Adam Sender Educates Novice Art Collectors

The education of the next generation is an essential component of AdamSender’s flourishing career. Formerly the hedge fund manager of his renowned
company, Exis Capital Management Incorporation, this prominent
executive seeks to spread the knowledge of his acquired business
skills with members of the art community in the United States.
Essentially, his extensive background in finance and investments has greatly influenced his success as an expert art collector. As a distinguished great workenthusiast, he has the opportunity to merge his seemingly diverseprofessional talents with his current extracurricular fine paintingpursuits. Most importantly, he understands the imperatives of
frequent collaborations among art aficionados and strongly believes
that educating inexperienced collectors will produce the most
rewarding and sustaining results.

Sender’s primary objective is to deliver exceptionally sound advice to promising artcollectors as the tangible knowledge will help with the acquisition ofrelatively inexpensive great works. Nearly every novice consumer will
need additional guidance in their fine painting quest, therefore, he
works closely with these individuals to ensure appropriate purchases
are accomplished. In many ways, selecting reasonably priced artwork is
similar to choosing promising equities because both require logical
decision skills.

Seasoned art collectors often purchase fine prints which complementtheir existing décor and ornate furnishings. Yet, sometimes an individual’s
personality may also play an integral role in a connoisseur’s
meticulous selection. In either approach, art typically sets the
ambiance of a house or office. In addition, acquiring quality great
works may also quickly begin to define a consumer’s life.

For many art enthusiasts, collecting distinguished paintings startedinnocently as a fun hobby or extracurricular activity. However, as
time progressed, the enjoyment of discovering a new piece was
gradually replace with the challenge of accumulating thousands of
interesting great works. According to Sender, he amassed an extensive
portfolio of contemporary art over the course of two decades.
Moreover, he often emphasizes this reasonable time frame when he
guides individuals in their collection journey.

Unlike his peers, Sender strongly believes in sharing his holdingswith a diverse group of art aficionados across the United States. In
fact, just recently, he invited his admirers and supporters to his
North Miami Beach residence where the annual Art Basel Miami Beach
exhibit was held. During this event, enthusiasts from around the world
viewed his elaborate portfolio while simultaneously engaging in
inspiring conversations. In addition, select scholars were escorted toa private brunch reception where individuals were offered an exclusiveone-on-one discussion with Mr. Sender. Throughout their engagement, he
often stressed the importance of logical decision skills which most
often results in sensible artwork investments. This sound advicegreatly influences Sender’s recognition as America’s leading artcollector.

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