Yeonmi Park’s Devotion to Fight for Human Freedom

The northern Korea repressive and bloody regime is one of the most condemned massacres over the world. Yeonmi Park, a human rights activists and a defector has come out to explain the animosity and brutality she experienced during this regime. Following the traumatic experience in Northern Korea, Park escaped to Southern Korea .Park is now on the move, touring all over the world speaking of freedom to the oppressed people. She has become one of the greatest inspirations to the hopeless human beings who have also undergone torture. Despite her young age, Yeonmi Park has bravely come out to tell the world the sufferings and mistreatment the people of North Korea underwent.

Though so painful and unbearable, Park at and interview with BBC explains how she witnessed human slaughter. She also says that at one time she was forced to eat grass and insect to survive. Park gives an account on how at the age of 13 years she tried to escape to China as a result of insecurity in Northern Korea. At the same time, her mother was badly raped while trying to protect her family. Since Park has been a threat to the Government, a lot has been done to silence this young out spoken freedom fighter.

In January 2015, the Korean Government posted a video with a titled The Human Rights Propaganda Puppet, Yeonmi Park. This video was purposely posted to denounce this human right activist and defector. Park together with other human right activists and defectors usually face a lot of challenges. They occasionally face death threats and force accusations. In many cases, the defectors face so much suffering and to some extent they end up been assassinated. As a result of the traumatizing experience which these defectors share, they become vulnerable to assaults on their credibility.

During an interview with The Guardian, Park denied the accusations against her by the Korean Government. In the interview, she clarified that her father did not die of cancer as reported in a video claim which had been released earlier. She added that her father defected early October 2007.Park also told the media that, there were other 10 defector in South Korea who lived with her family. Her father died in China while undergoing some medication.

Park has also disclosed that she could not give the true story about her brutal experience and mistreatment. It is after becoming a human right activists and defector that she decided to share her true story. She apologized for failing to give the real information to the media. Park confirmed that in her book she will give the full account of what she experienced during the bloody regime. Yeonmi Park is now working on her book as she continues to campaign for freedom in Norther Korea.She and another human rights activist known as Joseph Kim are among those who appeared on a panel at the US State Department on Human Rights Day, last 10 December.

Yeonmi Park has been recommended due to her countless efforts in campaigning for human freedom .Despite been a woman, she has shown immense concern and compassion to her fellow human beings. Park has been declared a heroic whose story about her suffering cannot be silenced overnight.

Why You Should Trust Beneful Brand Dog Food Made By Purina

The Purina Pet Care Company

Purina is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution and sales of pet care products. Notable brands of pet foods the company creates are Friskies, Fancy Feast and Deli Cat for cats and Beneful, Alpo, Purina One and Mighty Dog for dogs. In addition Purina manufactures a wide assortment of dog snacks, treats, cat litter, pet supplements, puppy and kitten food and specialty pet food.

Most of Purina’s pet food products that are found in stores in the United States are created in the United States. The company owns and operates its manufacturing facilities in the United States giving Purina greater control in the creation of its products. Additionally, most of the raw materials used in the production of its pet care products are sourced locally and within the United States. This helps Purina reduce its carbon footprint, use fresh quality ingredients in the production of food and snacks and support local farmers in the United States.

Purina’s Beneful Dog Food Brand

One of Purina’s latest new product is its Beneful on multivu dog food brand. Several different types of products are sold under the Beneful brand made by Purina. This includes both wet and dry dog food and several types of snacks and treats that dogs are sure to love. Beneful is a complete and balanced nutritional dog food designed to keep dogs healthy and active when used appropriately.

Beneful brand wet dog food features high quality protein sourced from beef, lamb, pork chicken and beef from quality tested and inspected meat suppliers. Vegetables like carrots and green beans and whole grains such as barley add flavor and provide important minerals vital for dog health. Find the perfect wet dog food for your pet by choosing from a variety of textures and over twenty different flavors. Hearty Roasters, Chopped Blends and Prepared Meals are just some of the different types of wet dog food available under the Purina brand. Single serving packages and larger resealable packages are available to fit your lifestyle.

As with Beneful wet dog food, Beneful dry dog food also provides complete and balanced nutrition for your pet. Beneful’s dry snacks come in many sizes, texture and flavors. Popular flavors include bacon, peanut butter, hickory smoke, cheese and beef. Textures vary from being light and thin cracker like to thick and savory cookie like snacks.

Purina’s Commitment to Creating Quality Food Products

Purina Pet Care is committed to making safe, nutritious and high quality products that pets can enjoy. To achieve this goal, Purina employs over 400 scientists that are actively involved in researching nutrition and pet health. Quality assurance staff, engineers, veterinarians, nutritionists and food scientists work side by side to create Purina products such as Beneful.

Purina meets FDA, USDA and AAFCO food standards in the creation of its products. It also strives to go above and beyond these standards through strict quality control measures and actual trials of items produced by giving them to real pets. A commitment to pets, pet owners and the environment is what makes Purina a leading pet care company in the world with over 80 years of experience in creating nutritious and safe products.

AnastasiaDate Revives the Dating Experience

There was a time when online dating appeared to be getting a bit dull. There were online dating sites popping up all over the web, but many people were becoming bored with the concept. This is why people are taking a look at what is new and trending in the world of online dating with some of the new sites. AnastasiaDate is one such site that has managed to make the dating world come alive.

More people are checking out AnastasiaDate when they become interested in online dating. There are a lot of people that are trying to engage in a different type of relationship. Millions of people around the world are able to look for someone that can actually be compatible with them. Sometimes there are people that have searched for someone that is outside of their comfort zone. More people are signing up for AnastasiaDate because it works. There are results that are proven. This is what makes this such a valuable dating app.

As more people look for ways to improve their dating experience they will find out that there are a whole lot of instances where couples have been successful. This increases the awareness of these dating apps because this shows that the apps are actually working. More people have become convinced that they can certainly find a multitude of choices, and this is what makes AnastasiaDate exciting. It gives them different types of personalities to explore all from the comfort of home. Most people that using apps like AnastasiaDate will usually put time into meeting someone through the app. They may also engage in chatting through the app. When all of this is done they may eventually take a trip to meet that someone special that they met on the AnastasiaDate app.

The online dating crowd is growing because the technology is finally supporting this. There were times in the early stages of the dating process where people did not have access to high speed Internet. The technology of today is much faster. This has made it much easier to support a growing demand for online dating. This is why there is such a prolific number of new apps coming on to the scene for online dating. AnastasiaDate has managed to grow because it was one of the early ones. It came on to the scene long before many of the others surfaced for the long distance dating crowds. This is why it has managed to stay at the top. There is a built-in fan base of early users that have continued to utilize this site. Everyone that comes here doesn’t get married, but these people are having lots of fun on this dating site.

Cosmetics For Fun

There are a lot of cosmetic lines that people can use for their needs. They may not know why some color lines are going to be better than others. Sometimes bright colors are all a girl needs to feel good.

Why Bright Colors
There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to have bright colors in their cosmetics. One of the biggest reasons is so they can look younger. The bights are fun and can make a person feel better about themselves in many ways. The great colors are good for making the eyes appear larger or for helping with the color of the skin.

What is a Good Brand?
Lime Crime is a great brand for neat colors that will make the face look great. The colors are wonderful for making the eyes stand out and for helping the face look younger.

The colors come in many shades and in many variations. The best ones are going to be the brightest for those who want to stand out and have the best colors available. The colors can be made softer for occasions that are more common like weddings or other things. These colors are made to be brighter, but it’s not hard to see they are going to be bright enough for anyone who likes fun and wants to be different.

How They Work?
When looking at bright colors, many may not know how they really work to make the brightest colors available. The colors are made with the purest pigment so they can be bright enough for those that enjoy the colors. There are a wide range of colors for people who want to have the best colors available. The variations of color are going to help women choose the colors that are the best for them.

There are a lot of options available to those who want to have the best colors available to them. They also want to check the different options that are available to them. This way they can get the colors that are best for them. This way they will look the best they can.

Live Unapologetically- Wear Lime Crime!

If you love glitz, glimmer, and all things that shimmer, then Lime Crime is perfect for you.
This Los Angeles cosmetics company sells all kinds and colors of makeup that will let you have fun and express your colorful personality. The best part about it? It’s all cruelty-free, and the ingredients are available right on the website. My favorite? The Velvetine matte lipstick. Seriously, it’s perfect, and it’s available in sixteen different colors. And even if matte lipstick isn’t your thing, then Lime Crime has plenty of other options that are sure to fit your own unique style.
If you’re feeling lost, or lack the right inspiration to turn your face into a work of art, The Lime Crime site on, Lookbook, and “Shop the Look” pages have hundreds of ideas and suggestions on how to decorate yourself and turn yourself into the queen you are. Just scrolling through their blog makes me want to turn makeup into a full-time job.
That’s exactly what Lime Crime creator, Doe Deere, did. She calls herself the unicorn queen, and she’s ruling the makeup-loving world with her fantastically funky creations. She encourages her fans and customers to live unapologetically, and to use her products to not only cover up their imperfections, but to express themselves. She’s fun, she’s inspirational, and she’s fierce. Her own personal style seems to scream “more color please!” and we can’t get enough.
For anyone who’s serious about simply adoring the way they look, Lime Crime is perfect. And the colors don’t stop at makeup. The store offers several different pastel nail polish colors, as well as tons of different ideas on how to use them. Feeling like being a mermaid? Go for a mermaid pastel mani. Are you just feeling sweet? How about a pastel sherbet look? For all of these and more, simply “Shop the Look.”
I’m absolutely in love with this line. Where else can I find funky, colorful, cruelty-free makeup for such awesome prices? A better question is, why would I have to look anywhere else? Lime Crime is simply the best in turning your face into a billboard that says “I’m amazing, I’m beautiful, and I love to have a good time.” Once you try your first color of Lime Crime cosmetics, you’ll never touch your other makeup again. While you’re painting your face with your purple “orchidaceous” eyeliner, or blending your rainbow of eyeshadow, just think: What did I do before I had Lime Crime in my life?

John Textor – Diverse Businessman and Entrepreneur

John Textor is currently Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation and is a valuable resource to the CEO and President-Head of Studio. He is responsible for special projects, strategic partnerships and relationships with major media companies, just to name a few. He also is a pioneer and leading developer of hyper-realistic digital humans for holographic live performances, plus other forms of reality and artificial intelligence. He is very active across a wide variety of venues and technology platforms.

He is currently a Producer of Art Story being developed by Disney and was Producer of Ender’s Game. His leadership has also produced virtual versions of numerous celebrities, such as Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Awards plus Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Tupac Shakur for the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012. Mr. Textor and his partner, Frank Patterson, were parodied in the “Hologram” episodes of the animated sitcom South Park.

While he was Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain and its parent company Digital Domain Media Group he led its acquisition and restructuring from May 2006 until his resignation in August of 2012. told that together these two companies were responsible for the visual effects of over eighty large scale feature films, of which twenty-five were completed during his leadership of the companies. During Mr. Textor’s leadership of Digital Domain he re-established it as a leader in the market of visual effects and won numerous Academy Awards.

Mr. Textor has been involved in various other businesses associated with entertainment technology, telecommunications and the internet. His executive experience has also had him involved with companies outside these areas.

He was the previous Chairman of the Board and principal owner of Sims Snowboards, which is the second leading snowboard brand and he invented the World Snowboarding Championship. Some of the other businesses and offices he has held are BabyUniverse, a leading e-tailer of baby related products of which he was the Chairman and Chief Executive Office. He was one of the founding directors of Virtual Bank, a Florida based financial services company and was a director of Multicast Media Technologies, Inc., a global internet-based broadcast media provider.

As you can see Mr. Textor has very diverse interests in the business world.

Some Aging Investors Are Still Affected By The Aftershocks Of The 2008 Recession

If the stock market and the unemployment rate were the only measuring sticks for economic recovery after the 2008 financial debacle, some aging investors wouldn’t be concerned. The stock market has tripled in value since the recession and unemployment has been cut in half, according to James Dondero, the CEO of Highland Capital Management, the Dallas-based investment firm. Highland Capital has more than $26 billion assets under management and has offices in New York, Singapore, Sao Paulo and Seoul. But Dondero and other investors look at other indicators of economic stability before they invest their partner’s money, and one of those indicators is the financial health of the generation known as the baby boomers.

The baby boomers were born right after the end of World War II, and that generation continued through the 1950s. One in five baby boomers is experiencing what some investors call a post-crash skepticism, according to Dondero. One reason for that skepticism is the value they lost in their 401K accounts, and another reason is the deterioration of the value of their homes.

Mr. Dondero thinks those issues play an important role in the way they spend, invest and save money. More than 40 percent of them have stopped saving for retirement, and they have also been taking on more debt. Baby boomers should be investing more, not less, according to Dondero and other financial experts. The aftershocks of the recession have changed their mentality when it comes to investing and owning property, and some financial experts call their behavior irrational. They are allowing past events to influence their strategy for the future. Some of them are completely paralyzed financially by those aftershocks. That means they have taken themselves out of the investment world. They sit on the financial sidelines waiting for another crisis.

There is some concern about the global economy, and the baby boomers think that concern is warranted based on recent signs. Chinese financial issues, emerging market recessions and inflation and the Greek debacle haven’t helped bring these aging investors back into the market, according to Mr. Dondero. Some economists think a global recession is eminent, but very few of them think it will destroy people’s lives the way the 2008 recession did.

The baby boomers aren’t the only generation that have changed their investment habits. The generation known as Generation X are going through the same scenario. Many of them were ruined by the recession, and they think another collapse is bound to happen. The Gen X-ers don’t like financial institutions. But in spite of their hesitation to invest for retirement, they will still retire, and that is concerning economists.

The baby boomers and the Generation X generations will face some very hard times if they are not prepared. Most of them say they won’t retire, and that may be true. Some workers that have reached retirement age are still working and still investing. That’s the main difference between the boomers that understand the capitalistic system, and the boomers that don’t trust it, according to Mr. Dondero.

Applying Eyeshadow

The best way to catch everyone’s attention when you enter a room is with your beautiful eyes. Well-applied, perfect eye makeup will definitely win you longing stares and even envious ones.

Choosing the matching tones that suit the color of your skin is the best way to go if you want a more natural look. But then there are other matters to consider when selecting an eyeshadow color. You have to take into account your skin, hair and eye color, as well as the eye’s shape and gaps in between.

If you have a big gap between your eyes, you will need to put darker colors on the inner portion of the eyes. This technique is to create the illusion that they are closer. For eyes that are closer, or with smaller gaps, the opposite technique will apply, that is, put apply the darker colors on the outer portion of the eye.

In addition to skin color, the skin tone should also be factored in. Warm-toned skin goes well with red, gold and cool-toned skin goes well with blues.

To make your eyes pop, simply choose a color that is the opposite of your eye color on the color wheel. It will show you that green eyes do well with the purples. Purple with a redder tone suits a warm-toned skin and purple with a bluer tone suits a cool-toned skin.

Just remember that for eyeshadow, and any makeup, all you have to do is explore and play around until you find a color, technique, style or method that’s right for you.

As an example is Lime Crime, a makeup line created by businesswoman Doe Deere with a collection of bright colored eyeshadows that were unusual, but they sold like hotcakes. People started to explore and try the different colors that Lime Crime eyeshadow offers. The result is a pandemonium of new eyeshadow colors and styles that were never used and mixed together before. The secret is not to be afraid to start a trend! Doe Deere created something unusual on observer and unexpected – brightly-colored makeup, and the consumers just adored it!

Just remember to apply the eyeshadow in the color progression of lighter to darker. Use light colors to highlight shallow areas, and use dark colors to minimize prominent areas. Avoid overloading your brushes with color. Apply a small amount and then add more, if needed.

It is recommended to apply the eyeshadow first before applying foundation to the rest of the face. This way, you can remove any excess eyeshadow that you have left behind. Foundation and concealer applied in your eye area and a dusting of powder will also help set your eye makeup.

To achieve a classic design, apply a lighter eyeshadow to the lid area and a darker color in the crease. The lighter color will make your lid appear larger. If you want it the other way around, apply a darker eyeshadow to the lid area and a lighter color in the crease. This is good for minimizing large eyelids or protruding eyes.

This classic design can be your everyday style. Then you can tone down or build upon it for other occasions.

Active Dogs Are Healthy Dogs

We often forget that dogs in the wild are movers. They roam, they explore, they sniff, they interact. Many of us leave them alone all day while we go out to our job and then return to find our little buddy bouncing off the walls. He is so wound-up with excess energy at a time when we are drained! If you’re one of the very best dog owners who have the best intentions and try to take your furry friend for a walk in the evening, you may find that his energy level is simply too high for yours and it’s a problem to keep him under control.

There are several things that need to be kept in mind for a healthy, active dog. Proper feeding is, of course, the most important one. A balanced dog food like Beneful by Purina can provide all of the healthy protein plus some vegetables for carbs that can give your dog good consistent energy along with a shiny, healthy coat and overall good health. Choose the dry Beneful food or the wet variety that is canned and comes in different sizes – from diced to large, meaty chunks. Dogs seem to really love the taste of the pork, lamb, beef or chicken variety and mixing up the flavors from time to time can stop them from getting burned-out on one kind of food. The fact that the ingredients are wholesome and full of antioxidants and are also omega-rich will set your mind at ease and the fact that Beneful is flavorful and delicious really makes your dog happy.

Now that your little buddy is fed and happy to see you back at home, he wants to get some good activity in. But you are back to that problem of how to balance his active time with your tired time. A perfect solution to this is a doggy backpack. These come in all sizes and are basically miniature saddle bags that fit across your dog’s back and snap underneath to secure. Putting one on your dog accomplishes several things – it increases his importance immediately! Especially if you put an object of yours inside the pockets of his bag. He knows that he is now responsible for your items and he has an important job to do!

Add a small amount of weight to your dog’s pack gradually. Start off with him wearing only an empty pack around the house, then out on walks. Add a few ounces of something (even rocks or small water bottles).

Being able to walk your dog for 15 minutes with his pack will give him the equivalent of a 45 minute walk! That’s huge for the tired worker who is looking forward to getting off their feet and having a restful evening.

Good healthy food like Beneful from Purina plus good exercise that gives him a sense of importance and a job to do will ensure that your dog has a long, happy and healthy life with you.

Susan McGalla’s Bold and Confident Voice as a Company President and CEO

Susan P. McGalla on paulandlindagaume is a woman who is heard loud and clear whenever she speaks. Be it speaking in the boardrooms or speaking to women on how they can climb the corporate ladder, she always has that distinct voice that cannot be ignored.

McGalla is a well-known businesswoman and executive consultant in the field of finance. A lot of people would recognize her from her days as the President of American Eagles Outfitters Inc. and as a former CEO of Wet Seal Inc. She joined American Eagles Outfitters in 1994 as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. She joined the company at a time when company was well known for its men wares.

Susan McGalla served in various managerial roles before she eventually rose to the apex of the company. Her rise was gradual but steady. Before she became the President and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) of the entire company she had served as the company’s flagship American Eagle brand. She left her footprints in the organisation as its President and CMO when she launched the company’s aerie and 77 kids brand.

Something that she puts out there is that she ascended to the top based on sheer hard work and the success she had had in the several roles she had served in. That’s what catapulted her to the top. At the time she was joining American Eagles Outfitters, she recalls that there was no woman in top leadership in the company and none served in the board.

She brought about a strong culture change after she ascended to the top. This was gradual but the outcome was evident. Both men and women worked at it in order to see one of the most successful corporate cultures being adopted over a period of 10 years, that was between the year 2000 and 2010.

When she was the CEO she oversaw a company that had revenues amounting to $3 billion. At the same time, she had oversight over the company’s e-commerce site and their 4 brands.

McGalla is not your ordinary kind of woman. She has a bold and confident personality. She mentioned having two brothers and a father who was a local football coach in East Liverpool, Ohio, she was taught one thing. That she was not a man or a woman, she was a person. Therefore growing up, she never played the woman card to get to where she was. It’s therefore easy to see why she is normally called upon to speak to women.

Being a founder of P3Executve Consulting LLC, which is a consultancy firm for those in the retail and financial investment industries, she has amassed a lot of knowledge on how to get ahead in any career.