Reno Airport Helps Tahoe Patrons Through Andy Wirth’s Referals

Several years ago the California mountains became very popular because of the 1960 Winter Olympic games. These games were centered around Lake Tahoe and the magnificent snow covered mountains. Because of the Olympics coming to town, the once tiny ski resort Squaw Valley converted to a magnificent resort with over 3600 peaks and tourist every year. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The once tiny ski resort with one ski lift is now home to a conglomeration of lifts and other winter sports arenas. Boogie boards and rubber tubes now crowd some of the mountain slopes but with over 6000 acres of a ski area, there is always more than enough ski slopes to go around.

The slopes are set by experience starting with beginner and ending in advanced. Lessons are available so you can get on the slopes safely.

One of the important people in the Squaw Valley family is Andy Wirth. Andy is the CEO and one of the people that are helping to improve the resort community reputations. Squaw Valley is working alongside Alpine Meadows to provide skiers with one ticket to take on both resort areas. The Merger has been good for both sides.

Andy is one of the first people to let you know what you need to do without messing up your mind. He was recently on Undercover Boss. He did an excellent job. Andy is hoping to help improve the Tahoe reputation while working on the Tahoe airports as well.

Andy Wirth is now the Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport in Nevada. He does a great job greeting and toasting individual accomplishments. He is also working hard to help others see that the winter ski report is going to be nice and sunny.

On a recent skydiving trip, Andy fell and became injured. He fell on a stump in the vineyard which totaled his arm. After a surgery to repair hs lati ss mus muscle and his bicep he became more involved in charities such as the Wounded Warriors.

He is now working to raise money for the Navy Seal Foundation and the wounded warriors. Hopefully, he will run into some good luck and good fortune. Like many other persons in the room. Andy will work hard to keep the memories alive and always talk about the ski Olympics in Tahoe.

Livio Bisterzo, CEO of Green Park Brands, Has produced a product that millennials Love

The market has changed a lot over the years, and coming up with products that trendy Millennials will rave over can be challenging. However, in order for companies to be a success in today’s world, they generally need to be able to attract Millennials and keep them happy. Even though this can be challenging for many companies, Livio Bisterzo and Green Park Brands seem to have done a great job in doing so.

One recent product from Green Park Brands that has really been a hit is Hippeas, which are organic chickpea puffs that come in 6 different flavors: Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar, Pepper Power, Sunshine Sriracha, Happenin Hickory and Maple Haze.

Even though these products of Livio Bisterzon made delicious snacks, they are popular for other reasons, too.  They only include 130 calories per pack but have 4 grams of protein. They also include 3grams of fiber, and both flavors are vegan, gluten-free and kosher. They are diet-friendly for just about anyone, and they come with a pretty great mission behind them as well: Hippeas is actually going to be giving back to Farm Africa as a way of supporting chickpea farmers in eastern Africa.

Read more: @liviobisterzo

For Millennials who are looking for healthy options, Hippeas are sure to be a hit. In fact, they have already brought forth thousands of comments by pleased customers, many of whom fit in the Millennial demographic according to Livio Bisterzo.
Starbucks added Hippeas to its “Grab and Go” options and sells them in more than 7,500 different Starbucks stores.

Learn more about Livio Bisterzo and Green Park Brands:


Back To Basics of Online Reputation Management

While everyone knows the importance of business reputation, in modern days, online reputation is what matter most. In fact, the concept of online reputation management is not something new. It started back in 1999 when Epinions provided a platform to post opinions regarding any product or service for anyone in the world to see. Currently, there are thousands of sites doing what Epinions did. Further, many sites have been created specifically for a particular brand, making online reputation more significant than ever.

Online reputation management can be described as managing online brands concerning reviews, ratings, and mentions in online space. Once you see how this influences your business, you should develop strategies that impact your business and optimize them. The rise of user-generated content implies that you will find opinions, ratings, or reviews, which makes it hard to find a brand without a reputation.

According to research, more than 90% of business representative will rate online presence and reviews as one of the most important factors that affect the future of the business. It is no surprise that internet is hugely influencing people buying decisions. For most people, the internet is the most convenient way to explore the world from the comfort of your home, and weighing up opinions of other buyers regarding particular products and brands.

Successful online reputation management can benefit a business venture in some ways. It improves marketing strategies and materials. For business, satisfied clients review become a valuable marketing resource. Reviews are social proof, which profoundly influence buyer’s decision and behavior. Online reputation does not only allow you to track positive reviews, but it accords an opportunity to disseminate and share positive reviews as a widely as possible. Experts recommend that positive feedback should be shared across different social networks, and displayed on brand’s website.

Online reputation management can be a crucial source of more informed operations planning. Feedbacks from products and servicers users allow you to get inside their mind, and discover critical issues from clients’ point of view. Moreover, it a source of useful competitive intelligence, monitoring online feedback from your establishment and your competitors allow you to find where you have competitive advantages that you would promote in yours marketing content.




Andrew “Andy” Wirth is a man of action and position. He is not only the current President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley California…but he has also just recently been elected as Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. These positions alone speak for themselves; they are not achieved by ‘just any one’ in our life time.

They require years of steady patience, hard work, perseverance, and a unique love for creativity in enjoying the flourishing of a particular company and its people. That is what Mr. Andy Wirth has acted upon and accomplished thus far; there is still more to come! I believe in the power of what one individual alone can accomplish….especially when he or she is committed to a cause.

Now tell me, then, with such circumstances involved….what is really and truly IMPOSSIBLE? NOTHING is, I say! Nothing at all is impossible!

Among other achievements, Mr. Wirth has just recently derived and announced—and put into action—a most brilliant and unique strategy & plan, as of this very last year…which has been well implemented and received. This further gives testimony to the greatness and potential of this one excellent man of business and his organization! Let me further explain what was proposed and implemented.

On April of 2015, it was publicly announced that Mr. Andy Wirth had every intention of connecting two special ski areas and adding a gondola base to them….enhancing effectiveness, creativity, and good, clean fun all in one run!

A base to base gondola would thus allow a few more unique opportunities to skiers. Now who would think of that, if not for someone with the love of skiers and a true working knowledge & passion for the ski industry itself as a whole? That is just phenomenal! Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Want to know more about this great man? Well, I’m glad you asked! You see, Mr. Wirth has not only been busy within his arena of the particular ski resort in which he serves. No, no…but far more! He co-founded the Wounded Warrior Support effort, and assists environmental organizations in Lake Tahoe.

Only She Can Dare Trend the Path

Human life is valuable. Every person has rights that require safeguarding. At times, I look at how much of the rights, we humans beings have, and how much we can freely claim to be our rights and stand astounded. People in power tend to trample upon those beneath them, often undermining them, and not putting their rights into consideration. However, some people are rising against this to defend the fragile and those who lack a say in the community. Let’s focus on Helane Morrison for example;

Helane Morrison
She is a humble lady who has dedicated herself to fighting evils in the society and for women empowerment. She acquired her degree in journalism at Northwestern University and later attended the University Of California School Of Law and worked as an editor-in-chief of Californian law. Later, Morrison worked as a law clerk and then proceeded to work for Court Justice Harry Blackmun. It is while working here that she developed the passion for defending the helpless by more so exposing those that exploited others, e.g. corporates that don’t have the public interest at heart.

Morrison has trended people are afraid to trend, or even know the action to take. She has exposed among others; illegal destruction of audit papers, by auditors working as partners for companies as large as Ernst and Young, and provided the defense to some defrauded senior citizens. Further, she contributed to eradicating insider trading alongside uncovered illicit sale of fraudulent securities to military personnel and spearheaded financial fraud investigations against top-tier Fortune 500 executives who were ‘immune to punishment’. After cleansing the financial and security sector, she realized that women had a little say in leadership, and more like feared taking up the position of leadership. Alongside other women in the Hall Capital Partners, she has embarked ensuring equality in the financial sector leadership, since there are few women making decisions on the corporate level as well as a lot of others shying away from leadership.

She has taken the initiative of sensitizing women, to be great leaders and great corporate decision makers. She currently works at the hall capital partners, where all prominent corporate leaders are female and is sure making a significant impact on women.

Women are great leaders, not only in their homes but are great global leaders, take up the challenge and procure your rightful positions in the corporate world. I am looking forward to seeing powerful women, not only speaking pout but leading others in corporate decision making, among other sectors of the economy.

The Best Ski Resorts on the West Coast

Nevada and California. They may not be the first states that come to mind when someone is looking for a winter escape or a ski resort, but we are here to convince you otherwise. The east coast is no longer the only place where you’ll find inches of white fluffy goodness for hours of fun. Now, the west coast, and Lake Tahoe in particular is becoming the new hot (or should we say cold) spot for avid skiers and snowboarders. Two of the best ski resorts on the west coast, both found at Lake Tahoe are Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Source:

Squaw Valley: A resort made for champions
Squaw Valley is famous for the mark it made in history. In 1960, this was home to the Winter Olympics. Whether you wish to boast to family and friends about heading to this historic area or you simply want to see where some of the best skiers made their mark, this is the resort for you. It’s a place both beginners and experts can enjoy and it’s known to maintain snowy conditions longer than most ski resorts across the country! More snow days than average? Yes, please! That’s the main reason we refer to it as one of the best!

Aline Meadows: A second resort right next door
If you stop by Squaw Valley, you’ll need to head on over to the neighboring resort Aline Meadows. Here you’ll find one hundred more trails with even more twists and turns such as wide-open bowls and events for the children. It’s only a 15 minute shuttle ride from Squaw Valley and in 2011 Squaw Valley resort owners also purchased Aline Meadows so hopping from one resort to the other will soon be easier than ever.

Now the best ski resorts on the west Coast will be connected!
A new base-to-base gondola is in the works that will connect Squaw Valley and Aline Meadows! This means full access to over 6,000 acres, 270 trails, and 6 terrain parks to all Lake Tahoe visitors. Additionally this means no driving or waiting on a shuttle bus, and only one ticket purchase that will cover access to two mountains.

Why vacation in the summer when you can cool off from overworking during the winter? Alternatively visit California and Nevada when the snow is high and the trails are beautiful.

Duda Melzer Transforming Grupo RBS into an Industry Leader in the Brazilian Media Sector

The growth of global economy highly relies on good governance and leadership. Market institutions and top investors In Brazil and the rest of the world demand the adoption of effective leadership practices. Chair and President of Grupo RBS, Duda Melzer made a guest appearance during the LIDE Santa Catarina’s lunch debate to discuss issues affecting the corporate sector.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer partnered with LIDE SC’s president, Wilfredo Gomes to give a lecture on how to be an effective leader and create opportunities especially in times of crisis. Professionals in the public sector and top public leaders also attended the lecture. Other committee debaters were President of FIESC, Valerio Gomes Neto, Usiminas’ Board of Directors, Marcelo Gasparino da Silva, and Mutilong’s president.

About Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer specializes in overseeing the overall growth strategies of Grupo RBS. The family owned business was founded back in 1957. Melzer received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the prestigious PUCRS. He proceeded to join Harvard Business School and graduated with an MBA.

Melzer obtained a job at the Grupo RBS in 2004 as the general manager in charge of the domestic market division. The company went through a period of transition in 2012, which saw Melzer become the President and Board Chairman. The transition was plan used by the firm to strengthen its corporate governance and improve the quality of services rendered to clients.

With about six thousand workers, the RBS Group is the largest and fastest growing company in the Brazilian communication industry. In 2015, Melzer was nominated to be part of talented entrepreneurs of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprises. The organization brings together 25 accomplished leaders of world’s entrepreneurial families who make a tangible impact in the corporate world and are considered as role models. Duda has received several awards and industrial recognition. For instance, he received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015.

Read more about Duda here:

Middle County Improvement Authority’s Dilemma

After five years of having arrears, The Middlesex county improvement authority still failed a 20 million loan from casino reinvestment development authority. In a report by the Press of Atlantic City, the loan was made in 2005 in a bankrolled construction of Heldrich. The corporation has been advertised as an example of what can be done when public funds are funneled through private firms to execute large scale development. The New Brunswick is also a model for the Atlantic City development corp. Christopher Paladino is an attorney who heads both corporations. The attorney arranged the 20 million Heidrich loan. He reported that the CRDA would be paid after a couple of years.

Heldrich has struggled to attract guest since it was opened in 2007 as economic downturn set in. Last year it had a tenancy rate of 63.5%. According to Paladino, the hotel tapped about 776000 dollars to fund basic capital expenses. The 20 million loan was part of a 107 million in financing put together to build Heidrich. The package included a local loan worth 70 million bonds issue by Middlesex county improvement authority which is to be repaid by revenue. Despite that, the hotel has performed anemically.
According to schedule holder of $ 30 million in senior bonds have been repaid with a 5% interest. The Atlantic County Improvement author is preparing to issue 120 million dollars in bonds for the gateway project in May. Stockton University satellite campus will be built using the bonds which are to be repaid through the sale of tax credits and doom room revenue. John Cantalupo, Atlantic improvement authority bond counsel, reviewed the Heldrich financing and said they won’t experience the same shortages.
Gov. Chris Christie signed an act in December that bars agencies from issuing loans, grants and other subsidies to businesses. Maria Parto said that the Devco CRDA loan documents revealed that the loan is secured and will be paid only from available project revenues after payment of senior public bond holders. Maria, who is the spokeswoman for improvement authority, is optimistic that as the economics of the project improve it will satisfy its obligations. John Palmieri, the executive director of CRDA, acknowledge that the loan repayment has not yet been made as planned. He said that there were measurable impacts of the credit to the economy. Paladino said he would be happier with the project once it paid its debts.

George Soros Currently Making Intriguing Moves on Market

When you think about who George Soros is, there are many things that instantly come to mind. Whether it is his wealth, political status, economic policy advice, or even his ability to predict the markets with fairly great certainty, almost everyone has heard the name before. However, even if you don’t know exactly who he is then you should still be concerned when you hear about one of the wealthiest individuals in the world pulling a vast portion of their wealth out of the markets.

The thing to realize with someone like George Soros is that he isn’t entirely just pulling his money out and sitting on it. George Soros has taken a considerable portion of his assets and while he has pulled them from traditional equities he has turned around and put them all into gold and gold related investments. It is hard to know for certain what he is thinking but if you use basic reasoning you can almost tell George Soros is afraid of what is about to happen. While he thinks the economy is not worth investing in, you can also deduce that he thinks it is going to be so bad that people will pull out of equity based investments and will want to put their wealth into safer investments such as gold. That is exactly where he will be waiting to capitalize on the potentially impending market correction. This is also a textbook example of buying low and selling high so long as it works.

Read more:
George Soros – The New York Times

George Soros – Forbes

The thing about George Soros is that while he may or may not be seen as correct in this current fashion, you still have to be aware of what he is doing. The fact of the matter is when someone is trying to move their position and get into something as safe as gold, they are not just trying to avoid what could be coming in the near future; they are afraid of it. George Soros is not just taking the time and effort to rearrange his portfolio and he is not simply diversifying from a new benchmark. George Soros is scared about what is about to hit which begs the question, is there something you should be scared of as well and is there anything you can currently do to prepare yourself?

When you think about the possibility of investing in gold, one of the top options for who can help you would be Philip Diehl and the US Money Reserve. When you are attempting to find the strategy that works best, not only can the US Money Reserve be a tremendous resource, but it can also be a plan that will protect your wealth and earnings at the worst case scenario, whether or not George Soros is correct in his predictions.

Learn more about George Soros:

Dangerous Looting Begins in Venezuela as People Become Desperate to Survive

Venezuela’s economy has reached the breaking point of no return. The people there are starving, and though they all beg him, their leader, President Maduro, has done nothing to help. After months of eating out of trash cans and having little water or electricity, protests and looting have begun. Hundred of people have begun washing in to the streets of Cumana to steal the food and supplies that they have needed for months but could not afford. Several people have already died. Local security forces have been struggling to protect the stores, which is no surprise since many of them are weak from hunger too. Starvation hasn’t just effected the civilians of the country. Soldiers, and even police officers, have not been excluded from food rationing. When analyst Jose Manuel Gonzalez asked him about the future of the Venezuela, Maduro refused to acknowledge the part that he has played in the downfall of the country. Instead, he cited conspiracies against him and passed blame on to the United States. His nonchalance regarding how his people are struggling has only lead to further outrage and concerns for the possibility of a coup. Details posted on Wikipedia.