Admirable Success of Michael Terpins as a Rally Driver

Michel Terpins is a passionate, dedicated, and experienced rally driver, who continues to excite many of his fans. He recently participated in the Sertoes Rally, where he and his rally partner, Maykel Justo managed to win two of three stages. This pushed them into the top of the accumulated category, 4th in the overall competition, and among the top 5 in terms of speed throughout the competition. They remained relentless in the competition despite the challenges that they faced.

Their vehicle developed some mechanical issues in their third stage of the race, in between Aruana and Santa Terezinha de Goias. Consequently, this slowed them down as they could not receive mechanical assistance by the end of the day. Since the rear suspension and the gearbox were compromises, Michel Terpins could not accelerate as this would have totally wrecked the vehicle and their chances of winning. It is only through his experience and skills that he was able to judge the gravity of his situation and the best remedy for it.

Michel Terpins started off his rally career in the year 2002, when he participated in the motorcycle category of the Rally dos Sertoes grid. He has continued to evolve over the years, having sailed with Rodrigo Terpins, his brother, in the cars. He has, however, progressed in his piloting to the point where he has stood out in vital stages of Cross Rally Championship in Brazil. His dedication has definitely paid off and the future is bright for this rally enthusiast.

Michel and his brother are so passionate about the sport that they initiated the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. They have managed to race for four seasons, using their T-Rex which were developed by MEM Motorsport. It is not easy to excel in such sports if you are not disciplined, especially considering the immense preparation that goes into winning a race. However, the motivation among the brothers kept them going as their love for speed saw them compete in various Rallies. The Rallies that they participated in were the Sertoes Rally and the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship.

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