7 Basic Writing Rules for Wikipedia

The internet has become a gathering place where people can share information. People around the world are able to connect with others who share their specific interests and interact in multiple ways. One of the most effective is to formally write articles about what they know.

Someone who spends their free time studying medieval costume design may wish to network with people who also find this period of history fascinating. Another person may find the world of nature photography absorbing and engrossing. Sharing knowledge of a subject that one feels passionately about can also help people increase their own understanding of the subject.

One of the places that people choose to share what they have learned is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a website filled with articles about various subjects. Most Wikipedia articles have been written by hobbyists who find a particular subject interesting. Writing services like GetYourWiki are also growing in popularity.

A single Wikipedia page may have been written by many people over the course of time or a single soul who cares about something. All Wikipedia pages must be written in accordance with specific guidelines. Each article that is posted on the site must be written according to such guidelines. If the article does not adhere to such guidelines, it may be removed from the site.

Anyone can write an article for the site. All they need to do is use a valid email address sign up. Those who sign up agree to abide by the site’s guidelines and post only articles that match them. A person who wants to write articles for the site should be sure to spend time reading the stated guidelines carefully and closely. The article will need to be written in a certain style and adhere to the stated goals of the site. This includes only posting articles that aim for neutrality and provide facts.

All articles posted on Wikipedia should be written in a specific tone with the aim of making sure that the information provided is accurate and does not follow a specific agenda. Any article must present the facts are presently known about a given subject and not engage in speculation of any kind.

All articles should also ideally have many cited outside sources in order to help the reader verify that the information presented in the article is as accurate and up to date as possible. This will help users write articles that are accurate and helpful to others.

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