A Presence Against Amazon

For any clothing company to be successful, they need to be able to find their own way and compete again Amazon. Amazon controls roughly 20% of the fashion e-commerce market and has made themselves a household name. When a company is creating their business plan, Amazon needs to be a factor. Fabletics was up to that challenge.


Fabletics is an athletic wear company that has been in business for just over three years. In their short existence, they have quickly grown into a 250 million dollar company. Their approach to getting their brand out there and selling their products was seen as unconventional. Their approach has paid off and Fabletics is continuing to see growth.


When Fabletics began, they were based entirely online. All of their products were listed on their website, and customers could come to the site to make their purchases. Customers were also able to sign up to be a VIP member of Fabletics. By doing this, customers could set their preferences for what types of products they like. Fabletics would then customize their shopping experiences based on those preferences.


When Fabletics began to expand, they made the decision to open physical stores. With the success they were having with their online sales, opening physical stores was the next logical step. Having physical stores that customers could go to meant more people would have access to the Fabletics brand.


By having many members that were already familiar and loyal to the brand, choosing the locations for the physical stores could be done with research to back it up. They knew where their customers were and what they were buying. The VIP membership gave the company this information and they knew what their customers wanted.


When the first wave of physical stores opened, between 30 and 50% of the customers coming in were already fans of the brand. Most had already made purchases from the Fabletics website and were VIP members. By already having a presence online, customers already knew of the brand and now had another outlet to get the products.


Any company looking to make their mark in the e-commerce world knows the presence that Amazon has. Fabletics knew of the competition Amazon would create but still found a way to be successful. Their approach to the online world was different from most other companies, but it paid off in a big way. Fabletics has seen substantial growth each year, and they are on a path to continue this trend. Being successful in the e-commerce world is possible, and Fabletics is a perfect example of that.

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