Omar Yunes Continues Growing Sushi Itto

Recently, Omar Yunes won the award that named him as the number one franchise owner in the entire world. This is an honor for Omar Yunes because he wasn’t even sure if the franchise location that he was creating was going to be successful when he first started the business. He wanted to show people what he could do with the different options that were available to him and most of this meant that he had to make some sacrifices so that the business would be able to flourish. As he quickly learned, the hard work that he did was able to pay off and he was able to get more out of the different things that he was doing. All of this gave him a chance to grow his business and to open even more chains than what he had been able to open in the past.

For Omar Yunes, trying to make sure that things are going to work for the business is one of the most important parts of Sushi Itto. He is confident that trying new things and doing more with the options that he has is the single best way to be successful. It has helped him this far in his career and has continued to help him with all of the options that he has in his own franchise location. Thanks to his abilities with success, Omar Yunes is confident that he will be able to continue growing Sushi Itto to make it better.

When Omar Yunes first started Sushi Itto, he questioned the opportunities that he had. Sushi Itto was successful in Japan but he didn’t know if it would do as well in Mexico where the market for sushi wasn’t as big as what it was in Japan. He took a risk and it paid off because sushi is now extremely popular in Mexico and it is something that people consistently try to find thanks to the options that Sushi Itto has given them. There are many new ways for the company to ensure that they are getting what they can out of the experiences that they have.

Lime Crime Has A Product For Everyone

When it comes to making a statement and wowing the crowd, Lime Crime is the perfect cosmetic line for the job!


The brand was started by Doe Deere right before Halloween back in 2008. In the past several years, it has seen an immense amount of success! That’s because Doe Deere’s makeup line literally has a product for everyone no matter their age, sex, or race. Lime Crime has a variety of different products including lipsticks, eyeshadows, liners, hair chalk, and more! The best part of these products is the variety.


Perhaps one of the most sought after products are the Velvetines. The Velvetines literally come in every color imaginable. There are blues, purples, pinks, yellows, oranges, black, and more! One of the reasons this line was created was because Doe Deere saw a need for it. In a recent interview, Deere recalled going to a drug store and only being able to find a few colors for lip wear. These were the standard colors of pinks and reds. Deere knew that there were people out there who craved more exotic colors. That’s how the Velvetines got started.


This line of makeup is all about making a statement. All of the products are a little bit different than what you’d typically see in a store. That’s because Deere is helping customers feel like magical unicorns and mermaids! If someone wants to wear diamonds on their lips, there’s a product for that! If someone wants bright colored hair, there’s a product for that! That’s because Doe Deere is all about standing out. She likes to make a statement with her appearance. People can also head over to the Lime Crime website and check out the Look Book. The Look Book contains a variety of different people using the products! It shows how to nail the perfect lip, how to blend different colors together, and how to just look magical! These unique products are all made with high-quality ingredients. They’re also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly meaning you never have to feel bad when wearing them! Overall, everyone can enjoy these products no matter who they are.

Equities First Holdings: The Pied Piper Of The Stock Market

Equities First Holdings (EFH) financial business is lending money, a world leader in the marketing of alternative lending strategies. EFH has been in operation for fifteen years. It has made more than 700 loans, has lent more than one billion dollars (USD), which makes EFH the leading provider of stock-based loans.EFH has offices in Australia, Hongkong, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, China and the United States, whose offices are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.EFH has expanded the number of offices worldwide, relocating its Melbourne office to be more accessible to its clients.Equities First Holdings has two other Australian offices in Sydney and Perth.

EFH has developed, at first blush, a counter-intuitive industry of lending money taking stock as collateral. Stock-based loans, of course, are not conventional. Most of EFH’s clients enjoy a non-recourse loan. These unrestricted stock-based loans provide capital for any purpose, professonal or personal reasons.It should be stressed the EFH imposes no strict rules for borrowing limits or loan payback. There are people, who would benefit from EFH’s stock-based loans.Individuals who need capital fast, find EFH stock-based loans attractive, providing high-end solutions. Where conventional lenders run away from economic crises, EFH, like first responders, moves towards financial crises, providing capital.

EFH, whose clients have money problems, have big dreams, seemingly only risking the value of their stock, with no margin calls.EFH is the classic believer in the stock marker, playing the percentages, selling its sock-based loans, betting that the market will increase in value, which it has dramatically done.It appears that a client in need, who owns some stock, with some value, will receive an EFH stock-based loan. The irony is that EFH is trusted, not taken for granted, who treat their clients as a member of the family, who have rich uncles.

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Top Highlights about the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was created with the purpose of supporting groups that are advocating for Human, Migrant, and Civil Rights. The fund also backs groups that fight for Civic Participation and Freedom of Speech within Arizona. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is the brainchild of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who are also the Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times co-founders.

The two journalist came up with starting up the fund after they were arrested back in 18th October 2007 by Sheriff Joe Arpaio for allegedly disclosing some proceedings of a grand jury. They later sued the Maricopa County and won the case and ended up getting 3.75 million dollars in settlement. They then opted to use the settlement money to finance migrant rights organizations in Arizona.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund supports numerous activist groups such as Aliento, Arizona Justice Project, The Young Centre, 1070, Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project, Justice that Works, American Immigration Council, Centre for Neighbourhood Leadership, The Colibri Centre for Human Rights and many more others.

Aliento is a youth led organization that is undocumented and is dedicated to healing the community by using advocacy as well as art. The organization came up with a campaign that is intended to champion the DACA-eligible people’s welfare within Arizona.

It also strives to protect the program itself at a national and state level. Aliento looks to educate DACA-eligible persons in Arizona via a program that is pro-educational, providing them with leadership training, healing, resilience, mindfulness, and also deportation and DACA issues. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

1070 is a project supported by Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. 1070 is a theater show that was created by New Carpan Theatre Co, by James E. Garcia who is also the founder, playwright, and journalist of New Carpa. The brand has impressively been putting out thought-provoking multicultural and Latino theater in Arizona for over 15 years.

The story of 1070 revolves around the challenges faced by an immigrant family that has mixed-status. 1070 is seen through the eyes of a Dreamer who has siblings born in America and parents that are not documented.

The Phoenix Immigrant Justice Project looks to provide immigrants in Maricopa County with the provision of justice. They aim to represent the immigrants directly during removal proceedings through training and referring cases to the appropriate attorneys that provide services pro bono.

The project shall provide workshops, access to self-help legal guides and also legal consultations. Justice for Immigrants and Families was created by attorneys who offer their services pro bono known as Phoenix Legal Action Network. The also fight for free speech, police accountability and the right to vote.

The Young Centre is an organization built around championing human rights for immigrant children who are quite vulnerable. They fight for the improvement of the current immigration system in place in with the aim of having the children in deportation hearings to be viewed as children that require protection.

Children coming to Arizona are more likely to be separated from their parents as Arizona does not have detention centers for families. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund have taken great pride in supporting the organization to recruit advocates and also train them for the children separated from their parents to offer the children various services.

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Basic Sanitation and Quality of Life in Brazil to Improve with Government Concessions

Working in close coordination with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development(BNDES), the Brazilian government may soon introduce concessions aimed at improving the sanitation levels for the people of Brazil. Trata Brazil is one of the organizations with an interest in making this project a reality.


The Director and President of Trata Brasil, Edson Carlos had much to say about the adjustments that needed to be enacted before the project could begin. Most of the adjustments that need to be made in this plan have to do with the administration, structure and resources involved. Felipe Montoro Jens is another expert on infrastructures who was there to comment as well. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, there is simply too much being wasted in the current system that needs to be addressed before changes or improvements can be made


According to the statistics held by Edson Carlos, only 90% of the country has full sanitation services and about 70% of this is being provided by the state providers. Edison hopes that the well-funded and technologically advanced private sector will be able to show the stateside how to employ cutting-edge techniques as they work in unison toward a shared vision.


Edison explained that the BNDES is formulating an actionble plan for the state they are serving, these will be based on information gathered from their sector. With this the plans will be able to adapt the purpose they are serving.


Felipe Montoro Jens was also enthusiastic about the ideas, saying “perhaps the path to reduced waste and better efficiency is through higher technology and improved process”. Felipe Montoro Jens has worked as the head of various important organizations and gained an high level of skill in the area of infrastructure.


At the moment, Felipe Montoro Jens is the head of the Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. but he has also served as the Director of Santo Antônio Energia S.A. and various companies as well.

MB2 Dental Brings the Much-required Support Services and Innovation to the Dental Service Providers

MB2 Dental, a major dental service organization, brings support services and innovation to the dental service providers and works as a partner to affiliated dentists. The services offered by MB2 ensures 100% clinical autonomy in each of its partner clinics and provides qualified and professional services to the patients. It works on a vision of freeing dentists to do what they are best at – world-class dental care to patients – and the business aspects are taken care by the service provider. The service provider network was founded in 2009, and currently, it has more than 70 affiliated offices. MB2 has operations in six states in the country, and that are Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas. The firm is run by experienced dentists and management professionals who have greater insights about the hurdles in the industry and finds innovative and convenient solutions for each of them.

The partnership program offered by MB2 Dental provides a number of services. It includes accounting and finance, human resources, credentialing, information technology, compliance, marketing, recruiting, training, business development, procurement, and billing and collections. Apart from these services, the network also offers dental practice affiliation opportunities for the new dentists into the industry. It also provides a hassle-free dental practice assessment within its network as part of its mission to create expert dentists in the industry. The aspiring dentists can join the network bandwagon, and it is ready to match the suitable job openings according to their career goals and interests. MB2 is very specific about giving a unique identity to its clinics and dentists by bringing the latest technology and science developments into the network.

There are some expert practitioners in the network, and Dr. Akhil Reddy is one among them who gives committed services to his patients. Since childhood, he was cherishing to become an expert dental practitioner, and apart from clinical services, Dr. Reddy also offers consultancy services to other practitioners. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of the Pacific. Dr. Reddy joined the university’s Accelerated Dental Program and secured his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the age of 23. After completing the education, he moved to Dallas and started practicing as a dentist. Dr. Reddy has more than a decade of giving high-quality and professional services to his patients. He feels that MB2 Dental network enhances the patient experience to greater levels considering the professional and hassle-free environment it creates for each clinic.

Orange Coast College Rowing Team Competes with Some of The Best Universities

Rowing is a prestigious sport that has been taken up by a few of the renowned Universities. Orange Coast College is one of the Colleges that has taken up the game and is performing exceptionally well. The team has become a force of nature in the game and is now competing with the best teams in the field.

What sets the Orange Coast College team apart is their dedication and hard work. The entire team including the captain has dedicated time and energy to training and improving their skills. The team has an excellent coaching system that has enhanced their performance. The team is focused on becoming the best team in Rowing.

Orange Coast College is excellent when it comes to sports. It has facilities and offers opportunities and for the students to pursue their sports careers. The College was founded in 1947, but the first classes were held since 1948. The community college in Orange County provides two-year associate degrees in Art and Science. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

They also have lower-division classes that can be transferred to other Universities and Colleges. Orange Coast College has the highest number of students that are transferred to the University of California. Other students transfer to the Private University.

Since its inception, the University enrolls 24,000 students. 16,384 are undergraduate students. 97% of the student population is from California while 3% from other parts of the world. Orange Coast College is the third largest University in Orange County. The College is one of the three Community colleges in Orange County offering post-secondary education and administrative services. Orange College offers various world-class courses and classes are conducted all year round. The intake is done in summer, fall, and spring. Orange Coast College Mission is to provide top quality education.

The College features high-class facilities that have been fitted with top of the notch technology. There are 135 academic programs including the nautical program. A great percentage of the student population is enrolled in the career and technical program.

The Orange Coast College is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

What John Goullet Has Done Through Diversant, LLC That’s Ground-breaking

It’s not often talked about how sometimes finding people work is a business in and of itself, but it’s something John Goullet has done over the years as Executive Principal of Diversant, LLC. Diversant is an IT staffing company based in Newark, NJ that helps new IT jobseekers find professional clients to connect with. Goullet has been on both sides of the IT job market as a candidate and a client, and thanks to his research and strategic vision Diversant has utilized all kinds of means to attract talent. Goullet understands the markets well and is never content with the status quo.


Goullet began as a consultant in the industry after graduating from Ursinus College. He worked closely with professionals at the Computer Sciences Corporation, the Constell Group and Cap Gemini America. Soon Goullet began to feel that not enough resources were being utilized to bring new IT students into the job market, so he decided to start his own business aimed at pairing up talent with the companies that fit their personalities. The reason Goullet was confident in this business was that he mentioned seeing others succeed in previous years.

Goullet’s company was initially known as Info Technologies, Inc. The company started out with little funding, but thanks to Goullet’s marketing abilities it grew to $30 million in value in less than five years, earning recognition from Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies. Goullet had become good friends with Gene Waddy who also had become an established IT expert, and the two wanted to combine their unique blends of business into something that could cater to a very diverse workforce, and in 2010 Diversant, LLC was born on that philosophy.

Goullet has turned Diversant into a company that helps candidates through services such as resume writing assistance, helping them perform in interviews, offering tuition reimbursement and also full packages of benefits. Diversant does cater primarily to minority groups, but they also have initiatives such as STAR and NOVA to help veterans transition into the IT workforce. Goullet and Waddy also sit on boards such as the Harlem Business Alliance, New Jersey Tech Council, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and PACE Monmouth.

Lime Crime – A Revolutionary Brand In Makeup

Lime Crime is a Los Angeles-based cosmetic brand founded by CEO and businesswoman Doe Deere in 2008. The inspiration to develop this brand came from Deere’s distaste of other makeup brands not offering pigmented products. Due to this, their products are highly pigmented. Many of the products offered are based on the CEO’s unique and colorful style. Their headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California which is where all their products are developed by an independent team of cosmetic professionals.


Lime Crime is a trendsetting cosmetic brand that wants to set standards for quality and beauty. Due to this, they have a mission to fulfill. Their mission is to revolutionize makeup. They want to change the way in which people both shop for it and feel when putting it on. In some way, this brand has changed the way people now purchase makeup. They were one of the first online-only cosmetics brands that offered products which you could not find in-store. One could say that this brand has also changed the way people feel when putting on makeup. Their products allow people to express themselves to the fullest.


A huge selection of makeup products is offered by this brand. Their products include lipsticks, hair dye, eyeshadows, highlights, press on nails, and even makeup brushes. Many of the products mentioned come in a variety of different colors. The variety of colors offered by them stands out from other cosmetic brands due to being bright and pigmented. When shopping with this brand, one does not have to worry about the products being dull and sheer.


All of the products offered by Lime Crime are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. This brand is certified by both The Leaping Bunny and PETA which are two organizations dedicated to stopping animal testing. Ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin, whey, or carmine will not be found in any of their products due to them being an animal derivative. Almost everyone employed at their headquarters is animal lovers. Due to this, the employees are dedicated to creating cruelty-free products which will end up saving the lives of animals.


The Achievements Of Investor Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is popularly known for being one of the American Investors. Notably, he served at a hedge fund at the managerial post. He also emerged the victor of the luxurious Templeton Foundation investment challenge.

As well, he founded the great venture newsletter named Profits Unlimited. The success of this is behind his utilization of his abilities, expertise, and know-how for he is the former insider of Wall Street insider. He can thus efficiently give direction to his subscribers exceeding 60,000 into stocks expected to rise.

His birthplace is India, but moved to the US at a young age and swiftly joined the statuses at Wall Street. With an adequate experience of about twenty-five years, he established his research assistant profession in the year 1991 at Deutsche Bank. Notably, it is after this that he speedily projected to popular occupations that enhance the management of accounts worth several-million-dollar for the ING and Bankers Trust and ING. As well, he has improved the management of Sears, a private Swiss bank, and the Royal Bank of Scotland’s money.

Notably, the founder of Kinetics International Fund, which is a $6 billion hedge funding, absorbed him to work as the key manager. Under the headship of Paul, the company asset resources increased to $25 billion thus leading to its naming by Barron’s like the “Globe’s Finest” hedge funding having with an average of about 26% yearly returns in the cause of tenure of Paul.

In consideration of his investment account, Paul Mampilly holds an incredible track record. Many people appreciate Paul highlighting that they have made incredible benefits following the recommendation to them by Paul.

In the year 2012, he ventured in Sarepta Therapeutics as the company was still in its early stages of growth in search of coming with a remedy to muscular dystrophy. This followed his previous investment in Netflix in late 2008 which made him realize the television’s future was progressing to online streaming of videos.

As well, he is also a manager of two trading platforms namely True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. This is in addition to being a writer of a weekly column for the Winning Investor Daily.

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