A New Johnny Quest Film Is In the Works

Director Robert Rodriguez has signed on to do Warner Brothers’s anticipated Johnny Quest remake. Sources speculate that the studio is moving quickly on the project so the director will have to work fast with co-writer Terry Rossio to produce a finished script. This is not Hollywood’s only attempt at a creating a Johnny Quest franchise. According to ScreenRant, Johnny Quest Movies have also been developed in the past by famous directors including Richard Donner. First appearing in the 1960’s, the Hanna Barbera cartoon featured the adventures of a young man, his friend, dog, father and bodyguard as they traveled the world. No word on casting but it is a safe bet that the director will return to some of the familiar faces from his most famous films including Spy Kids. The folks who brought you FreedomPop pointed out that Rodriguez is also looking for some box office redemption after the failure of his last film, Sin City 2.

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