Key Reasons for Engaging in Investment Banking

Investment banking is in more demand today than both retail and commercial banking. The advantages that these banks offer are responsible for their steadily increasing popularity. An investment bank assists companies and people to raise capital through engaging in the stock exchange market and making investments, a service that other banks do not offer at all.

James Dondero, the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management and an experienced investment banker, through this company, is helping corporates and individuals to understand investment banking and enhance their investments and growth in portfolios. The veteran investment banker is also the Portfolio Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund. Mr. Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the investment field. Before founding Highland Capital Management in 1993, he served as the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Lifeís GIC subsidiary. In between 1890 and 1993, he helped the company to grow from concept to over two billion US dollars. From 1985 to 1989, Mr. Dondero managed about one billion US dollars in fixed income funds for American Express. His portfolio management experience includes real estate, common stocks, preferred stocks, leveraged bank loans, and mortgage-backed securities, among many others.

Mr. Dondero received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commerce, Accounting and Finance Option, from the University of Virginia. The professional is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Managerial Accountant. The renowned investment banker currently serves on the Board of Directors for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and American Banknote and as the Chairman of the Board for NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Knowledgeable bankers agree that there are many reasons for engaging in investment banking. Investment banks not only act as agents for their clients, but they also underwrite and issue securities. Many companies and individuals acquire the services of these banks for the underwriting and issuance of securities every day.

Investment banks specialize in providing specific investment services such as market marking, equity securities, fixed income commodities, and trading of derivatives. These specialized banking institutions also facilitate and overlook the entire merger and acquisition processes. Informed investors will always seek them as they specialize in these investment fields.

Investment banking provides the most secure platform for investors to build and maintain their investments as they have access to well-informed professionals who offer very useful insights into the investment field, including stock exchange. These professionals, also, have the knowledge of how to find and invest in the most cost-effective products available in various industries. This means corporate bodies and individuals have an opportunity to excel in business when they engage in investment banking. Therefore, they should always seek the services and advice of investment bankers as they can benefit from the latest and adept insights on investing money and raising capital.

Christian Broda Defender of the U.S. Dollar

What is an economist? The average person walking down the street may not be able to answer the question of what an economist does with much confidence. Some may ask do they handle money? Some may be able to say that economists study money but not be able to explain any further than that. Economist are people who have received a Ph.D. in Economics, also they have taught the science of economics, and finally that these individuals have published papers in a least one economic field. Many people meet all of these standards and work in many different fields. Economists often work in the world of finance trying to understand where money is being spent and why. The two main levels of study are first the micro level where a subset of an economy is considered; like the basics of supply and demand. The macroeconomic level involves a greater scope like trade between nations. In this way, many different factors can be observed.

On the international level, there is an economist that has straddled the line between being an academic and a financier. Christian Broda has written papers for the American Economic Review as well as for the Journal of International Economics. Broda can argue economic policies with the top of the field yet still help the average person who is starting a hedge fund company. He took time to outline to CNN iReport five things that those wanting to start hedge funds should do. He is currently working as a Managing Director with the company Duquesne Capital Management.

Many ordinary people have been hearing for years that the American dollar was on the decline. This has been repeated over the years but Christian Broda is a defender of the dollar. After the economic trouble in 2009 many economist were arguing that the dollar was going to continue the trend it had begun of declining. Broda denied the allegations. He posited that the dollar would actually do better than it had before and that the inflation rate would not rise above five percent. Now again the dollar is under attack. There are some economists that say the dollar will fall to a one-world currency. Broda does not believe that will happen. He thinks investors should stay in dollar denoted investments. He says the dollar should actually become stronger.

With investors, and economists, on the side of the dollar it is hard to understand how it could not be strengthened. The world has followed the trend Christian Broda predicted it would follow before. The dollar needs champions like Broda. Men that will help guide investors into success not only for the dollar but also for the country.

Why Should Anyone Choose to Get Investment Help?

When someone is looking to make an investment of any kind, that individual might turn to professionals for help, or that individual might decide to do things on their own. While some are comfortable making investment decisions on their own, others need help in order to do such a thing. When someone turns to a professional, they can get the knowledgeable advice that they need in order to make a decision that is good and right. Those who are concerned about the money that they are investing will seek the best help available.

Should an individual look for help with the investing that they are doing? Reuters reports that should an individual get help when they are making an investment? Some think that they should, and others think that they shouldn’t. It can be profitable to get help in such a time.

Brad Reifler is someone who is a big part of the world of investing and investment. He is an individual who knows about the investment world and the good that can come about when someone makes an investment that is smart. Brad Reifler knows all of the trouble that can come about when someone makes a foolish investment. This man knows about the investing world, and he would most likely recommend that those looking to invest get the professional help that they need.

Staying Ahead of the Game: Damage Control and Online Reputation Management

In today’s world, businesses compete for customers on many different fronts. In the age of the internet, business must now incorporate online ratings into their marketing plans. There are several websites that function as a forum for customers to post negative or positive reviews. Due to the increase relevance of online business ratings, a recent article on discusses the importance including internet ratings in a business’s marketing plan.

From Zero to Five Stars discusses the affect that online ratings can have on a business. The author states that the “megaphone effect” is the ability of a person to write a quick review of a business, whether accurate or not, and that review will be read by thousands of people. This can encourage or dissuade new customers. A recent survey by Search Engine Land found that nine out of ten people believe that online reviews are an accurate reflection of a business.

Unfortunately, every review online may not be honest. In order to manage these reviews the article suggested a specific course of action. Monitoring the digital business profile allows the business to stay a breast of customer reviews. In the event that a negative review is posted, the owner can handle the issue quickly rather than being blindsided by a review that lingers online. In the event of a negative review, the article recommended that the owner quickly contact the reviewer and inquire about the issues the customer had. The owner should apologize and ask that the customer return to try the services again and some discount.

As expert in the field of reputation management is Darius Fisher the CEO of StatusLabs. Along with his headquarters in Austin, Texas, StausLabs also has offices is New York City and Sao Poalo, Brazil. Mr. Fisher has several suggestions for businesses managing their online reputation. Having a detailed plan, constantly adding new content to the business’s website and make sure not to neglect good old fashioned “word of mouth” off-line business.

The internet is consistently changing how businesses function and the customer relations therein. Keeping tabs on this aspect of marketing can ensure that every customer is spreading a positive review and even negative reviews can be dealt with quickly. This secures a positive reputation for years to come.

Joseph Bismarck: The Spiritual Business Leader


Today, I was perusing WordPress and came across an interesting post on the blog Just Judy and Her Dog. The article is titled Joseph Bismark — Bringing Spirituality into Marketing.

The article struck a chord with me because Bismark has lived an extraordinary life. As a child, he travelled to the Philippine mountains to become a monk. Later in life, he decided to take what he learned as a monk and apply it to a corporate career. 

He was able to turn his marketing knowledge, combined with his spiritual focus on life to propel his career forward. He is now on the board of directors for the Singapore-based QI Group of Companies and a founder of RHYTHM, which focuses on corporate and social responsibility. 

The truly inspirational component of the Joseph Bismark blog post is that he did not compromise his spiritual belief to succeed in what is often perceived of as a corrupt corporate environment. He has passed on to his employees the value of spiritual living and comradery.

Fortunately for me and other readers, Joseph has chosen to share his experience and vast knowledge through a series of books and blogs, including Gems of Wisdom—the newest addition to my favorites list.


Boraie Development is leading the way to revitalizing a long languishing stretch of land in New Jersey’s Atlantic City, according to a recent story in the Press of Atlantic City. The proposed development would bring much needed market rate rental apartments to an area that’s long been in need of housing suitable for today’s millennials, and would be a boost to this very neglected spot.

The Boraie Development project is being called The Beach at South Inlet, and it is a 250 unit apartment complex built in a modern, geometric shape that surrounds an appealing courtyard and pool. It’s all being created with the millennial market in mind, and the sleek style shown in the plans by Boraie Development LLC have had members of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority Board of Directors feeling hopeful and enthused about the future of the area, which is referred to as Blocks 132 and 133.

How did an 8-acre parcel of land stay vacant for so long in this city? The South Inlet area was once a neighborhood of single family residences, but the area was largely bulldozed back in the mid-1960s to make way for what was supposed to be a new and vital housing development. The development, along with many other proposed revitalization projects never came to be, and neighbors in the adjoining areas speak of looking at the bleak, weed-strewn area and wondering if a new project will ever take off there. With the new plans being talked about from Boraie Development, it looks as if new housing and a new sense of excitement about Atlantic City real estate may finally come to pass and become a reality.

Key members of the CRDA board have spoken about the development idea with great enthusiasm. The hope is also that The Beach at South Inlet might also be a crucial catalyst to other residential building happening in the adjoining areas. That’s a vision that would obviously be win-win for this too long forgotten piece of Atlantic City.

A vote is due September 30 which will decide on the allocation of funds. It’s hoped that the vote will go in favor of the project, with more revitalization of New Jersey to come.

Whites Should Be Allowed to Comment #GrowingUpWhite

The “#GrowingUpBlack” hashtag continues to trend across social networks today, Monday, July 20, after experiencing an uptick in popularity last week because of recent news stories about conflicts in the American South and the outpouring of Handy experiences from members of other ethnic groups. Almost everyone that participated received positive feedback as long as their hashtagged comments were not racist or hateful. Yet, one entire group received almost immediate harsh, negative feedback from members of all the rest for simply joining in the fun: whites.

The negative feedback came primarily from African-Americans and blacks who felt that white people using the “#GrowingUpWhite” tag were being racist by not allowing the other ethnic groups to solely experience this event. Several of them also made racist comments against whites, such as saying that whites merely copy everything that blacks and other ethnic groups do because their culture is not as great.

Yet, many #GrowingUpBlack experiences were not unique. As the BBC pointed out, using cookie tins as sewing kits or calling your mom’s friends your “aunts,” for example, are common trends among other ethnic groups including whites. Many people believe that some African-Americans and blacks are attempting to use the tag as a form of social protest against whites. They also believe that those who are doing so need to be more sensitive to their own racist attitudes.

Modern Collections with Adam Sender

Modern Collections with Adam Sender

People have always been fascinated by art, whether it is for the stories pieces tell or the way some works compliment a room, there are many wonderful benefits from collecting paintings, sketches, sculptures, or other various expressions. Some people invest in works and others merely like to hold a piece of history; art continues to mirror our culture and surroundings. Adam Sender, profiled in this article, has been collecting various works of art since the 1990’s and has amassed quite a collection. The art collector has acquired so many pieces that he holds shows around the country where he exhibits artists like Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Rashid Johnson. Adam Sender recently hosted a collection that has a value exceeding $100 million. He goes on to mention how the financial side of collecting art has changed since he first began. Sender comments that pieces that were once affordable for a normal financier have become more expensive and have affected the overall margins. 

There are many collectors that have genuine and unique collections, but many will tell you how many duds they have reached for in the process. Adam Sender has been really consistent with his investments and it is impressive how often he seems to pick the best pieces that increase value relatively quickly. He has a strong passion for contemporary art which is showcased throughout his collections. He possesses as focus that enables Adam to acquire pieces that speak to the times and the culture of our generations. One of his strongest traits is his ability to communicate and consult with some of the top female dealers in the industry. Many in the art world appreciate Sender for his knack for wanting to share his collections. There are many people that purchase art and lock it up for only royalty and their family to see. Adam Sender believes in showcasing his art and letting the viewer experience the same feelings that initially drew him to the piece.

Adam Sender currently lives in New York City where he continually looks for new artists. He has a certain ability to be able to spot the best pieces in the room and his tastes enable him to invest wisely in the art market. Sender has featured and own pivotal pieces from artist whom include Keith Haring, Martin Kippenberger, Dan Flavin, Adam McEwen and Lucien Smith. As an ex hedge fund manager, Sender prides himself on what he did not buy as much as what he did purchase. There are many different trends and fads that appear in the art industry and he seemed to gravitate to those that had staying power. Adam Sender continues to be a key player in the contemporary art market and is giving us a lot to look forward to. 

A Guide to Investment Protection

Protecting Your Investments
Being investment savvy is the best way to protect your investments. To remain financially healthy, study the advice of top investment advisers. One of these is the global bond manager, Robert Kessler. These professionals have been involved in investing for decades. Robert Kessler is often referred to as a contrarian of the Treasury bond market. His investment landscape is based on solid returns over the long term. Thus, he has often been on target with advice to protect investments. Contrary to many Wall Street investment moguls, Kessler believes that interest rates of the US Federal Reserve should not be raised. His is just one of the opinions that also hold that bonds are the safest investments even though they do not bring in the huge ROI percentage of short term and Forex investments. Kessler’s opinion flies in the face of opposition that believes treasury bonds are risky, overvalued and generally undesirable.

Which are Today’s Best Investments?
Most investors put their investment money into stocks. These may be common or preferred stock. Preferred stocks are those stocks sold that can be recalled at any time by the publicly traded company. Common stocks using perform well and offer a higher yield on ROI. Most investors prefer to diversify the types of stocks they hold in their investment portfolios. These investments may include combinations of common stock, mutual funds that invest in securities and bonds. Bond may be treasury, state or municipal bonds.

Know Market Trends
The best investments depend on whether the stock market is “Bear or Bull.” In a Bull market, shares generally rise which encourages more buying. A Bear market means prices have fallen which encourages investors to sell rather than buy. A solidly arranged investment portfolio can be created by diversification so that the investor has a relatively stable financial future.

What Type of Investor Are You?
Your investing style influences the success of your investment portfolio. Many investors prefer a fast turnaround for the money they invest. In this case, they may enjoy a good ROI. They may choose to reinvest good returns in longer term investments like bonds. It’s is also important to understand that faster turnaround in investment returns can have a negative impact should a sudden market trend become a Bear market.

Recently, Christine LaGarde, CEO of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Janet Yellen, Chairwoman of the US Federal Reserve, cautioned investors on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at a gathering of female economists sponsored by the Institute for New Economic Thinking. They stated that stock valuations are “quite high” and that there are “risks” seen “in the equity market.” Check the Wall Street Journal or the Cornelsen Twitter feed daily to stay current on market trends.

Man Posing As Armored Guard Robs Walmart of $75,000

During the July 4th weekend, a man pretending to be a regular armored truck driver, robbed an Oklahoma Walmart of nearly $75,000. There were no guns, no violence, and no threats, the man simply tricked Walmart employees into handing over the money.

Walmart was expecting a pickup that day, and the man, dressed in similar attire worn by armored employees, confidently walked to the cash room, and announced he was there for the deposit.

He signed for the cash, then casually exited the store.

Brad Reifler said the employees never paid close attention to the man, nor any ID or discrepancies about him, and handed over the money as per Reuters reporting.

The bandit didn’t even have an armored truck. He rode away in a black, four-door Chevrolet Malibu.

The employees never realized they had been robbed, until thirty minutes later, the real Loomis armored truck employees arrived for the pickup, alerting the employees they had been tricked.

Walmart surveillance cameras have images of the poised suspect and the getaway vehicle.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are now investigating due to the amount of the heist.