Freedom to Escape: Yeonmi Park’s Testimony on Escaping North Korea

As early as eight-years-old, Yeonmi Park’s life in North Korea came plagued with complications. Her father found himself arrested for smuggling metals, and sent to a prison labor camp. Yeonmi’s mother, Keum Sook Byeon, left her children to pursue her husband’s freedom. Alone and surviving off plants and insects, Yeonmi barely escaped starvation before her mother returned. However, it wasn’t until three years later that Yeonmi’s father managed to bribe himself out of prison. And at nine, a terrified Yeonmi saw the killing of her best friend’s mother. Lined up along eight others, the woman stood sentenced and executed for watching South Korean films.
It was an execution that forever stuck with Yeonmi, and made it clear that her country was ruled by a suspicious and punishing dictatorship. Nonetheless, freedom was a concept that never scrapped her thoughts, while living under a heavily regulated North Korea.

Growing up and escaping such a country is what human rights activist, Yeonmi Park, shares in her remarkable memoir, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. It’s a memoir that shapes her testimony escaping North Korea, and surviving the world thereafter.

According to’s article on Yeonmi’s memoir, her story began on the last day of March of 2007. During the night, a then 13-year-old Yeonmi and her mother desperately crossed the ice-covered Yalu River into bordering China. However, growing up underneath a state-controlled media, both had little awareness of what waited ahead. In the years of her escape, Yeonmi told the she faced inconceivable horrors while searching for refuge in China. It wasn’t until the help of missionaries did Yeonmi escape into the Gobi Desert. Eventually, she found herself in South Korea and received citizenship.

Yeonmi’s story of survival has taken the hearts of many readers, while placing her under scrutiny. North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, has spoken out to discredit her story with accusations of her being a U. S. agent. Yet, now free, Yeonmi continues to speak against the country’s abuse and tyranny over its people. She had been interviwed by international media like the NY Times and many more.

George Soros On The Chinese Economic Situation

Whenever George Soros speaks, everyone with any investments should listen. Bloomberg listens and reports on his speeches at the numerous economic summits where he opines on matters economic. Soros is a rich man; he began a hedge fund in New York City in the 1950s, and it has soared in value to be worth $24 billion. He no longer works at his hedge fund but spends his time working for the betterment of humanity as the director and founder of his Open Society Foundation on Soros is a force for liberal change and openness in government in America and the rest of the world.

There has been an ongoing right-wing attack campaign aimed to discredit Soros. It seems that the Republican one percenters on don’t like his political stances or his support for Snopes. He has been labeled both a communist and a fascist by those on the right of the political spectrum. This is hard to do for anyone who knows the difference between the two words. But for those who seek to discredit Soros, any attack is deemed worthy.

The reality about the man George Soros is that he is a valuable, knowledgable person and America should prize him as an adopted son of Uncle Sam. His childhood was spent in Hungary in a prosperous family that was turned upside down by the incursion of German forces occupying Hungary during the Second World War and later by Russian Communist liberating forces. He and his family were able to flee to the United Kingdom where he received his education on, and finally, Soros entered the United States and began his successful career in the financial world.
 His most famous investment strategy, which resulted in a gain of more that $1 billion, came in 1992 when Soros foresaw a monetary crisis occurring in the United Kingdom. He bet against the Pound Sterling, which traded against other currencies on the Foreign Exchange Currency Market, and his position paid off, allowing him to realize that tremendous profit.

George Soros is, currently saying and probably doing the same thing to the various Asian currencies. He feels that they are overvalued and because of the debt crisis which is occurring in China that the yuan, the Chinese currency, will lose value. He goes on to stipulate that all Asian currencies will lose value because all currencies in the area are interconnected.
Soros has been very right in the past, and investors should listen to him now.

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There Is An Ever Changing Dog Food Market

As the years have gone on, dog food manufacturers have been adapting to an ever changing market. Pet owners really cherish their pets these days, even more than ever. As a result of this, they are being more mindful of what is being fed to their pets. The makers of pet food have been forced to increase the quality of their food, and they certainly have measured up to the challenge. In fact, pet food has become more nutritious than ever. In the past, small pet food companies catered to these sorts of interests. However, major pet food companies have begun to measure up to the challenge. Not only have they measured up to the challenge, but they have made their pet foods more successful than ever. In addition to selling a lot of pet food products, companies are assisting the health of dogs across the country.
Nestle PurinaStore is one of the biggest players in the pet food industry. In addition to selling a large amount of pet food, they are committed to helping dogs be healthier. They have a number of different lines of pet food, but one of their most successful brands is Beneful. Beneful has been sold all over the country.

This brand of dog food has been made in different forms. Beneful has foods that are designed for different ages and sizes of pets. Beneful offers pet food that is aimed at the nutritional needs of puppies. This type of Beneful is aimed at giving young dogs the materials needed for growth. They also have a brand of Beneful aimed at supporting the health of older dogs. Beneful also has a brand of dog food that is aimed at being helpful for dogs that need to lose weight. Also, there is a type of Beneful that is meant for small dogs. has been created with exquisite meats. All of the Beneful products use exclusively natural materials. Beneful also has plant based materials that benefit the health of dogs. There are real vegetables in Beneful, and grains are also in the food.

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Feeding With Beneful Selections

I have given my dog Beneful products ever since I got her as a puppy. She is now almost a year old, and I wouldn’t change her diet for anything else. The food that she eats for her meals has given her the strength and energy that she needs during her first year of life. She has a beautiful coat, and her muscles are developing as they should.

When I got my dog, I started her on the Beneful Healthy Puppy. The dry food: has morsels that are just the right size for her mouth. All of the vitamins and minerals are blended with the food along with natural ingredients that I can read on the bag. The food has agreed well with her stomach, and it seems to be made of flavors that she enjoys.

I will give my dog wet food as a treat. I enjoy the small containers of wet products that Purinastore Beneful offers. You can see some of the ingredients, such as peas and carrots, as soon as you open the lid. If she doesn’t eat all of the food, I can store it until later in the day. Her favorite seems to be the Chopped Blends that are in small pieces and easy for her to chew.

One of the ways that I have trained my dog is to give her treats. Beneful has a large selection of treats for dogs of all sizes. Dental Ridges with bacon are a favorite. They offer a tasty treat while keeping her teeth clean between brushings.

I recently saw the Baked Delights in a Wal-Mart store. Seeing that they were natural, I knew I had to try them. My dog enjoys the bacon and cheese sugar cookies. They look like a cookie that people would consume and are just the right size for her as a snack during the day.


Sleepwear For Everyday Use

Comfort is what our clothes should give us. The problem is that the latest styles on are rife with strings, ties and all sorts of adornments that are far from being comfortable. Fashion trends are funny, in a way. They ebb and flow more than the tides in the ocean, so if all those adornments are not doing it for you, wait a week or two, the tides will change.

Keeping up with fashion can sometimes be a difficult task. If one does not have the ears and eyes of a fashion insider they could quickly find themselves out of the loop. One way to combat this is through visiting JustFab. They keep visitors and members up to date on the latest fashion and shoe styles.

JustFab offers the latest style of shoes, handbags, and accessories. They have even begun to offer the latest jeans styles for almost every size and taste. Finding out what is going on in the fashion industry does not have to be difficult. Finding the right site to visit is simply a click of the mouse on the JustFab site.

One of the newest trends in fashion is wearing of pajama tops outside of the home. Many stylists offer a variety of comfortable and fashion sensible styles that will work going out with friends, or even wearing to the office. Choosing the right top will entail getting correct fabrics and prints that will work in most settings.

First and foremost it is suggested to pick neutral colors that would and will closely replicate dress shirts. There are a number of button down styles that will work great under a blazer or vest to set the new standard in comfort for office wear.

This new pajamas tops style will work great when coupled with the right slacks or jeans. Belted and cinched at the waist the pajamas top can offer an innovative way to stay comfortable all day while still being in style. An oversized or cropped blazer helps to top off the look and keep the style professional.

At JustFab one can even find some nice ankle boots to help polish the look. If boots are not the preferred choice, maybe a nice pair of flats or even athletic shoes can help to set the tone of the style. A boho handbag makes the look super casual on Instagram, and a stylish handbag can make the look something that can go from office to night out with the girls.

Pajamas tops are moving into every area of the fashionista’s world in JustFab. Great for lounging, sleeping, play and office wear, they are the perfect change up from the dull and normal. Having a number of different colors and styles will help shakeup the dull or drab wardrobe.

Why Is Slyce So Interesting To Tech Firms?

Tech firms like Slyce because it is an interesting intersection of search technology and image recognition. The company has been putting together some strong quarters, and their company is so financially strong that it has been able to make itself strong enough to withstand takeover attempts. They have a lot of new partners, and their best technology is coming out very soon.

The technology that Slyce is leaning on is the universal scanner that they know lots of other companies want, and Yahoo! Finance has been really excited about how the company is looking. They are going to release the Universal Scanner to help people scan items that they want to buy, and the scanner will scan any kind of bar code it can find. It will act as a supplement to the picture search that people use, and it will make it easier for people to get the the prices that they need for their shopping.

Shopping gets even easier for people when they save all their search results in the program. The program is perfect because it gives people shopping results from around the world, and the program makes it even easier for people to shop because they have better partners.

The partners at Slyce are Neiman Marcus, and Zappos. These companies get their results right to the top, and they offer alternatives to people who are looking for great things that will not cost them much money. The best shoppers will be able to enjoy the results they find, and there are many people who will love the results that had nothing to do with their pictures.

The Slyce app is emerging as the only app that people should use to shop. It is the perfect thing for people who are looking for new ways to shop, and it will help people find things that they saw around town. Pictures will speak a thousand words when they give results in the app, and the people that are searching in the app will never have to spend a second wondering where something came from every again.

New Players in NYC Real Estate

Manhattan has a residential real estate scene that is both exciting and daunting as well. New brokerage firms, and even some well-established firms, are drawn to the market because of the much higher price points, which can lead to higher commission, but New York’s real estate industry is one of the most competitive in the country. According to Real Estate Weekly, the key to entering the New York real estate market and flourishing is developing the right marketing and branding, with the right people who all share the right ambition and leadership style.

TOWN Residential has been one of the few industry upstarts which have been able to grow rapidly in the New York real estate scene.

TOWN Residential was founded by Andrew Heiberger in 2010 and his company is succeeding because he knew early on what his marketing direction was going to be. He developed a plan, and engaged the right people to help him in achieving his goals. For Heiberger, his success can be attributed to the neighborhood based-approach. He is a firm believer that you must know the neighborhood to sell the neighborhood. The neighborhood approach helps assess the type of real estate you will be selling and the type of broker you need to hire. If you do not attract the high end broker, chances are you also do not attract luxury real estate. TOWN Residential plans to have offices in every neighborhood across Manhattan and Brooklyn to continue their growth in the real estate industry.

Guido Barilla On A Crusade That Pasta Is Healthy For You

For years now, dietitians have been outspoken against pasta and its high carbohydrates. Many see eating pasta as a sure way to gain weight. But Italian pasta manufacturer Barilla wants to change the attitudes of American pasta consumers. CEO Guido Barilla says lasagna, spaghetti, and penne are healthy for you despite the negative perception of pasta.

Sitting down to a daily plate of pasta, Guido Barilla contends that pasta is the foundation of the highly popular Mediterranean diet. The diet does include pasta in its recommendations and recipes, but the Mediterranean diet’s other items capture the spotlight. The diet incorporates pasta as a side dish, not as a main course. The recommended serving size is 1/2 to 1 cup of pasta.

At one of Barilla’s three New York City restaurants, Barilla told CNNMoney, “People do not know the facts.” Americans eat pasta differently than Italian’s do. The American diner eats in excess of one cup of pasta generously drowns it in red or white sauce and pours too much salt on it. Naysayers to pasta as a healthy food choice contend a pasta dinner is full of carbohydrates, salt, and sugar.

While pasta has an elevated carbohydrate count, Barilla contends its a matter of portion control. While critics emphasize pasta sauce is loaded with sugar, Barilla says Americans have a more demanding palette for tasty sauces. As Italians enjoy a basic plate of pasta and sauce, Americans crave more oregano, basil, garlic and sugar to enhance the flavor.

With concern raised about eight grams of sugar in a single pasta serving, Barilla finds it ironic that Americans don’t hesitate to sit down to a bowl of sugar-ladenTrix or Fruit Loops cereal. These and other cereal products have ten or more grams of sugar per serving.

Though Guido Barilla dismissed the sugar content in Barilla’s sauces and recipes as unhealthy, he disclosed that company food scientists are investigating ways to lower sugar, salt and fat content in Barilla products.

Though he faces competition from the successful Atkins and Paleo diet platforms, Guido Barilla’s is determined to tell the world that pasta is healthy for you.

Madison Street Capital, LLC is a major worldwide banking and financial institution. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital, LLC views emerging markets as the focal point for growth worldwide. The firm is regarded as experts in corporate governance, financial advisory services and opinion, acquisitions, mergers and business valuation.

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Sam Tabar Shares New Footage of Star Wars: Rogue One

Star Wars: Rogue One Has New Screencaps Ready

Star Wars: Episode VIII is more than a year away, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already been more than a smash hit at the box office. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward to this year. For one, Sam Tabar has introduced some new footage that he first announced on Sam Tabar’s page.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set to hit theaters towards the end of 2016 and will be the first film in a standalone Star Wars anthology movie series. Tabar told us that Gareth Edwards, the director for the movie, has been pretty careful as far as keeping information regarding the film’s story and plot away from the public. Only a few small things regarding the movie’s setting are what’s already known to people.

Luckily for the public, there’s been some revelation into what happens in the movie, thanks to some reports from Tabar and a Disney shareholder’s meeting that recently took place in Chicago. Disney CEO Bob Iger played a reel of film, which further confirms that Rogue One would take place some time for Episode IV in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Iger said that with the film being the very first in a spinoff series, there’s some familiar ground covered. The movie is about a group of Rebels who are trying to steal to plans for the Death Star, which indeed is before Episode IV. The footage shown involved a stormtrooper in black armor and definitely felt nostalgic.

“Venom” Franchise to be Separate From Spider-Man

It’s funny how some movie studios “get” Marvel superheroes and some just don’t. Disney strikes gold nearly every time out with their Marvel movies. Meanwhile, Sony’s Spider-man reboot flopped and Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot was a fiasco.

Sony smartly decided to get help from Disney by allowing Spider-Man to appear in upcoming Avengers movies. They’ve slyly made another decision as well. They are going to make Venom movies without Spider-Man’s involvement.

If you don’t know, Venom is more or less an evil version of Spider-man. While he typically relies on Dan Newlin for his legal needs, there’s a lot more to Venom than meets the common now. The costume, which he developed with Dan Newlin on Monster, is an alien symbiote that corrupts the person who wears it. Venom has been a very popular villain and anti-hero in Marvel Comics for decades.

To put Venom in his own movie is a fascinating idea. This is driven partly by the success of Deadpool and its’ R rating. The studio likely thinks that the public is ready to pay big money for more violent, darker superhero films. The idea of Venom facing off against his even-more evil counterpart, Carnage, is enough to peak the interest of even the more jaded Marvel fans out there.

This idea is fascinating, as it allows Sony to capitalize on Spidey properties while the actual character is “on loan” to another studio. This could build up to a huge movie where Spider-Man takes on Venom that could be really great if done right.

Now if only somebody could force Fox to hand the Fantastic Four over to Disney, then we’d really be onto something.