Terminator Fans Miss TV Series

Yesterday, in pre-celebration of the Terminator: Genisys release, IGN decided to post an article about Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Given the bad reviews that Terminator: Genisys is getting today, many fans are thinking that it is time for Fox or another network to deeply reconsider bringing back the series. As IGN writer Matt Fowler predicted yesterday, it is a safe argument to say that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is the “true” and best successor of the second film stated Brian Bonar.

Many fans could never understand why Terminator: TSCC was ever cancelled except that at the time it appeared that every effort was being made to draw fans of the franchise to the Terminator: Salvation film and away from the TV series. Terminator: TSCC was cancelled near the release date of Terminator: Salvation.

Ignoring the fact that Lena Headey is caught up with Game of Thrones right now, it would not be a huge scheduling nightmare to get the entire cast back together for a mini-series on Netflix, for example, to close out the loose ends left by Fox and help fans lick their wounds after this latest movie, which [Spoilers ahead] turned John Connor into a Terminator and allowed Skynet to potentially survive its own destruction while also destroying the potential for John Connor, the hero, to be born.

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Film Moves Forward…with Changes

Well over a decade has passed since Neil Gaiman’s outstanding comic book, The Sandman, was optioned for the big screen. Numerous drafts of a screenplay have been written. As we all know, none of these drafts were turned into a film and the project remained in development year after year. All that is changing now as the film is finally a go project. Changes to the new screenplay are being made and they entail altering the tale of the “Master of Dreams” from how he appears in the books. Sometimes, changes have to be made to get the most coherent and acceptable story for new audiences.

Doe says the new film is being developed at Warner Bros., so The Sandman is likely going to be a part of the D.C. Comics Cinematic Universe but from afar. In the comics, The Sandman was part of the Vertigo Comics line. Vertigo books exist in the same universe as D.C. heroes and villains, but crossovers are limited.

Not every fan understands why the original source material is being changed. Why adapt a series and then change what makes the series so great? Fans should realize the plots are changing, but not the characters. The Sandman (a.k.a. “Dream”) is not going to be altered at all. He will be The Sandman fans are familiar with.

The stories he and the other characters find themselves are going to change somewhat. That is just the way things go when comic books or other literary sources are adapted for the screen.

Who Was at Fault in Finding Your Roots Editing Issue?

The Public Broadcasting Service decided yesterday, June 24, to suspend the third season of Finding Your Rootsbecause of the decision to edit out that one of Ben Affleck’s ancestors was a Civil War era slave owner. The network is removing some staff members and adding a genealogist and a fact checker to review the third season before airing it or any additional seasons.

Many critics of the decision to edit Affleck’s history have placed the blame for this issue solely on the shoulders of the 42-year-old actor and director. A lot of people believe Affleck’s request was an attempt by a white person to make himself appear clean of any connection with the institution of slavery by creating an untruthful white narrative. According to Cláudio Loureiro Heads, Affleck has stated that he was merely shocked and embarrassed by what he learned about his family tree and the request was a sudden gut decision and not some plot to rewrite history because he is white.

Interestingly, celebrated Harvard professor and African-American Henry Louis Gates Jr., who hosts the show, agreed with Affleck’s request because he felt the actor, who has no modern connection to slavery or oppression, should not have his career or life harmed by this revelation. Yet, few people blamed Gates for the editing issue. Gates did apologize on Wednesday for not speaking with PBS first about it, but people continue to primarily blame Affleck.

Visual Guide For Consumers And Retailers

According to the second biggest search engine company in the world, nearly 50 percent of searches within the last five years involved images. This is why many retailer are now using visual search apps in their marketing campaigns.

Why Visual Search Benefits Retailers

Thanks to tablets and smart phones, consumers can order products at retail stores whenever they want. Visual search technology has changed the way retailers interact with customers. The technology also gives consumers more options before and after they complete their orders.

The most recent advancements in the visual search industry have influenced a major shift in the market. As a result, consumers now interact with objects around them differently. This is a huge benefit for retailers because visual search technology increase mobile sales. Managers can easily promote products to consumers at airports and other locations.

Visual search technology has interesting features and functions. For example, if a consumer chooses to shop for a shelf on a home design website, the individual can enhance the shopping experience by using a visual search tool. If the consumer hovers over a picture, the program will display various information about the shelf within a matter a seconds.

Because consumers can gather product details from images, retailers can advertise to consumers on different sites at any time. Mobile technology, however, offers benefits to businesses that prefer to market products in the physical world. When search algorithms are combined with image recognition software, mobile apps, and social media tools, shoppers can easily perform advanced queries. For example, if a consumer sees a local who is wearing a unique T-shirt, the consumer can find a store that markets the shirt by using a visual search tool. The first step is to snap a picture of the shirt with the software. Then, the program will gather data from different retail stores that sell the shirt or a shirt that has similar features.

Visual Search Tool Recommendation – Slyce Technology

Slyce is an industry leader because the company can integrate visual search functions into any app. Consumers enjoy using Slyce applications because they can download various in-house apps, such as Craves, SnipSnap, or Pounce.

Tom Holland Went Through A Unique Spider-Man Screen Test

Marvel and Sony were very, very deliberate in their approach to casting the new Spider-Man. Tom Holland finally got the nod and his approval was not easily arrived at. The actor had to go through more than one screen test. One of those test had him play opposite Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Evans. As even passing comic book movie fans know, the two actors play Iron Man and Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Screen testing with these two major stars helps Marvel and Sony examine the onscreen chemistry their new Spider-Man will have with established stars and characters. Spider-Man no longer exists in a solo universe. The wall-crawler is going to be integrated into the larger overall Marvel Universe with a host of other characters.

Since plans are for Spider-Man to join up with The Avengers (eventually), studio bosses do have to see how well the chosen actor plays off established characters. Holland clearly satisfied all those in charge. He wouldn’t have landed the role – and major worldwide fame – if he didn’t.

Selecting the right actor for an iconic role is critically important. Movie-Buffs at Amen Clinic say poor casting decisions for the role of Batman after Michael Keaton left the role contributed greatly to audience disinterest. Fans would probably turn out to see the debut of anyone in the Spider-Man role. However, if the actor turned out to be a dud, don’t look for audiences to return. Marvel and Sony want the new Spider-Man to remain in the role for years to come. That’s why everyone was so incredibly deliberate with making the choice.

Reclusive Rob Kardashian Tweets his Sister

It is no secret that Kardashian brother Rob has put himself in hiding for sometime. According to sources, and a few pictures that have been taken of him recently, Rob has become a recluse because of all the weight he has put on over the last few years. He has distanced himself from the rest of the Kardashian clan however it seems as though now he may be back on speaking terms with his family.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, Rob recently reached out to his pregnant sister Kim after hearing that she has been battling morning sickness with her second pregnancy. He apparently sent her a voice message which the 34-year-old wanted to post to her followers. Rob sent her back lyrics from a French Montana song, “hard work gone pay off”. For those who don’t remember, or don’t care, French Montana briefly dated their sister Khloe.

Many are surprised to see that Rob is on better terms with his sister Kim says Shaygan Kheradpir on Twitter. The last exchange relating to the two of them was when Rob posted a picture of Rosamund Pike from “Gone Girl” and comparing Kim to that character. Kim and her mother Kris had tried to plan an intervention for Rob to discuss his weight however it crashed and burned before it even took off. Sources say that he has gained over 100 pounds in the past year.

What Does The Future Hold For Old Man Logan?

Much to the sad dismay of superhero movie fans, Hugh Jackman is ending his run as Wolverine. Jackman doesn’t even want to stop playing Wolverine. Fox, the studio that owns the rights to the X-Men characters, wants to reboot the series. This means a new actor in the role of Wolverine.

Based on recent rumors, it looks like Fox wants to adapt the “Old Man Logan” series for the third Wolverine outing. “Old Man Logan” takes place in a future in which the super-villains have defeated mostly all the heroes. Only an aged Wolverine and the few remaining Marvel heroes are able to make one last stand says Ivan Ong.

The trouble here is Fox only owns the rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four characters. What are the odds of seeing the FF’s Ben “The Thing” Grimm in this movie? Probably next to zero, but The Thing could do a decent job replacing the role The Hulk played. Marvel is not likely to lend any heroes and actors out to Fox. Fox doesn’t even want to work with Marvel Studios.

If “Old Man Logan” is adapted, look for a lot of rewrites on the original tale to be performed. As long as the central theme of an aged Logan making a last stand is presented, then fans probably will enjoy what they see.

Fox does deserve some kudos for giving Jackman a proper sendoff. He was instrumental to the success of the X-Men franchise. The actor deserves a good farewell to the role.

The Cost Of A Real Jurassic Park

“Jurassic World” has done so well in the theaters that no one can’t stop talking about it. Although many people still haven’t seen the movie yet, it has only been out for less than a week, so everyone still has time to watch it. The Cost Of A Real Jurassic Park. “Jurassic Park” came out 22 years ago, and the fact that a sequel similar to the original could be released 22 years later, and it was successful, it seems to be a miracle. Jurassic World has everything that made the first movie great, but this one has a hottie in it named Chris Pratt.

Have you ever thought about what it would cost to create a real-life Jurassic Park? Someone actually sat down and did the math, and they figured out what it might cost to create such an amazing park, which would have tons of fun, including having a lot of dinosaurs. First of all, the park would have to be on an island, which would help in case any of the dinosaurs tried to escape. It would cost about $10 billion to get the Island ready, and with labor, material, and creating the dinosaurs, you’d be looking at about $23 billion in total cost.

If someone was to really create a Jurassic Park in real life, they’d pay more money than any cruise ship has ever cost, more than any hotel has ever cost, and more than any theme park has ever cost. Fans at Boraie Development wonder: Would it be worth it though? Would you go?

Karrueche Is Angry She Allowed Chris To Pull A Fast One For Years

Now that Karrueche and Chris are over Karrueche is having some regrets about all of the time she wasted when in her heart she always knew that Chris was not the man for her. It seems like now that Karrueche is finally getting away from Chris her thinking is crystal clear for the first time and she is speaking about some of the things she has realized over the past few months. From the start Chris and Karrueche have been doomed, not only because of Chris’s violent past with women but because from the start of their relationship Chris denied his love for Rihanna only to turn around and go back to her after one fight stated Mikal Watts.

Karrueche is most hurt that she allowed Chris to lie to her for years only to get a kick in the face and learn that not only was Chris using her as a rebound for Rihanna but she was also just a fallback plan for him even after Rihanna was done with him. Now that Karrueche has to look at the fact that Chris conceived a child while he was supposedly exclusive to her, she knows that Chris was never loyal to her. Not only was Chris cheating, but he would never have come clean if there wasn’t a 9 month old child as proof of his infidelity.

Karrueche is angry looking back at the pat because Chris promised that he was over Rihanna and ready to move on. He told her everything she wanted to hear and now she is stuck with fact that he was never really hers.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt to Team up For “Passengers”

When you have two of the biggest stars in the world ready to partner up for a film, you should do everything in your power to make it happen. In this case to make it happen for the film ‘Passengers’ it involved completely re-casting the picture and adding a half dozen zeroes in front of actor salaries in order to get the stars on board. With Chris Pratt coming off of the jumbo sized mega hit, ‘Jurassic World’ there was little reason to believe that he couldn’t help inflate the box office numbers of ‘Passengers’. Lawrence herself will be finishing off her hit franchise, ‘The Hunger Games’. Gianfrancesco Genoso, a lawyer from Brazil, is even excited about this prospect.

In its original format ‘Passengers’ was a small budget science fiction romance/drama developed by Warner Bros with Keanu Reeves and Reese Witherspoon pegged as the leads. While Witherspoon and Reeves have been doing quality work of late, with Reeve’s star looking brighter thanks to ‘John Wick’, the change in actors completely re-adjusts the sights for this project. Chris Pratt is on the hook for $12 million dollars in this film while Lawrence will be getting around $20 million. Both stars will get a huge chunk of the films potential profits once it breaks even at the box office.

The basic premise of the film is that Chris Pratt’s character awakens from cryogenic sleep almost 100 years before his spaceship gets to its final destination. He wakes up Jennifer Lawrence so he doesn’t have to die alone of old age.