Arthur Becker Steps into Real Estate World

Arthur Becker is in the process of his first solo development project at 465 Washington Street. The eight unit luxury condo center has expected revenue of over 52 million dollars. Previously, Becker ran the Navisit, a web-hosting company, until 2010 when they sold the company to Time Warner Cable for $230 million. After that, he ran Zinio the publishing platform. He has since delved into real estates in the New York and Florida areas by financially backing people like Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney.

Becker, due to his love for art and history, has a collection of African country currencies. Some of these are over a millennium old and he has his favorites reproduced as sculptures. Two of these sculptures are set to be portrayed in the Capital Properties commercial building in Boston. Becker attributes his interest in currency sculptures back to his days in the financial industry when he was involved in banking. His “cash cow” sculpture is a good example of this, as it is literally a cow made out of dollar bills. Due to his interest in the future, he also likes to incorporate magic 8 balls into his sculptures. He has plans for an art exhibit in June at one of the Sullivan Street townhouses.

Arthur Becker has been involved in a variety of interesting investments. He takes them all as a learning opportunity, including the time he was convinced to invest in a macadamia nut farm. They eventually sold the nuts to Mrs. Fields cookies for $10 million.

Currently, Becker is the managing member of the investment firm Madison Partners LLC. This company is focused on real estate and Bio Tech ventures. He attended the Bennington College and had a mixed major of photography and ceramics. He then attended Dartmouth business school and began his extensive line of work by relocated 18th century American houses.

Becker was also the senior advisor at the Vera Wang fashion many for seven years. He is now focusing on his real estate career and art line that is related to currency. Becker is heavily involved in finance, tech, and art and uses these interests to propel himself into the world of real estate and design.

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