Attorney Dan Newlin and His Law Offices

When people run into trouble, lawyers come in handy. Over the years, the law offices of Dan Newlin have played a central role in serving and protecting its clients over personal injury and accident claims. Attorneys specialize in particular areas of operation with the view to standing out among fellow attorneys.

The career of Attorney Dan Newlin started at his tender age of 20 years. He started out as a law enforcement officer working at New Chicago. His achievement in the law enforcement agency saw him work at the Indiana Police department as well as at the Fire department. As he rose through the ladder of success, Newlin was offered a position at the office of the Orange County Sheriff, which was located in Orlando, Florida. There, he served for 10 years as a dedicated and committed officer. He earned immense respect and recognition for his contribution to the service.

At the County Sheriff, Newlin worked in different departments. Some of the departments he worked at are the auto theft section, the narcotics enforcement agency and in the police department. While working at the detective section of the fugitive unit, Newlin was quite instrumental in apprehending hundreds of dodgy fugitives. In addition, he received various awards for exceeding his call of duty. The United States Marshalls later on recognized his outstanding service for the law enforcement agency.

When he was done with serving in his capacity at the enforcement agency, Newlin passion to attend school forced him to make application to different universities. He was accepted to the Florida State College of Law to study law. In the year 2000, he graduated from the college and was issued with a license to practice law in both Illinois and Chicago. Newlin has made a name for himself as an injury attorney. To date, he has managed to recover over 150 million dollars for the various accident as well as injury victims.

In order to popularize his law offices, Newlin has been embracing technology using hash tags. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin serves the whole of Florida and Illinois. It is imperative to note that 18 competent and experienced attorneys, who have been employed by the firm, extend personalized legal services to the public. These attorneys have specialized in different fields and their working together brings out the best from the law offices of Dan Newlin. His firm focuses largely on personal injury, medical negligence, wrongful death, criminal offenses and different forms of accidents.

Dan Newlin and his qualified team at the Law offices are quite competent in handling injury and accident claims. The consultation is free and should people have trouble, they should not hesitate to call Newlin’s law offices. Over the years, Newlin has acquired massive experience in the field besides winning million-dollar recoveries for accident and injury victims.

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