Active Dogs Are Healthy Dogs

We often forget that dogs in the wild are movers. They roam, they explore, they sniff, they interact. Many of us leave them alone all day while we go out to our job and then return to find our little buddy bouncing off the walls. He is so wound-up with excess energy at a time when we are drained! If you’re one of the very best dog owners who have the best intentions and try to take your furry friend for a walk in the evening, you may find that his energy level is simply too high for yours and it’s a problem to keep him under control.

There are several things that need to be kept in mind for a healthy, active dog. Proper feeding is, of course, the most important one. A balanced dog food like Beneful by Purina can provide all of the healthy protein plus some vegetables for carbs that can give your dog good consistent energy along with a shiny, healthy coat and overall good health. Choose the dry Beneful food or the wet variety that is canned and comes in different sizes – from diced to large, meaty chunks. Dogs seem to really love the taste of the pork, lamb, beef or chicken variety and mixing up the flavors from time to time can stop them from getting burned-out on one kind of food. The fact that the ingredients are wholesome and full of antioxidants and are also omega-rich will set your mind at ease and the fact that Beneful is flavorful and delicious really makes your dog happy.

Now that your little buddy is fed and happy to see you back at home, he wants to get some good activity in. But you are back to that problem of how to balance his active time with your tired time. A perfect solution to this is a doggy backpack. These come in all sizes and are basically miniature saddle bags that fit across your dog’s back and snap underneath to secure. Putting one on your dog accomplishes several things – it increases his importance immediately! Especially if you put an object of yours inside the pockets of his bag. He knows that he is now responsible for your items and he has an important job to do!

Add a small amount of weight to your dog’s pack gradually. Start off with him wearing only an empty pack around the house, then out on walks. Add a few ounces of something (even rocks or small water bottles).

Being able to walk your dog for 15 minutes with his pack will give him the equivalent of a 45 minute walk! That’s huge for the tired worker who is looking forward to getting off their feet and having a restful evening.

Good healthy food like Beneful from Purina plus good exercise that gives him a sense of importance and a job to do will ensure that your dog has a long, happy and healthy life with you.

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