Promo Art for Daredevil Season Two Hints At Drama

The second season of Daredevil is highly anticipated by fans. The first season was a homerun in the eyes of fans and critics. Enthusiasm about the second season is rooted in the desire to see Elektra and The Punisher return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Yes, the Netflix Marvel projects are part of the MCU. Rumor has it the Netflix characters will appear in Avengers: Infinity War) Recent promotional material suggests a “shattered Matt Murdoch”. Could this mean elements from the “Born Again” comic book storyline appear in the series?

It is way too early for the “Born Again” tale to be told. In that storyline, Daredevil’s life is completely shattered when The Kingpin learns his secret identity. The overall arc of the story explores the way in which Matt Murdoch’s life is finally ruined due to his exploits as Daredevil.

Promotional art featured shattered glasses, the glasses worn by Jon Urbana before he began devoting his life to Earth Force. This surely hints that life for Matt Murdoch is going to become very difficult. Melodrama has long since been a major component of all Daredevil stories. One of the most-appealing elements of the character is his humanity. Fans live their pain through the pain of Daredevil. Infusing the television series with these elements is definitely going to help boost the drama that underlies the action in the series.

Of course, it is also possible that the glasses are broken from a fight with The Punisher or Elektra. A lot of fights are sure to be part of season two – that’s for sure.

Taking YouTube By Storm

Anyone can agree that YouTube is a massive part of our lives. You can watch so many different videos and there’s no limit to this internet giant. Another thing to agree on is that people make it famous. Famous YouTubers. These people dedicate their lives to giving us entertainment.
The #1 YouTuber in the world right now is PewDiePie, a video-game commentator from Sweden. He has over 39.3 million total subscribers and his success can definitely be attributed to the attention he gives his fans. He talks about them in his videos and answers questions. His main video content is of the video-games he plays with a small box in the corner, showing his reactions.
Along the same lines of PewDiePie is the Angry Video Game Nerd. His real name is James Rolfe and he’s from Pennsylvania, USA. He and his friend, Mike Matei, work together on the site but their YouTube Channel, also entitled Cinemassacre, has all their videos including “James and Mike Mondays” in which they play games and comment on them. They are currently at 1.9 million subscribers.
Another very popular YouTuber, at 15.5 million subscribers, is Jenna Marbles from New York, USA. She became famous with her video “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking”. When watching this video, you can tell that she doesn’t mind making fun of herself and isn’t afraid to be silly. She is great for random, comedic relief.
Getting into fashion, you have Australia’s #1 Asian Beauty Channel, Wengie. With a little over 970,000 subscribers, she is quickly getting more popular. She uploads new videos every Thursday and Saturday. She seems to adore her fans and will take the time to answer questions as people ask them.
She has her blog and had this to say about herself:
“I’m a normal girl with an obsession with beauty products and shopping. I have lived on instant noodles to buy hand bags, spent over 10k in shoes in one month and wore $2 dresses. You can say I’ve tried many things and learnt from it!”
She can be followed on these sites:
Instagram – @MissWen
Twitter – @Wengie (She has said she prefers Twitter)
Snapchat: Wengie
It’s no secret why these people are loved and watched all over the world. Stay tuned for more YouTube and keep watching. It’ll be here for a long time to come.

Darius Maxwell Fisher an Entrepreneur to Watch

Darius Maxwell Fisher has been referred to by many as a real life “Olivia Pope” and a professional “Fixer”. On his LinkedIn profile Darius refers to himself as “Entrepreneur, investor, and marketing and communications professional”. Being an Entrepreneur and an Elite Professional he’s invested in diverse business opportunities, companies, various technologies and created the first of its’ kind, Status Labs.
Status Labs is an innovative professional service specializing in Online Reputation Management among other services. This is a service to customers that are interested in managing their online presence. When a client comes to Status Labs it is usually due to necessary damage control with negative publicity online. Status Labs other service offerings include: online reputation management, public relations, crisis response, social media marketing, content marketing and search engine optimization. According to Status Labs, there are many ways general users can optimize and secure their online presence and public information. Status Labs has the vision that “Google is the new first impression” and for high level Executives and Political Figures this is a high priority. This new take on internet professionalism and related PR services has many people wondering if this is a real business.
While Status Labs is the bread and butter for Fisher he is also interested in other business endeavors. According to his LinkedIn profile, “I’m an investor in CrowdOptic, The Zebra, Les Trois Petits Cochons, & Sozo”. These companies among others are very diverse in nature, but it would seem that online presence and technology are not his only passion. Les Trois Petits Cochons,French for Three Little Pigs, is a unique food business in NY. A healthy face to face seems just as important to Fisher as a healthy online profile.
Darius Fisher is definitely someone to keep an eye on, but with the ability to alter his online presence so strongly for others it might be difficult to really understand who Fisher truly is unless you know him personally which is one of the few ways to access him. Clearly he is good at what he does as his online image is nothing but professional.

The Phenomenal George Soros.

George Soros is a phenom in the world of investment banking and lately philanthropy. He is the founding member and leader of the Open Society Foundations. The OSF is described as a network of ambassadors of good will, projects and partners based more than a hundred countries globally.

The OSF began just before the start of the 80’s decade. They share the vision of their leader George Soros. An open society starts with the acceptance of truth and diversity. According to Bloomberg  Soros, no human being can claim to have a complete understanding of life. There lacks monopoly of truth, therefore.

An open society acknowledges and respects fundamental human rights and freedoms. The systems of governance in a free society allow for dialogue. These systems also demand accountability and transparency. The commitment to the establishment of open society made the groups one of the largest private charities in the history of humankind.

George Soros remains a keen observer of economic and political problems over the global landscape. He writes extensively on such matters. For instance, the Ukraine-Russia standoff has been of interest to him. Admittedly, Soros contributed the fall of communism in the eastern bloc and the rehabilitation of Ukrainian societies. The current standoff sees a resilient Ukraine having to withstand external aggression from Russia.

Other trends Soros takes note of is the imminent collapse of a divided European Union. The regional bloc has been accused of losing purpose and failure to safeguard the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. The influx of refugees onto the continent has resulted in inconsistent reactions from a host of European countries. George Soros and the Open Society Foundations have been trying to solve the crisis, but much help is still needed from individual countries. However, the OSF may have done an excellent job but still encounters hostility. In Russia for instance, groups affiliated with this movement have been banned and listed as security threats to the country.

The measures taken by Russia point towards a critical relationship with Mr. Soros, partly caused by his criticism of Russian policies. Still, Mr. Soros voice is that of reason and his opinions register accuracy. The threats to his networks in Russia have not deterred the 85-year old who writes and issues public lectures on the regular. In a recent forum in Sri Lanka, Soros shocked investors when he expressed and vindicated fears of yet another financial crisis.

George Soros felt the failure of commodity and stocks to perform created worry and caution. Furthermore, struggling economies of China and debt-ridden Greece seem more likely to transfer their problems to the rest of the world. The measures of market volatility also indicated a surge in risks. Soros’ evaluation cannot be off the mark judging by his experience.

Music Is Paving the Way for Some Important Research

Most people are aware of just how powerful music can be. It’s a rare person who hasn’t turned to music in order to feel better in times of stress or pain. It can make the bad times better and the good times into something amazing. But many people aren’t quite as aware of the fact that it’s often the rallying cry for a good cause. And one of the best examples of this can be found with the Go Fund Me campaign for Autism Rocks. It’s a charity which is using private performances to help fund autism research. It basically helps rockers with big hearts connect with fans who are looking for a way to do something positive while having a great time. And the proceeds then go to the doctors and scientists who are hard at work trying to understand the nature of autism.

But to understand the charity one has to understand the reasons behind it. And to do that, one first needs to look at the founder. Sanjay Shah is a very successful hedge-fund manager. But he’s also a father. And in this case the fact that his son has autism is very important. Because like most parents in that position, Sanjay was always quite aware of how little funding research into autism receives. It simply isn’t as high profile as a lot of other areas of medical research. But one simple call turned things around and showed him how he could help the people who were hard at work helping his son and other people like him.

Shah had received a call from an associate who wanted to know if he might like to hang out with rock legend Snoop Dogg. Sanjay was so stunned by the offer that for a minute the only thing he could think of was whether the fridge was properly stocked. But after shaking that off he quickly agreed. The entire family had an amazing time with Snoop, and this led Sanjay to connect the dots. He realized that everyone would be just as thrilled to experience a rock legend in person. And he realized this was the perfect way to lead people into the charitable work that most people really do want to engage in. This was the birth of Autism Rocks and its mission of helping autism research.

Why Wikipedia is a Great Marketing Tool for Companies


With so many sites trying to compete against each other, it is no wonder that lots of people are looking for unique marketing tools that can help to bring in a crowd. If this has been an issue for you in the past, it is time for you to think about Wikipedia and the fact that it can be used to help build your online clientele. Wikipedia is a site you have most likely heard of in the past. You will find that this site is being used as a marketing tool for lots of business owners. Creating a page on Wikipedia might seem like an easy enough task, but it can be a lot more difficult than you think because of the format guidelines that Wikipedia has established for those who wish to edit and build the site. In general, it prevents the lay person from making and editing random pages at their own will.

If you feel that a Wikipedia page published for your business can help to market it, there are Wikipedia writing services out there specific to meeting these needs. A site and company known as Get Your Wiki employs writers who know the format of Wikipedia like the back of their own hands so they can make a Wikipedia page that best suits you and Wikipedia. This enables them to work on a range of pages specific to business owners’ needs. You will then feel confident in the page that has been published because it offers the world a lot of information on your company and what it offers and is all about.

Wikipedia and Get Your Wiki go hand in hand for business owners of all kinds. No matter what type of company you own and operate, you need the work put into it to keep it going and to keep people interested in what you are offering to them. The best way to accomplish this is through marketing and advertising. This is why it is so important that you work with the folks of Get Your Wiki so that they can begin your Wikipedia business page creation right now. Their prices are quite competitive and fit into most company budgets, so this is not even an issue for you to have to think about when getting the work done. There are many experts who work with Get Your Wiki and have their own professional Wikipedia page that they are able to show off to the world.

White Shark Media Uses Customer Feedback as Strategic Plan for Quality Service

Companies that listen and respond to their customers are the companies that are able to improve their product and service, which is directly related to improved sales trends. This seems to be the idea behind White Shark Media (WSM) responsive listening campaign. Listening and responding to clients has given the premier AdWords management firm the answer to building a better client relationship, improve customer retention and gain the trust of new customers. Initially, WSM clients receive a risk free assessment of online marketing strategies; they are then provided with a solution for increased online revenue – customized to fit any budget. So just what are White Shark’s clients saying about the service and ways it could improve?

It is not difficult to find customer reports of 72% increased revenue, or 300 percent conversion rate, or even a 173 percent increase in leads. Whether using PPC, AdWords or SEO management, White Shark Media has always had the expertise to move clients in the right direction. Yet, there is always room for improvement and increased profits for their clients, which is why WSM set out to actively listen to what their clients needed to gain more of the online market share. Here are some of the improvements White Shark Media has put in place to address customer suggestions:

  • To improve communications, scheduled monthly status calls between the client and their SEM strategist to review the results over the past thirty days. Additionally, clients can now speak directly with their contact person with a direct extension to them and their supervisor.
  • To improve AdWords performance tracking, WSM now has the capability to install conversion tracking, call tracking and even Google Analytics in-house to optimize your AdWords campaign.
  • For improved lead conversion, WSM has partnered with Marchex to track customer calls, even including it as a free add-on for local business clients who use their AdWords management plan.

White Shark Media is in the business of helping small to medium sized businesses succeed by optimizing search engine marketing strategies. Whether it’s driving leads and new customers to your business or the need for a dynamic e-commerce website that increase sales, WSM strives to provide the best in search engine marketing.

Securus Technologies THREADS 3.1 Improves Inmate Communication


Securus Technologies, a leading provider of communication systems for the correctional industry recently announced the release of verions 3.1 of its popular THREADS software used to monitor and identify suspicious inmate communications. The software, now based on HTML 5 offers corrections and law enforcement officials an efficient way to monitor inmate communications between other inmates, friends, family, and others identifying potential patterns, associations, correlations, communication events and fraternization to solve crimes or help prevent them.

The patented technology takes little in the way of training and can be used to automatically search for communication patterns of special concern. Some redundant operations like records entry have been eliminated, and search options expanded and made more efficient. The system is currently used to monitor many of the inmate phone calls between the company’s correctional facilities customers housing some 1.2 million inmates. 

The company also offers its correctional customers streamlined billing and back office operations for telephonic and video communications between inmates and their families. The VideoVisit is a new technology aimed at making it easier for families to have meaningful interaction with their incarcerated loved ones without having to travel to and be subjected to long jail or prison wait times or pat-down inspections. 

According to the company, video visitation is cost competitive with in-person visits after taking into account such items as mileage, lodging, parking, and child care. Video visits also reduce the risk of contraband being introduced into the facility and reduced the danger and cost of moving inmates. Another benefit is that children can be a part of the video visit which is often an issue with tradition jail or prison based visits. The technology is expensive and Securus has already invested over $30 million to provide the best systems to its customers. You can register for the video visitation software here:

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of services to the corrections, public safety, and law enforcement community. While holding the patents on some 125 technologies, the privately owned company has been investing heavily over the past three years to expand its 800 item product line. New investments have been in companies that monitor an offender’s movement via GPS and help manage inmate population and logistics.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus was founded in 1986. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the current Securus was formed in 2004 and recently purchased by the Boston private equity firm Abry Partners. The company does not report sales or revenue data, but according to the company’s website it has over 750 employees and is expanding their leadership, and 2,200 customers in the law enforcement and corrections agencies in 45 states. 

New Steelers Clothing Items

The Pittsburgh Steelers have quite a number of different successful clothing lines associated with the team. There are also many other things for fans, such as websites. For this football season, the team is trying some new approaches of connecting with fans. They are launching a new facebook website, and there is also yet another Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line coming out. These things are being launched just before the first Steelers home game on Sunday. The new merchandise is very easily available, and it can be ordered online. The website is It has a variety of different types of Steelers themed apparel. Susan McGalla helped to plan the marketing of these items on the website. She made it a point to make sure the items are very easy to find and purchase through the website. In fact, you can start shopping for the items at the following link: Your text to link…. At this website, there is something for everyone. There are different styles of Steelers fashion for both men and women. Susan has a great deal of experience selling lines of merchandise. Now, she is working with the Steelers to promote their products. However, she also worked for American Eagle and Wet Seal. She did very well with helping these companies to be more successful, as she has a great deal of marketing talent. Many of the product ideas she had were extremely successful. She gets creative with the design of the products being sold. Susan McGalla feels that it is important to cater to the interests and demographics of fans. She doesn’t simply have Steelers printed on any old garment. There are scarves that have a certain element of bling, and there are also sweaters with thumbholes. Steelers clothing comes in a wide variety of different styles. The Steelers are a well known and successful Pittsburgh sports team. Now that football season has started, many people are looking to get new Steelers themed clothing items. There is a larger variety of apparel to pick from than ever, and it is all easily available online. Susan McGalla has put a number of new clothing items on the market and revamped the website where you can buy Steelers apparel.

My Lucky Dog Gets Premium Food From Beneul

Keep Your Dog Coming Back For More Premium Foods
My dog eats a ton of food. He easily eats more food that I do. I do a lot of research in regards to my diet, what I should eat and where my food comes from because I want to live a long time. I don’t think that my poor, little dog will live as long as I do because his life expectancy is not as long as mine, but he will be around for a long time, so I decided to do my research and learn about what dogs eat. I found an article about premium dog food companies. It was from the Daily Herald, so I trust where it came from on the internet. I don’t always believe what I find online, but since this seems to be from a credible source, I trust it. I found the article to be informative, and it was educational. I didn’t know how much care was put into making premium dog foods, like Beneful. I started buying Beneful when I noticed that the ingredients on the dog food bag say that it is made with real chicken. I know they have other kinds that are made with salmon and beef. I am also interested in buying more of the wet food they sell. The wet food they sell is called Chopped Blends. It is the cat’s pajamas. I think it’s my dog’s favorite food. He could easily eat it every day for the rest of his life, and he would still beg me for more. I want my dog to be happy, and he seems happy with the Beneful food I buy on Amazon for him. It also makes me feel good to put something healthy in my puppy’s dish. If I were a dog and he was my owner, I think that he would put Beneful in my bowl. I also think he likes the dental bones I get him that Beneful makes because he devours those. To see the original article, go to the Daily Herald’s website by clicking here.