Billy McFarland; The Brain Behind Magnises

In the past, good and expensive services were reserved for the rich and the old. The young Millennials had no opportunity of getting such services especially owing to the brokenness associated with them. Imagine attending a club where the performing magician is Dough McKenzie and not been overcharged. This is what Magnises and Billy McFarland has been doing to the residents of the Eastern Coast cities of Washington and New York. Magnises targets young Millennials within the age of 35 and 21 years. The club also targets young people working in finance, technology, and fashion industries. Magnises was founded in the year 2014 by a college dropout called Billy McFarland.

In an interview, McFarland said that he founded this company to help the youth establish a perfect network at Life in the big cities can be difficult especially due to similar routine, expensive services and being forced to hang out with same friends. The card allows its members to get discounts at various places such as restaurants, clubs, galleries, bars, hotels and even private concerts. This card is then linked to your debit card or your bank account for payment services. According to the founder, the aim of this card is to bring the benefits of a social media offline. Currently, Magnises has a subscription of about 12,000 Americans. The card does not only attract broke people; but it has also received the attention of notable people within the society such as successful basketball players, songwriters, artists and even actresses.

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Carded: What It’s Like to Own a Magnises Card

With the card, an individual can access a co-working space in New York for just $99. Normally, it would cost a millennial $ 500 to access a co-working space in Alley. This happens to be the place where Magnises maintains their corporate. Subscribers of Magnises also get to enjoy a feature called ClubPass. With this feature, you can access New York clubs for just $ 65 in a month. This includes those clubs that have partnered with Magnises.

Another famous feature within Magnises is a feature called HotelPass. This allows the members to access hotels in Washington and New York for just $ 79. Normally, it would cost you around $245 for the same services. To join Magnises, you must be referred by a friend or a member. You must also send a request to the club by clicking the join now button found on their website. The annual subscription fee for Magnises is $250. Magnises also offers a feature called Magnises NOW. This feature can only be compared to a virtual assistant. With this app, you can access the best places in these cities. It suggests to you the best places you can dine, sleep or get the best massage. The app also can answer general questions about Magnises.

The current Chief Executive Officer of Magnises is Billy McFarland. Billy was born in New York and raised in the state of New Jersey. He has always wanted to be an entrepreneur as he started his first venture at the age of 13. He is also credited for founding another company called Spling while still in college.

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Who Is Jason Halpern?

When you look at the name Jason Halpern, it’s fairly common and is probably the name of many individuals who reside in the U.S. If you dig a bit deeper and narrow down the search you will most likely see that there is one guy with this name that stands out from all else. In this case in particular, Jason Halpern of JMH Development is the man of the hour and has the limelight all to himself.

The Jason Halpern of this article is a Founder and Managing Partner for one of the nations top real estate development firms. He’s a “third generation” generation developer from a company that has more than five decades of managing and constructing a high amount of properties across the country, especially in The State of New York. This stellar track record of success has made (JMH) become the premier real estate developer in New York alone.

Jason Halpern stands out from his peers because he has a unique way of visioning his projects. A lot of due diligence and plenty of respect is what he goes by instead of just focusing on the end result. This respect of character has given him a “key to the city” kind of pass as he’s developed in many of the most prominent cities historic districts. Historic Districts are no easy task since they’re rather particular and hold a lot more value in the public’s eye. Jason Halpern has led JMH Development through the acquisition and building process of numerous landmark buildings. Respect is something that is earned and not just given to as Mr. Halpern closely abides by this sacred unspoken rule.

Mr. Jason Halpern is somewhat a “jack of all trades” (in-a-sense). As success as he may be, this guy still finds time to give back. He’s a natural philanthropist at heart and has donated much of his personal time to charitable sources. The Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center is a big recipient of Mr. Halpern’s charitable actions as it specializes in open heart surgery, the reattachment of limbs, and many more complex medical procedures. He’s also initiated workplace charity through (JMH) and it’s partnership with “Global Water Non-Profit Charity” and it’s $20,000 in capital for every signed contract. This effort has brought clean water to over 650 Nepalese and Ethiopian locals. Whether it’s in business r personal life, Jason Halpern is making a different in the lives of many people and places.

The Creation of Diversant LLC and the Services that it offers.

John Goullet is one of the most recognized professionals in the United States’ Industry. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded various successful companies such as Info Technologies. Mr. Goullet started his career by working as a staffing expert in the IT consultancy and later changed to the staffing sector in 1994. He was the chief executive officer of the company, and he worked hard to ensure that it succeeded in the industry. Info Technologies’ main clients were the Fortune 500 companies. It focused on monitoring the IT staffing gaps that were in the corporate world and strived to ensure that it filled them. John is a hard working individual, and he assisted the company to grow to a net worth of 30 million dollars within five years. The Info Technologies gained the recognition of the Inc. Magazine on of the leading 500 firms in the United States.

In 2010, John Goullet merged Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. to create Diversant LLC. The company is the leading African-American business in the United States, and it has been certified as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. The IT staffing solutions of the firm have been divided into direct hiring, replacement and support of IT professionals, and a broad range of creative services. The services of Diversant LLC are controlled by outstanding policies that ensure the clients, partners and the community that relies on its services. It has robust and long-lasting relationships with its customers since it uses consultative approaches in associating with the clients. The consultation makes the customers consider themselves real partners of the company.

The United States IT industry is developing at a fast rate, and this has created a high demand for the specialists in the industry. The services of Diversant LLC have been assisting various companies to access top IT professionals in the market. The methods that the firm uses in hiring professionals are unique since it checks both academic qualifications and talents of the professionals. Its experience in the industry allows it to match professionals with firms that require their specific expertise.

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Online Purchase of Wine with the UK Vintners

There is no doubt that every year there is a flurry of headlines about the health benefits of wine. From reducing heart attack rates, promoting longevity and reducing the chances of getting a stroke, wine is proved to be a great brain booster. In Britain wine has become part of every meal. From artisanal food like meats, cheese, and cider, the places have visitors flocking for quality fruits sparkling wine. Although there are wine critics, wine from UK vintners is vastly taking up the culture. Britain’s first modern vineyards were founded in the 1950’s.

History of Wineries

From battling the damp, to unpleasant cloudy climate, winemakers struggled to produce high-quality wine for Britons. Between 1980 and 1990, a group of enterprising wineries made a discovery about the cool weather in Britain and its effects to sparkling wine. The weather was perfect for sparkling wine processing and production coupled with the warm summer days. With the low sugars and high acidity of grapes grown in Britain, wineries in the UK produce excellent wine. Among the lovers of the sparkling wine are the Queen of England and English varietals. Lovers of the country’s fizz adore the wine making a boom.

The Society of Vintners

A vintner is a person engaged in winemaking. The Society of Vintners Ltd is a firm composed of 25 members in Britain. Most of the members are independent company owners who decided to merge with like-minded entrepreneurs operating wine companies. The primary objective of Society Members in Britain is to come up with standardized competitive wine prices through the network.

How the Society of Vintners Operates

Through the Society of Vintners, one member is tasked with the responsibility of negotiating with prospective suppliers of a particular wine brand. After a careful consideration of price, quality and service offered, the committee decides on the preferred wine to stock and sells through the Society’s network. After the selection, shipping occurs from Italy, Germany, Spain, South Africa and Chile. All members contribute to the continuity of the society through providing a proper product range presentation. Through that, most suppliers become long term contracts.

Buying Wine Online

For wine lovers, online wine buying makes sense. From party hosting to entertaining, a lot of wine is required for the attendees. At dinner, the host might serve several bottles; hence, the depletion of stocks. It, therefore, makes sense to look into bulk online wine purchasing from the UK vintners.

Through the Briton vintners, clients can buy wine online here.


Turning a Profit as an On-Demand Cleaning Service

In early 2016, CEO Oisin Hanrahan, of the on-demand home cleaning startup Handy, watched his cost-cutting strategy backfire. He had implemented an online method of “onboarding,” or recruiting, cleaning professionals. Handy’s co-founder and COO Umang Dua had resisted the automated recruitment method, fearing it would lead to unqualified candidates and incomplete applications. Eventually he acquiesced to a trial in their Miami and Washington DC markets.

The online onboarding idea came as a reaction to a lukewarm capital raising round. They successfully raised $50 million, but the investors included the caveat that the funds may soon run dry. By late 2015, venture capitalists were becoming more stingy with funding. Fellow startups were struggling to raise capital and even “unicorns” or billion dollar startups, were failing. In order to survive, Handy recognized the need to shift their company’s focus to profitability.

The obvious solution towards improving profitability was to implement the online onboarding solution company-wide. This would save millions a year in payroll. But in the trial, the improvement in efficiency proved disastrous for the customer experience. Successful recruitment dropped 40%, so the demand for cleaning professional quickly exceeded the supply of workers. Appointments had to be canceled, causing an influx of irate customers calling in complaints. But, it proved to be just one of the many necessary roadblocks to overcome on Handy’s path towards profitability.

Sacrificing growth for profitability is a rather new concept for Silicon Valley startups which were comfortably capitalized in 2014 and 2015. Handy Inc was no exception, raising $110M in venture capital that was earmarked for growth and market penetration. But the venture capital bubble started deflating in early 2016, when the amount of funding available contracted by 11% and the number of investments decreased by a whopping 29%. stuck to its guns and weathered the online on-boarding fiasco. Within six months, the online recruitment process had been debugged and enrollments soared. In fact, Handy hopes to become profitable, rather than money burning, by mid-2017.


Eric Lefkofsky: Understanding the Man Behind Groupon and Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is a man of many talents, which he has employed in many of his endeavors that have helped propel him up the entrepreneurial ladder. He is known for co-founding Groupon and Tempus, which are both very successful companies. He is still involved in other businesses. Yes, Lefkofsky is known for his success, which is nothing to scoff at as he is now worth about $1.7 billion, but there is still more to consider about the man.

A Closer Look at Lefkofsky

Lefkofsky grew up in a family where education was valued. His father is a structural engineer while his mother worked as a school teacher. His brother went on to become a lawyer and still serves people in Michigan while his sister became a teacher, like his mother. Lefkofsky took his talents elsewhere and joined the entrepreneurial industry.

He started with small companies like an apparel company, which was relatively successful, but it was not what he wanted to do. Eric Lefkofsky started another company that later became Groupon, which he used to continue his endeavors like initiating Tempus, which helps doctors give patients customized care.

What Drives Leftofsky?

It is clear that Tempus is the kind of company that this young entrepreneur was meant to start. His entire household valued helping people in someway. There was bound to be a moment when those values shined through in his businesses. Lefkofsky has actually done a lot for people throughout his very young life.

The young man has been involved in several philanthropic endeavors, and most of those have proven to be rewarding. One aspect of his life that is very important to this business man is his Lefkofsky Foundation. The foundation or charitable trust focuses on educational and scientific causes. The foundation does not have any borders because it has given to over 50 causes around the world. It should be noted that there is a significant focus on causes that affect children.

The reason is simple, both Eric Lefkofsky and his wife feel that children are the future of the world. Investing in the proper education of children will only benefit the world as a whole. This is an aspect of Lefkofsky that most people are unaware of, but it makes perfect sense once one digs into his life and values. The young man is also heavily involved in the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. In fact, the man is so involved he is on the board of directors. It was important for him to get involved in more than just the education of children but also their health.

Lefkofsky is also on the board of director in several cultural-enriching institutions like the The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry. Some are surprised that he is even a Trustee for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Yes, the Steppenwolf Theater Company is one of the most respected theater companies that offers riveting performances. There is absolutely no doubt that this man has varied interests that one can see with his investments.

Those who know Lefkofsky as a successful business man should also know that he is a man who shares his success with society. This is a man who sees much more than just his own immediate needs, which some consider admirable.

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Adam Milstein Emerges the 50 top Most Influential Figures in Jewish Community

Oct 5th, 2016, Jerusalem Post recognizes Adam Milstein as one of the most influential people in Jewish’s figures. Adam is indicated as no 39 among the 50 top most influential individuals who has made positive changes and impacts in the world and also has a potential to affect the world in the coming years.

Adam is recognized for his leadership as a co-founder and the chairman of the IAC which is the Israel-America Council. He is also an activist, a philanthropist and a leader in various Jewish organizations including Stand By Me, StandwithUs, Birthright Israel and the Israel on Campus Coalition just to mention a few.

On the Jerusalem Posts list, other prominent leaders such as the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, philanthropist Sheldon Adelson, and the U.S Senator Charles Schumer are also mentioned, whom Adam states that he is humbled and honored to be amongst. Various Jewish leaders including Malcolm Hoenlein and Natan Sharansky are also referred to in the list.

Adam says that he is grateful to his wife Gila Milstein, the IAC organizations and the different Jewish organizations across the world that he has the privilege to partner with to bring positive change. He further states that the award is a historic accomplishment of the Israel-America community.

Milstein Family Foundation focuses on a mission that is basically built on two pillars, which are strengthening the Jewish people and the general homeland state of Israel and building synergies between different organizations. This is expected to be accomplished by embracing the principle of active philanthropy and funding projects that are based on improving the lifestyle of the Jewish community.

Adam Milstein is an activist who provides helpful services and charitable projects to a wide range of Jewish organizations across the globe to help affirm and strengthen the U.S-Israel relationship, the Jewish community as well as the state of Israel at large.

Adam operates under a philanthropic philosophy which includes life path impact, active philanthropy, and philanthropic synergy. The three philosophies aims at developing organizations that continuously involves the target audience by creating programs tailored for education, childhood and different phases of life.

Building A Lip Balm Company With Superior Design

The competition for lip balm has heated up in recent years as a small start up, Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, has captured a significant market share from its competition to emerge as the second largest lip balm maker in the United States. Just how they were able to do so was the focus of an recent article.

The company’s founders spotted an opportunity in the personal care market, and specifically the lip balm market, where the competition was not innovating and creating new products for customers. Instead get competed by lowering the price of their products and competing that way. EOS lip balm found that if they listened to their potential customers they could disrupt the market.

The co founder of EOS, Sanjiv Mehra, had come from a product design role for companies like Pepsi and Unilever, and was aware of the significant importance that product design could have on a company. When designing an applicator for EOS’s lip balm he listened to customers who were concerned about the sanitary nature of a balm, but liked the look of the small pots that were being introduced to the market. To bridge the gap he helped to introduce an applicator orb that allows for a smooth application of EOS lip balm. This design has been so popular it is now copied by many competitors.

Then EOS went to work in designing a product that captured what their customers wanted; interesting and good flavored lip balms with all natural ingredients in colorful containers. The product was then priced at a premium of $3.00 per unit, a premium for lip balm but easily affordable, and their business exploded. In less than ten years EOS is the second largest in the industry and is clearly a big and unique player in the lip balm market. Visit evolution of smooth website, the company’s Linked In profile and Pinterest page ( for more information.


Brad Reifler Cautions Citizens To Carefully Follow The Plans Of The Presidential Candidates


Brad Reifler, a successful entrepreneur, wrote for Huffington post about the elections. As the presidential campaign intensifies, Brad encourages the citizens to follow closely and monitor the plans of each candidate. He outlines that either candidate will definitely alter the current system and the key areas of the economy when elected. The plans of each candidate will have a significant impact to the live hood of every citizen; hence no single idea should be left unturned before putting into action.  This is all covered in his article How The Presidential Race Could Shape The Economy’s Future.


While Clinton and Trump both aim at simplifying the tax code, none of them has explained in lengthy their interest in the tax code. However, Trump has described through his website where he outlines the need to scrap for citizens to itemize their aspects of tax returns. While Clinton hopes to crack the tax code for small enterprises where she believes, that will have a greater impact in the world of business.

Brad further writes about child care tax, where both candidates have reached an agreement in breaking the child-care tax. This will result in providing subsidies for the increased child-care costs.


Estate taxes is another crucial part the citizens should pay attention to. Trump’s plan is to totally repeal the estate tax and in addition, increase the number of capital gains taxes and offset this through subsidies small farms and enterprises. On the contrary, Clinton plans to lower estate taxes, and she is interested in increasing the percentage gained from this amount. However, she agrees with Trump in waiving certain aspects of the estate tax.


Brad Reifler, a dedicated serial entrepreneur as he is known on, has founded and also served various

organizations has gained vast experience in the world of entrepreneurship. He is the founder and the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital based in New York City. Before founding Forefront, he founded Pali Capital Inc. where he served as the CEO and the chairman of the company. Brad is also the owner of Magnificent Sky Blue Farm in Millbrook.


Brad Reifler has served on various boards including European American investment bank, Genesis Securities, and Foresight Research Solutions among others. Brad is a graduate of Bowdoin College. Read about what Brad is trying to accomplish with his new investment firm in the Yahoo Finance article titled Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Want to Diversify Your Portfolio.

White Shark Media Works Well For Any Company In Any Industry

One thing that could be said for White Shark Media is that the experts can come up with something effective for any industry. Therefore, no one is excluded from the company. White Shark Media has successfully served many different companies from different industries. They have each grown significantly in sales and other aspects. Therefore, they are some of the most trustworthy experts in the industry. One of the reasons that White Shark Media is so effective and successful in what they do is that they are unassuming. They remember that each client and business is an individual. Therefore, they customize each campaign to the individual client.


It does not matter whether a company is an online electronics seller or a health care company, White Shark Media is willing to put together advertising campaigns that are effective for the company. They have shown a lot of ability in doing so as well. For one thing, they have put together many different campaigns that had focused and elegant wording. Therefore, people not only clicked on the ad, but they have bought from the company as well at a higher rate. This is perhaps one of the very important things about advertising for a business. The conversion rate is very important.


According to, conversion is something that businesses go for. While many other people may try to get the most visits, it is the businesses that know how to seal the deal that get the most conversions. For one thing, people will be able to take on new phases for their businesses. They can do things like expand and bring in more products to sell to their customers as it depends on the business model. Whatever the plans are, White Shark Media is very helpful in the success of the goals. Clients can trust the company to come up with something very effective.


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