Andrew “Andy” Wirth is a man of action and position. He is not only the current President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley California…but he has also just recently been elected as Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. These positions alone speak for themselves; they are not achieved by ‘just any one’ in our life time.

They require years of steady patience, hard work, perseverance, and a unique love for creativity in enjoying the flourishing of a particular company and its people. That is what Mr. Andy Wirth has acted upon and accomplished thus far; there is still more to come! I believe in the power of what one individual alone can accomplish….especially when he or she is committed to a cause.

Now tell me, then, with such circumstances involved….what is really and truly IMPOSSIBLE? NOTHING is, I say! Nothing at all is impossible!

Among other achievements, Mr. Wirth has just recently derived and announced—and put into action—a most brilliant and unique strategy & plan, as of this very last year…which has been well implemented and received. This further gives testimony to the greatness and potential of this one excellent man of business and his organization! Let me further explain what was proposed and implemented.

On April of 2015, it was publicly announced that Mr. Andy Wirth had every intention of connecting two special ski areas and adding a gondola base to them….enhancing effectiveness, creativity, and good, clean fun all in one run!

A base to base gondola would thus allow a few more unique opportunities to skiers. Now who would think of that, if not for someone with the love of skiers and a true working knowledge & passion for the ski industry itself as a whole? That is just phenomenal! Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Want to know more about this great man? Well, I’m glad you asked! You see, Mr. Wirth has not only been busy within his arena of the particular ski resort in which he serves. No, no…but far more! He co-founded the Wounded Warrior Support effort, and assists environmental organizations in Lake Tahoe.

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