Bill Murray Jumps Out Of Cake For Dave Letterman

Well the time has finally come, and Dave Letterman has officially hung up his hat to say goodbye to his long time running show in which he hosted. Just to keep things interesting, the shows producer Ray Lane ( found a new way to get the attention of viewers and to bid a proper farewell to the loved and respected comedian and host.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the final episode of The Late Show concluded with the hilarious actor Bill Murray jumping out of a cake. After all, could anyone really expect anything less? This has been a extremely iconic part of television for so many years and there is no more fitting person than Murray to get the job done. The reason for that is Bill Murray was also Letterman’s very first guest back in 1982, so it was awesome to come full circle.

The article also included a video clip of it happening, and many people were thoroughly amused with this. Even though it is sad to see Letterman go off and begin a new chapter of his life, people can rest assured that Stephen Colbert will not let them down when he takes over this September. Colbert is talented and funny, and has quite a lot of experience delivering the news to an audience as he did for years on his former show, The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

Reality TV Going Down

Since Big Brother, Survivor and many other reality shows hit it big over ten years ago cable programming has become increasingly filled with “reality” TV shows, and to some extent Skout says they have done away with scripted programming. This has been the trend for years and many cable consumers feel stuck between reruns and a reality show for entertainment options until recently as Netflix and Amazon Prime came up with the brilliant idea to began producing their own shows. Figuring that the public has had enough of mindless drivel and game show after game show, writers and producers are bringing to bat great casting, quality scripts and exciting, riverting plots. The ratings have shifted and it shows the American public is hooked on high-calibur shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Many viewers are grateful for the uprising of addicting, scripted series and are hopeful this will curb reality TV shows and bring back must see TV.

Will The CW and CBS Go Head to Head?

The CW announced today that it will be holding off on premiering its Arrow-The Flash spin-off titled “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” until mid-season along with its other new series “Containment” and “The 100.” Eager fans will have to wait until around January 2016 to enjoy these shows.

Some entertainment experts and fans have theorized that these decisions were made because The CW has taken on too many great shows and only has so many schedule slots. Of course, some “Constantine” holdouts hope that this is a sign The CW will pick up the former NBC and DC series as a November or later filler.

Huff Post and the crew at Skout have also wondered if The CW is planning to go head-to-head with CBS, which will be premiering “Supergirl” in November. As it stands, by January, only a few episodes of “Supergirl” will have been made available because of sports and holiday programming. The CW is premiering one new series, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” in the Monday 8 p.m. slot at the start of the season. If the series does horribly, “Constantine” or “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” could be put into the slot. This move would help The CW fight for ratings to lower “Supergirl’s” ratings enough that CBS drops the series. Then, The CW could try to pick it up.

Many people have noticed that The CW seems to be attempting to acquire all DC Universe properties.

Budgeting for a Brighter Future

Budgeting is something that the majority of people out there just do not do well. Budgeting is also something that could easily help you to live life to the fullest without always worrying about your finances. Finances and financial problems are all too common for people and families all over the world. The main reason a lot of people have financial problems is because they have not established a set budget that they can agree to with their loved ones. The budget prevents them from overspending their funds, which could lead to debt and other major issues.

The most important thing to think about when it comes to budgeting is that there are many options for you to accomplish this.  Paul Mathieson can suggest a few to just about anyone out there. In fact, there are tons of apps that you can download and use if you are thinking of starting to create a budget for yourself. There is nothing worse than spending too much and knowing that you do not have enough for bills and other expenses. You need to definitely consider the fact that many banks and apps are willing to help you out when it concerns your new budget. You also need to make sure that once a budget is established, you will easily be able to stick to it if you really try to accomplish this for yourself. There are lots of benefits that come with having a specified type of budget.

New Bill Would Mandate Economy Flying Only for Lawmakers

As the government is looking for new ways to eliminate the federal deficit, attention has now turned to members of Congress and their travels. This is why a bipartisan group of lawmakers has proposed new legislation that would set rules on how members of Congress could use government funds for air travel. The legislation would prevent the use of public funds to purchase first-class air tickets.

The bill was introduced by Representatives Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) and Raul Ruiz (D-Calif.) The reasoning behind it is that flying first-class is a waste of money and that public officials who talk about cutting wasteful spending should set the example and fly in the most economical way possible. Jason Halpern agrees with that thought.. Lawmakers and their staff members could still elect to fly first-class, however they would need to pay for their tickets with their own funds. Only those who have certain disabilities or special medical needs would be allowed to use public funds for first-class travel.

Reactions about the new bill, called the Coach-Only Airfare for Capitol Hill (COACH) Act of 2015, have been generally positive. Many online commenters have said that elected officials should be more careful about how they spend taxpayer funds and that measures which seek to prevent waste are long overdue.w they spend taxpayer funds and that measures which seek to prevent waste are long overdue.

A Series That Will Make Us Reflect

HBO has decided to make a film about “America in the King years.” This is a film that is going to be focusing on the civil rights movement during the time of Martin Luther King Jr. This film is sure to attract a lot of attention especially in the wake of all of the incidents that there have been with the race and violence lately spoke Bruce Karatz of the movie industry.

It is a shame to see that we are in the year 2015 and the civil rights movement started in the 1950s. In spite of the fact that as a country we have come a long way, at the same time it still seems like we have a long way to go.

People are still unfortunately judged by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character, which was Martin Luther King’s main objective. The issue with race, and racism is not something that can be easily seen. As humans we all have the tendency and the desire to be important. There are many things in life that can make us feel inferior to others, and there are many things that we can invent that can make us feel as if we are superior. Some people that are rich believe that they are superior to the poor, some people that are beautiful feel as if they are superior to the ugly, some people that are one race feel superior to another race and so on. We use these things to define us and others, and we also use these things to make us feel like we are important.

Hopefully this series will inspire people to think about the progress that we have or have not made instead of inspiring people to continue with the history of hate and prejudice.

Fox Show “American Idol” to end in 2016 after 15 Seasons

The very popular Fox television show “American Idol” will turn its lights off for is final season next year in 2016 according to officials from Fox. Boraie Development even says that Fox officials stated that the final season would be designed as a wonderful “celebratory event” which will pay tribute to all former contestants, winners as well as the fans. The show was a ground breaker and the only show of its kind when it originally aired and kept viewers pinned to their television each week to see if their favorite artist would make the cut. The show grew even more popular when fans were allowed to vote in later seasons and the show has spun off a number of remakes as well as imitation shows in both the United States as well as internationally. The show was more than a talent show from the very start and the promise of making the winner an instant pop star, while leading to mixed results, did draw an increased viewer base.

The current judges for the show, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban will be brought back for the final season as well as super star host, Ryan Seacrest, who also launched his career being a host for American Idol.American Idol to End After 15 Seasons

The original concept for the show, “American Idol” was conceived by Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell in 2002 and was based on their own hit United Kingdom show Pop Idol. The original judges for the show were Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. The show launched the careers of the first winner Kelly Clarkson, as well as Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks and Jennifer Hudson. The success of the show was so immense that not all of the stars that it created where show winners.

Sex Workers say A&E Channel Lied to Them

A&E Channel debuted a new reality series on April 2nd called “8 Minutes”. The show features sex workers who are persuaded to get out of the sex industry. Former police officer and pastor Kevin Brown meets with the women in a hotel room under the guise of being a client and does his best to talk the women out of the lifestyle they lead. Brown then, with the backing of A&E, offers the women the resources they need to be able to still provide for themselves without being in the sex trade industry. Well, according to several women who were on the show, the offer of the resources is bogus.

According to the story on, Kamylla, who was featured on the show, has said that it has ruined her life. She agreed to leave her lifestyle behind, however A&E never delivered on their part of the bargain. Kamylla said that she was paid $200 to be on the show however she did not receive any further assistance. She said that they promised her medical, dental, employment assistance, and housing assistance. Since waiting weeks for A&E to come through, Kamylla had to go back to her old job where she ended up being arrested.

Mark Ahn has found that she is not the only person saying that A&E did not follow through with help. Check out the above link to read about the rest of the stories.

Chance the Rapper Gives Album a Release Date

Chance the Rapper has been somewhat of an underground champion. He has managed to stay on the radar even though he has been missing in action for almost 2 years in terms of a full-length CD. He released a mix tape 2 years ago, but now it has been tweeted that “Surf”, a full-length album may be dropping next week.

This is big news because Chance the Rapper is from Chicago. This is the home of Common. This is the land where Kanye West grew up. An R&B sensation by the name of R. Kelly has also come out of Chicago. It is a prominent place for music so he has big shoes to feel. Fans at STX Entertainment know that this is important for someone like Chance the Rapper because the expectations for him are very high.

He has been around for a while, and now people are wondering if he will live up to the hype that is set before him. Other obscure rappers like Kendrick Lamar have taken the throne in recent years, but Chance the Rapper has some heavy hitters on the “Surf” album. It has been reported that Andre 3000 – who hardly ever does guest appearances – will be on the album. It has also been reported that the ever-so-elusive Frank Ocean will also appear on this CD. Rapper J.Cole, who has found great success this year, is also rumored to make an appearance.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

It’s fair to say that the first Avenger’s gave Marvel a substantial amount of momentum, with Avenger’s 2: The Age of Ultron, that momentum is only picking up. Merchandising, press tours, and select city previews are giving this movie potential before it even hits the box office. Even with all of the positive aspects of this franchise, negative ones couldn’t help but find their way in. One of the biggest stars of the movie, Robert Downey Jr. made headlines last week when he walked out of an interview after a prying interviewer berated him with questions about his shady past. Downey wasn’t rude or condescending but he wasn’t allowing anyone to make him feel uncomfortable. What fans, interviewers, and everyday people don’t realize is that these people give us their lives for our entertain.


They leave their families for months at a time to shoot, star in, and promote movies. For months, their bodies are put to the test in order to stay in tip top shape for the roles they are cast in. Actors know that they have to open up a part of their lives in order to make and keep fans and get the roles that they all fight for. Wouldn’t it be helpful if us as viewers would be okay with actors wanting a little bit of privacy instead? That’s what Marcio Alaor BMG thinks. Why not just enjoy the film and thank the actors for their work.