3 Reasons Millennials Love Evolution Of Smooth

The All Natural Ingredients

Evolution of Smooth uses natural ingredients in all of its lip balms. Millennials are very socially conscious generation and they want t o buy products that reflect the sort of interests they tend to have. Protecting the environment is a particularly important value for Millennials and they want it reflect that. That appeal to Millennials is behind the success of EOS and separates it from other brands such as Chapstick. There is something about this lip balm that keeps it from turning into just another fad.

The Tech Savvy Brand

Millennials are a tech savvy generation and EOS Lip balm reflects this reality in just about everything that it does. The presence of EOS is nearly ubiquitous with official Evolution of Smooth accounts found on Instagram, Twitter, and just about any other website you can dream of. Marketing in general has shifted towards social media and EOS, a company founded in 2007, is naturally dominating in this domain. Celebrities are constantly taking selfies with EOS lip balms and making the Racked sold brand into something that Millennials will keep with them forever.

Something To Call Their Own

Recently, Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue did a survey of young women. To their surprise they discovered that Evolution of Smooth is one of the most popular brands among young women. The idea of marketing exclusively to young women was a risky one, but it appears that this decision has paid off in the end. Millennials love EOS and identify with the brand as one of their favorites. As EOS advances into new sectors of the personal care industry, this is simply going to increase. Today EOS sells lip balm (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm) but other products could potentially generate more revenue. The future of Evolution of Smooth seems fairly bright. A more detailed information on how EOS started can be found on fastcompany.com.


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