended services to their online customers. Their financial institution continues to grow with over 140,000+ additional online customers. PRN Newswire has labeled them one of the largest growing Texas financial chains in the industry. John Holt, their dedicated CEO and president, says, his focus is their personalized account holders while focusing on commercial and investment accounts.

At a recent Texas Banker’s Association Annual Strategic Opportunity Financial Conference, Holt was the keynote speaker and has raised over $2.4 million dollars in common equity. His expert leadership skills contributed to the the raise in equity. NexBank continues to be backed by $40 billion dollars in assets. There website has a list of services and promotional offers that can customize your banking experience. Relax knowing you can talk to the ones you love 24/7 without the threat of navigating a new account on your own. Join the thousands of customers who trust the NexBank name for reliable banking services.

Oncotarget: Taking the Lead in Scientific Information

Since time immemorial, the scientific world has always been driven by research and development. Despite this truth, it is still difficult finding credible sources for your scientific research. Not anymore! Oncotarget, a weekly peer review journal founded in 2010 seeks to change this by making credible scientific information not only accessible but also free for all.

It is an online publication that was founded by the chief editor Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny alongside his colleague Andrei V. Gudkov and sort to address the area of oncology. The two senior editors who are also top researchers when it comes to the field of cancer and aging sort to provide credible information on the subject of oncology that would not only help in research but also improve the living standards of individuals. The success of this online publication, however, saw the editors include additional section to their publication including immunology and microbiology, autophagy, gerotarget, Chromosome and Cell Death to name but a few and read full article.

Oncotarget publication has been quite resourceful in a number of ways. First, it has contributed to the growth of scientific information by making the work of accessing information less complicated. Unlike in the past, you can now easily find the information you are looking for in a faster and easier manner through the Oncotarget’s website. Secondly, it provides researchers with a platform to share and have their research published. Once your research findings pass the credibility test, you will only pay a little fee to have your findings published and learn more about Oncotarget.

So far, the progress made by Oncotarget is quite recommendable. Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny a key figure in the oncology world and the leading editor of this publication has made sure that his readers settle for nothing short of quality. In addition to leading the team of editors, he has also contributed towards the information build up by authoring more than 250 journals that can be found on the Oncortarget’s website. Arguably, some of his famous works include Cell Death Differ, Cancer Res, Autophagy and Cancer Biol Ther and Oncotarget on Facebook.

As we continue relying on scientific information and data to combat some of the world’s chronic conditions, we can always count on the continued commitment of Oncotarget publication to get us to our destination and Oncotarget’s lacrosse camp.

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An In-depth Look Into Nick Vertucci and his elegant Real Estate Academy

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) is a leading real estate education institution. It was started in the year 2013 by Vertucci as a way of training other people to be successful in real estate. After succeeding in real estate and becoming a millionaire, Vertucci vowed to use his knowledge and skills to impact on the lives of aspiring real estate entrepreneurs. He developed an educational program that would bring solutions to all challenges associated with a career in real estate. Vertucci’s program teaches people how to succeed in real estate using the same approach that he used to succeed.


The academy has been a big success, and so far hundreds of graduates have completed the system. Most of the people who have gone through the NVREA education system have already made significant progressive steps in the real estate industry. The success of the Academy so far has made it the most sought-after real estate investment program in the country. The NVREA team of Industry leaders helps students learn crucial tricks on securing deals, working on them, and profitably selling the finished project. Some important skills that students learn include asset protection, funding of investments, rehabbing properties, selling properties, flipping properties, and the securing of contracts. The NVREA team is dedicated to helping all students achieve unparalleled success.


About Nick Vertucci


Nick Vertucci is a leading real estate investor in the country. He grew up in an average family and ventured into business soon after school. His success story is inspiring for at some point in his life he was almost making no income from his computer spare parts business. Things were initially thick, and he faced a lot of competition, almost giving up the business at some point. However, through determination and hard work, he managed to flip a debt into a multi-million real estate business. Today he stands out as a successful businessman who has handled numerous real estate projects.


The turning point in Nick Vertucci’s life was after he attended a real estate training seminar. The speaker inspired and motivated him not to give up. He also provided insight on the booming real estate industry. After almost a decade of researching and learning the basics of this industry, Vertucci dived into it in full force. After several challenging projects, Nick Vertucci got a grip on the industry and made tremendous progress. Since then, things have never the same again. Vertucci’s philosophy is simple – he believes that your past does not dictate your future.

Robert Ivy: Supremely Talented Architect, Writer And Editor

American Institutes of Architects CEO and executive vice president Robert Ivy, has won numerous awards for his contributions to architecture and journalism. They include the 2009 Crain Award, the highest recognition an individual involved in American Business Media can receive. Ivy also received the 1998 McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. He was also named ‘Master Architect’ by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. Robert Ivy is one of only 7 people to be so honored in the 100 year history of the organization.

Before pursuing a career in architecture and journalism, Robert Ivy graduated cum laude from The University of the South with a BA in English. He also attended Tulane University where he earned a masters degree in architecture. He then became a principal with Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy from 1981 to 1996. During that time he also worked with many national magazines as a critic. Robert Ivy became Architectural Record’s editor-in-chief in 1996. In the years he spent there, Architectural Record became the most widely read architectural publication in the world.

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With editorial leadership from Robert Ivy, Architectural Record won the premier award for magazine journalism, the National Magazine Award for General Excellence from the American Society of Magazine Editors. This garnered attention because it is unusual for a professional journal to earn such an achievement. Under Ivy’s leadership Architectural Record also earned more than 25 Jesse H. Neal Awards and 7 Ozzies: Folio Design Awards. In 2008, the publication also won the Website of the Year: Enthusiast Award from MPA Digital.

After leaving Architectural Record, Ivy became McGraw-Hill Construction Media’s editorial director and vice president. That put him in charge of a host of publications. They included SNAP, GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, ENR, Architectural Record: China, Sweets, Constructor and HQ Magazine. Robert Ivy was so well respected he was on the panel which decided architect Frank Gehry should be the one that designed the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

A Design Futures Council Senior Fellow, Robert Ivy is the author of a biography of American architect and Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice Fay Jones. Published in 2001 and currently in its third edition, ‘Fay Jones: Architect’, which showcases the architect’s work received effusive praise from the Art Library Society of North America. They described it as representing ‘the highest standards of scholarship, design, and production.’ It’s just another example of Robert Ivy’s prodigious talent.

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Boraie Development and the Upcoming Free Movies

According to New Jersey Stage, free series has returned, and the sponsor is Boraie Development. The movie series will include six movies. For the first time in history, State Theatre will host historic free movie watching. The images will be of the high quality. When saying high quality, it means HD quality. According to the, this is the one and the only opportunity for all you people to watch their best movies for free.

If you have been looking for a movie, but you lack money, do not worry much. Free State images will be projected from the best projecting system. If you do not have a ticket, it time you go for one. You can get the tickets for free from the theatre office located at 15 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick NJ. Theatre tickets are now available. The showings will be 10:30 am or7:00 pm. In addition to that, you can watch the live presentation from different groups.

Boraie is believed that it was started in 1986. It is estimated as one of the biggest company with many employees, and it earns the highest revenue. Being a private corporation, it is best in that category. It is the fast class accommodation facility that many people admire to stay. This is a working dream of Omar Boraie. Boraie Development LLC is named from this famous man called Omar Boraie. Boraie is the man who had a goal of running a project in New Brunswick. He wanted the project to be done the same way he witnessed it done in Europe. This project will have 238 rooms in this block. These rooms will act like homes for people to stay.

All the above services are given by this excellent company called Boraie Development LLC. This is the best company in providing all types of sales services, and real estate matters. In addition to that, Omar has another dream of building Albany Street Tower. If this project is finished, people will enjoy their life living here and even work. All the earning which was going out to other companies will now come to New Brunswick.

With a hardworking and dedicated team, Boraie gives best customers services that you can never forget. This accommodation will hold all types of people like doctors. This accommodation will call for many people from out to come and stay here. The many people in return will improve the economy of New Brunswick and make it grow bigger and bigger.




Meet Alexandre Gama: The Man Behind Neogama Agency

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian born businessman and founding CEO of Neogama Agency. He was born in 1958 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. The 59-year-old entrepreneur is popular in the Brazilian communication and advertising industry.


Mr. Gama graduated from FAAP (Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation) with Advertising and Propaganda honors. The academic qualification formed a great scaling step to his advertising career.


Career Path

His career began early immediately after college. In 1982, Mr. Gama worked at Standard Ogilvy Agency as a copywriter before moving to DM9 in 1990. He worked as a copywriter here for 4 years. In 1996, he served as the Vice President and active partner at Almap BBDO. In the same year, he also served as the CEO and President of Young and Rubicam Group.

He left the organization in 1999 to create his own brand, Neogama agency. At the agency, he has taken huge administrative steps to scale the agency to be among the top 20 most popular and influential Brazilian media brands.

Besides his activities in the communication and advertising industry, Gama has an impressive record in the music industry. He’s the founder of the famous VIOLAB project. This is an acoustic guitar instrumental related music project that includes a recording studio, radio program, a Youtube channel, and a recording label that promotes the music of top Brazilian acoustic guitar players and musicians.

Gama is also a member of the prestigious Global Creative Board (GCB). GCB is a Publicis Groupe composed of 6 global agency leaders tasked with creation and planning of new initiatives in the creative industry for the company.


Alexandre Gama’s career path has been a competitive and successful one. After founding Neogama Agency, Mr. Gama has been a respected and influential media figure in Brazil and beyond. His contributions go further than the advertising sector.

Preparing For Your Visit To Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening provides high-level medical testing at the convenience of the patient and at very competitive pricing. Many people in our society are reluctant to go to the doctor on a regular basis for number of reasons, but they leave themselves vulnerable to conditions they take for granted. They mostly feel that if they are not having any symptoms they are going to be OK.

Unfortunately this is a flawed philosophy as most of the dreaded medical conditions we face get their start in our bodies with little to no symptoms. This is where Lifeline Screening shines, as the tests and screenings that are provided are of top quality and are the very same types of procedures that used in hospitals and medical testing facilities.

There are many screenings and test that are primary in finding indications of potential medical issues. Ultrasound is one method of looking into the body and “seeing” what is going on. For example it is possible to see the blood flow in arteries, assessing possible blockage, arterial flow in relation to cardiovascular issues, and measuring the bone density to check for osteoporosis.

A few drops of blood from a finger prick tells medical experts what your cholesterol level are as well as your glucose levels pertaining to diabetes, and the levels of your liver enzymes which tests for liver disease.

It is easy to work with Lifeline Screening as you can set up an appointment for just a day or two in advance which is much more convenient than most medical appointments nowadays. When you set your appointment you will be given instructions on how to approach your tests. For more info about us: click here.

If you are having a blood test you will probably be asked to fast for a period of 6 to 12 hours ahead of time, but be sure to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Be sure and dress appropriately by wearing loosely fitted clothing. Women should wear slacks with a loosely fitted top. Men can wear trousers that are comfortable with a sports shirt. You may be asked to lift your top for certain tests, such as ultrasound, but at no time will you be asked to disrobe.

Once you are finished with your screenings, you will be given a summation report which you can take to your doctor for further evaluation.