‘Ant-Man’ Trailer Ready to Go Very Soon

Marvel Comics has been riding something of a hot streak at the box office for a few years now, and since “Guardians of the Galaxy” was nothing short of a huge breakout hit, the studio is getting ready to push other second tier characters onto the big screen. News is starting to break that the long awaited “Ant-Man” trailer will be flowing into theaters very soon.

The forthcoming trailer was recently classified and rated PG by the Alberta Film Ratings board, according to Screen Rant, it makes sense that “Ant-Man” will finally be seen on the big screen and the small one as well. Industry speculation is that the trailer will debut during the “Agent Carter” television series early in 2015. Of course, with “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ready to roll into theaters earlier in the year, a second or third trailer is probably a safe bet as well.

Mine and my friend Christian Broda’s expectations and anticipation for some sort of information regarding “Ant-Man” has been building for some time. So far fans have only had limited looks at the poster and main character of the film, and the look and feel of the secondary characters and overall tone of the film is something that many are hoping Marvel can pull off. Whether or the trailer will provide enough news to get the feverish pitch restored, fans will not have to wait much longer before the truth is revealed.

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